California Governor Gavin Newsom laid a giant egg this week when he and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) applied stringent new coronavirus rules to traditional Thanksgiving Day festivities.

“Gatherings are defined as social situations that bring together people from different households at the same time in a single space or place. When people from different households mix, this increases the risk of transmission of COVID-19,” the CDPH said in a statement.

Among the rules are; all gatherings must include no more than three households, masks must stay on after eating and drinking and singing, chanting and shouting are “strongly discouraged.”

The guidelines are horrendous, impractical, and likely to be ignored by an increasingly frustrated California population. Some gems from the CDPH:

– Gatherings must be held outside.
– Social distancing must be maintained, 6-foot minimum separation.
– There can be no singing or shouting.
– The event should be 2 hours of duration or less.
– The host should collect all attendees’ names and contact information in case contact tracing is needed later.

The response has been overwhelmingly negative.

Comedian and Saturday Night Live veteran Rob Schneider took to Twitter earlier this month to insinuate that Newsom is trying to run California like a monarchy by imposing such stringent rules for individual’s personal and private gatherings on Thanksgiving.

‘Dear Emperor @GavinNewsom,’ Schnieder wrote. ‘During our allotted 3 family limit this Thanksgiving, if my Aunt comes over, can I throw her a slice of turkey from the window?

We promise NOT to sing… we will all just whisper, ‘PLEASE RECALL DIPSHIT GAVIN NEWSON!’ (sic)

Adam Carolla, radio personality and actor, also responded on Twitter.

‘How many of you sheep are going along with Newsom’s Thanksgiving protocols ?’ he questioned.

Newsom should probably be grateful he isn’t running for reelection soon.

Meanwhile, Californians are dealing with more pressing concerns, such as the loss of electricity.

Authorities in California, already grappling with the most ravenous fire season ever, were preparing for more Friday as fire weather was set to return to the northern half of the state over the weekend.

Utility Pacific Gas and Electric said Friday it may have to cut power to 466,000 customers in portions of 38 counties Sunday, when red flag fire conditions were forecast from the San Jose area to Oregon.

PG&E, convicted of manslaughter in the state’s deadliest fire in 2018, has been cutting electricity in fire-prone areas as a precaution during red-flag weather.

The focus on green justice policies, the lack of attention to crumbing infrastructure, and poor land management practices mean that many Californians may not have a house for a gathering or power to cook the turkey. These, arguably, are more troubling problems than becoming infected with a virus that is survivable at rates greater than 99.95 percent for most people.

However, there is a bright side: It gives Americans in other states another reason to be grateful this year. They can be happy that they aren’t Californians.


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