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Amy Coney Barrett Sworn In As Associate Justice of The Supreme Court

Amy Coney Barrett Sworn In As Associate Justice of The Supreme Court

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Justice Barrett was confirmed an hour ago and now, Justice Clarence Thomas will administer the oath to the Supreme Court’s newest Justice.

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We win!

Next steps.

Trump is re-elected; Senate remains with the good guys for 2020 and 2022.

Then, in late 2022, Thomas and Alito, in their mid-70s, come to Trump offering their resignations provided Trump nominates two originalists who are in their 40s.

    fscarn in reply to fscarn. | October 26, 2020 at 9:27 pm

    And to boot, maybe Breyer, who’s in his mid-80s, will realize that he can no longer be a Democrat legislator from the bench. Writing all those dissents will tire him out and he resigns.

      Oregon Mike in reply to fscarn. | October 26, 2020 at 9:44 pm

      And, while I’m not wishing anyone ill ….

      I believe Sotomayor has a pretty severe diabetes problem. She finds herself unable to cope with the duties of a justice and retires …..

        Best to bow out gracefully…
        A bit too late to save the seat for the Socialist’s

        Joe-dallas in reply to Oregon Mike. | October 26, 2020 at 10:02 pm

        Sotomayer has had trouble with understanding the US constitution.

        Shuette v bamn – her dissent / its un constitutional for a state to add to their state constitution a requirement to COmply with the 14th amendment to the us constitution

          Aarradin in reply to Joe-dallas. | October 26, 2020 at 10:25 pm

          Both Sotomayor and Kagan are lightweights. Total nobodies, completely out of their depth. Obama really blew it with his appointments.

          Ginsburg was far more dangerous. She was sharp and understood the law well, and used it to legislate the D’s agenda from the bench.

          The idiotic decisions from the likes of Soto and Kagan won’t carry anywhere near the weight, because they lack arguments that could ever convince anyone. Typically just moral posturing. Political diatribes.

          Kagan at least held her own as head of Harvard Law School.

          Sotomayor is dumb on the level of an obama.

          Arminius in reply to Joe-dallas. | October 27, 2020 at 4:37 am

          TFR, what do you mean, “Kagan at least held her own as head of Harvard Law School?” Elena Kagan is an alumnus of HLS. She was the dean of HLS when Ben Shapiro was a student there. And as Elena Kagan made it abundantly clear to all first year law students from the first moment of orientation before the students attended their first class that they were set for life. Simply by virtue of being selected to attend HLS they were going to leave three years later with a degree no matter the quality of their work, they were going to have the high paying job that HLS issues with the degree, they were going to have a career of going to one high paying sinecure to another where it wouldn’t matter if they were capable of or willing to do any work, simply because as HLS alumni they were better than everyone else and they would never have to prove it. And that went for the students who didn’t have to compete to get into HLS as much as for those who did. The diversity admissions, the legacy admissions, no matter.


          “…Well, Shapiro went to Harvard. He got into Harvard Law. The story he tells in this piece is incredible, and it confirms much of what I have shared with you in terms of the purpose of the Ivy League. The Ivy League is the feeder network for government people. It’s the feeder network for people who end up in the Washington bureaucracy, the deep state, the administrative state. The Ivy League and elite universities — not just the ivies, ’cause Stanford’s a part of this; USC is a part of this.

          But these elite universities are the feeder networks — the training grounds, if you will — the educational camps for training and producing people to fill spots in the administrative state. Now, the administrative state comprises not just bureaucrats. The administrative state is made up of media people. The administrative state is made up of lobbyists. The administrative state, the deep state is made up of lawyers. It’s not just bureaucrats who are making G14 or G13 salary. It’s a tremendous number of people who make up the administrative state.

          The administrative state, folks, is essentially what’s gone wrong with our country…

          As you will in this Ben Shapiro piece, there is nothing about it meritorious. There is no meritocracy involved. There’s no excellence. There’s no performance. All you have to do is get into one of these schools, and you’ve made it. You do not have to perform after you get there. You do not have to excel. You do not have to stand out. You can, but it doesn’t matter. Just getting in is the equivalent of being admitted into the club. Getting into one of these schools is it — and after that, if you want to go further on that path toward working and having power in government, you are set…

          But Ben Shapiro’s piece at the Daily Wire yesterday: ‘Famous Actresses Paid Bundles of Money to Bribe Their Kids’ Way into College. Here’s Why.’

          One of the pull quotes is: ‘That’s why rich and famous people would spend oodles of money just to get their kids into top universities: not because their kids won’t have jobs or will go hungry’ if they don’t get in, ‘but because they want their kids credentialed and admitted into the social club. … Social institutions in the United States have been fading over time. Churches used to provide us our chief means of social connection. Colleges now do. JD Vance writes in Hillbilly Elegy that admission to Yale Law School granted him social capital…’

          Now, here’s the nut portion of Shapiro’s piece: ‘Here’s the problem. Neither of these priorities actually demands that universities teach anything. Credentialism occurs upon admission; so long as you aren’t thrown out of school. Social capital begins to accrue with your presence” at these schools “not with your performance. Hence colleges watering down curricula and grades in order to make it easier to credential, and to generate less friction…’

          Note: people may get thrown out of these schools, granted. But they don’t fail out of these schools. They get thrown out for committing sins against the leftist orthodoxy; for committing heresy. To quote Dianne Feinstein but in a different context, “The dogma lives loudly within” the members of the leftist religious cult. The cult in which the members are their own gods (“We are the ones we have been waiting for;” Barack Obama, 5 Feb 2008).

