The brazen audacity of such a suggestion is really something to behold. This person doesn’t even have a career yet, but he is casting judgement on the work choices of others, simply over politics.

The College Fix reports:

Student op-ed: Harvard should denounce ‘cartel’ of alumni working for Trump administration

A Harvard Law School student wants the Ivy League institution to disavow alumni who have worked or are currently working in President Donald Trump’s administration.

Kaivan Shroff, who is also a student at Harvard University’s Kennedy School, acknowledged that it’s not out of the ordinary for Harvard alumni to work in presidential administrations, but said that the amount of alumni working for President Trump needs to be addressed.

He wants university officials “to publicly commit to values consistent with its mission by denouncing its cartel of Trump administration alumni,” though he said it should not be “conflated with efforts to have prominent universities rescind degrees.”

Writing in the student paper The Harvard Crimson, Shroff said:

The Trump administration’s critical mass of Harvard alumni, however, is distinct and the University should address it. Dozens of Harvard alumni seem more than eager to assist the Trump administration in its horrific actions, lending Harvard’s institutional legitimacy to an administration that opposes the University’s mission.

Trump and his army of Harvard graduates hope to dismantle democracy, undermine the very concept of truth, and expunge the scientific community. Harvard owes its past, current, and future community members a statement of its position on the defective alumni it has produced — alumni who are destroying the fields and institutions students came here to study.


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