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Big 12 Athletic Conference Pushing Social Justice in College Football Fall Season

Big 12 Athletic Conference Pushing Social Justice in College Football Fall Season

“Each of our schools will be doing a unity message as part of its pregame show”

Sports was one of the last areas of higher education which had not been taken over by the progressive agenda, but that is changing fast.

Campus Reform reports:

Big 12 athletic conference makes push for social justice during fall season

As college football season is well underway, the Big 12 conference announced that it will be going all-out on social justice messaging with public announcements, scoreboard messages, and more. This comes amid a nationwide push for BLM messaging in sports.

According to ESPN, the conference made the decision in early September, which includes the college allowing athletes wearing social justice patches on uniforms. Conference commissioner Bob Bowlsby said that the conference wants to use “our platforms” to make a difference.

“Each of our schools will be doing a unity message as part of its pregame show,” Bowlsby said. “We’re using a wide variety of our platforms to do the advertising and the programming that will make a difference.”

This promotional video looks like something that might have been produced by a Democrat activist group.


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If it violates Trump’s EO on Critical Race Theory, it should lead to temporary defunding of these schools. The football games are the most public speech coming from these schools i.e. many people know them only through their football teams.

How long until the white players file a complaint with whatever .gov agency that would care. Gotta be some unequal treatment there somewhere.

    can’t happen, straight white males are not a ‘protected’ class.
    they have zero standing with the EEOC. from the governments standpoint we cannot be aggrieved. we are the aggressors.
    now, if they identified as trans, or black, or female, they may be able to get a foot in that door!

      Hence the infighting among those groups. They feel the right to speak! White males don’t even try to fight, which has been usually the right decision realistically.

CaptYossarian | October 12, 2020 at 1:12 pm

Well then, I won’t be watching. The Big 12 has managed to couple a racist message with some pretty ordinary football teams.

This is why I have completely stopped watching sporting events. No football, baseball, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, pro or college. I used to watch sports for the entertainment value, certainly not to be lectured to or scolded for something neither I nor any of my relatives ever did. Thanks to Bubba Smollett and their blubbering new president, I don’t even watch NASCAR anymore.

They can do all the virtue signaling they want, but they’ll be doing it without my eyes on the screen or my butt in a seat.

I used to be a hard-core college football fan. I’d anxiously await the new rankings each week. I watched College Gameday religiously every Saturday morning on ESPN. I spent a good amount of money each year traveling 3 hours to watch my favorite team. Those days are gone. The SJW idiots have killed it for me. I have watched a total of one minute of college football this year – in a restaurant where it was on the TV. It was a Big 12 game. BLM on every uniform. Sheep wearing facemasks. The closed captioning showed the commentators were discussing the importance of “social justice.” Farewell college football. I don’t miss you.

Ironic that their teams are so mediocre this year that no one will be watching anyway.

Someone ask these schools how they feel about full blown socialism in athletics aka equal revenue sharing amongst all D1 schools. They will suddenly become conservative again.

He might want to check NBA TV ratings. Kudos for virtue signalling will not pay the rent.

I haven’t noticed any of this garbage on SEC teams’ uniforms yet, but I wasn’t looking very closely. Auburn and South Carolina are playing and so are Bama and Georgia. We’ll see.