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Biology Quiz at Gettysburg College Calls Donald Trump a ‘Eugenicist’

Biology Quiz at Gettysburg College Calls Donald Trump a ‘Eugenicist’

“This absurd accusation by a professor of higher education should not go unchallenged.”

It’s sad how crazy Trump Derangement Syndrome has made some people. Imagine being the parent of a student and paying tuition for this.

Ashe Schow reported at the Daily Wire:

Biology Professor Administers Quiz Calling Donald Trump A ‘Eugenicist’

In an otherwise non-political quiz, a biology professor at Gettysburg College asked her students to define President Donald Trump in a multiple-choice question, with the correct answer being that Trump is a “eugenicist.”

“Trump is a ____?” the question asked. If students clicked on “Eugenicist” as their answer, they were provided an explanation that defined the term as “the ‘science’ of human improvement through better breeding. It was discredited in 1939 but Trump thinks he’s smart because his uncle was an MIT professor and healthy because he has good genes – we don’t know if he’s healthy, they haven’t released the results of his last check-up.”

“He’s orange,” concluded the statement.

Screenshots of the quiz were provided to the Young America’s Foundation through its Campus Bias Tip Line. The sender wished to remain anonymous. YAF reported the other four questions on the quiz were about “actual biology concepts such as pleiotropy, heritability, and twins.”

Gettysburg declined to comment on the quiz but told YAF that its Office of the Provost “plan[s] to investigate this in a timely manner.”

“This absurd accusation by a professor of higher education should not go unchallenged. Ferster’s ideological biases are shining through in a BIOLOGY class– where politics should have no relevance. Ridiculously invoking the President replaces education with indoctrination,” wrote YAF’s Kara Zupkus.


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notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | October 21, 2020 at 12:12 pm

It is not “higher education” but higher perversion such as in child molestation.

You just know the college will hide behind the “we can’t comment on an active investigation” excuse until they think public interest has died down and then just hope nobody reads the press release or asks about it again.

Hasn’t Gettysburg College been assimilated by the State Indoctrination Authority? In the old days a common bumper sticker read “We are Penn State”. That used to be a good thing.

Not anymore. Penn State is a government facility, staffed with government employees, albeit still probably better than the DMV or some Bureau of Public Records.

The DMV is one of the few places that has more ways to thwart your needs or requirements than the Ninth Judicial Circuit.

I doubt if Satan would put up with their mindless judicial legislation.

As a former Biology professor, I find the question and answer to be improper. This prof is a fool and does not deserve to teach Biology anywhere. I am disgusted.

    Barry Soetoro in reply to celsius1939. | October 22, 2020 at 11:08 am

    Trump’s claim of having inherited healthy genes goes nowhere near eugenics. No one can fault his parents for doing, all on their own, a good job of sexual selection.

Does a weakness for flaxen haired Irish lassies make me a Eugenicist? Because if so, I am cool with it.