          As an alumnus of HLS, as a woman, how the %&#@ could Elena Kagan NOT have “held her own” as dean of HLS? She didn’t have to do a damned thing, including sounding sane or intelligent. Every other true believing member of her cult would have nodded and agreed with anything she, one of the members of the cult and now one of its chief deities, said or did no matter how stupid or nonsensical. By virtue of being a “person of ovaries” and her HLS diploma standards only apply to the little people who lack “xer” qualifications.

          “This is orientation to Harvard Law. Dean Kagan ‘informed us that the competition was over — we were in! No need to worry about the stuff we’d seen in The Paper Chase,’ no need to worry about tough professors and big tests, ‘we were all going to leave with degrees and jobs. Not just that — as graduates of Harvard Law, we were destined to rule the universe. She informed us of how many alumni were in the Senate, how many in Congress, how many on the Supreme Court…'”

          As Shapiro related in another article he wrote, Kagan continued to communicate with the HLS “community” whenever she felt the need to justify or merely explain her actions. Nothing she ever wrote in these memoranda was insightful or bright. It was all transparent self-serving garbage. For instance:

          “Kagan Was My Dean at Harvard

          She’ll be a lousy judge.

          …I’ll just focus on one incident that truly defines who Elena Kagan is when it comes to policy: the Solomon Amendment controversy. During my first year, 2004-2005, she sent us the following letter:

          To all members of the HLS community:…”

          The Solomon Amendment stated that if a school didn’t permit the DoD to recruit at their job fairs because gays weren’t allowed to openly serve in the military (i.e. if the DoD followed the law as written instead of as the “anointed” such as Kagan thought it should have been written) then their federal funding would be cut off.

          “The Law School’s own resources were not at risk: we do not receive any of the kinds of federal funding that the Amendment threatens to cut off. The University, however, receives about 15% of its operating budget from the federal government, with the Medical School and the School of Public Health receiving by far the largest share of this money for scientific and medical research. The Dean determined (as did all other law school deans) that he should make an exception to the School’s anti-discrimination policy in the face of this threat to the University’s funding and research activities.

          I continued this exception in effect, for the same reasons, through the 2003 and 2004 fall recruiting seasons. In the meantime, a consortium of law schools and law school faculty members (FAIR) brought suit challenging the Defense Department’s policy on constitutional grounds…In November 2004, the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued a decision in the FAIR case, holding that the Defense Department’s policy violates First Amendment freedoms. The Supreme Court granted review of this decision; the Third Circuit’s ruling is stayed pending the Supreme Court’s decision, which is expected later this year.

          Although the Supreme Court’s action meant that no injunction applied against the Department of Defense, I reinstated the application of our anti-discrimination policy to the military (after appropriate consultation with University officials) in the wake of the Third Circuit’s decision; as a result, the military did not receive OCS assistance during our spring 2005 recruiting season. My hope in taking this action was that the Department would choose not to enforce its interpretation of the Solomon Amendment while the Third Circuit opinion stood. Over the summer, however, the Department of Defense notified the University that it would withhold all possible funds if the Law School continued to bar the military from receiving OCS services.

          As a result, I have decided (again, after appropriate consultation) that we should lift our ban and except the military from our general non-discrimination policy. This will mean that the military will receive OCS assistance during the fall 2005 recruiting season…’

          This is, in short, mainly nonsense. She decided not to comply with the law because she was hoping that the Defense Department would be okay with her failing to comply with the law. More sinister was her use of the bully pulpit to preach for gays in the military. Any doubt that all members of the HLS community would agree with her never entered her mind.

          She must have been surprised when I forwarded that email to Michael Medved and asked her to appear with me on Michael’s show to debate her…

          Here’s why the incident is important: when Elena Kagan is in a position of power, she is more than willing to use it to seek her own political ends. The law here was quite clear: the injunction against the military was stayed by the Supreme Court, which meant that she was to comply with the law. She refused. Then she explained by appealing to her own moral principles.

          This is undoubtedly how she will approach cases, as the rest of her relatively skimpy record attests…

          One more incident sticks in my mind from my time at Harvard Law. On the opening day of school, we were ushered into the gloriously overripe Memorial Hall to hear her speak. She got up and told us that the competition was over; there was no need to be cutthroat.

          Then she told us that we’d be the future leaders, making policy. She listed off the number of Harvard Law grads who were in the Senate, in the House, in prior and current presidential administrations. And on courts.”

          Again, how could she NOT have “held her own?” She was the dean of HLS, so she imposed her policy preferences because she had the power to do so. End of discussion; no further discussion is required or allowed. For the other members of her cult no further discussion is required. Which is fortunate because Kagan isn’t capable of anything approaching coherent thought that would make any further discussion possible. Now she’s failed up to Supreme Court Justice and is imposing her policy preferences on the country whenever she can get four other partisan hacks to agree with her. Like RBG could always be counted on to do. End of discussion.

          Wash, rinse, repeat.

          OF COURSE SHE HELD HER OWN as dean of HLS. She brought the same “skill set” to that job as she brought to the SCOTUS. She’s an over-credentialed, uneducated, entitled, narcissistic partisan hack. Ten out of ten over-credentialed, uneducated, entitled, narcissistic partisan hacks who result from the same system agree that’s all she needs to be.

          guyjones in reply to Joe-dallas. | October 27, 2020 at 5:50 am

          Indeed, the self-styled “wise Latina” has difficulty understanding the U.S. Constitution. As with many Dhimmi-crats, she pats herself on the back for her alleged sagacity, her gender and her ethnic affiliation. What Sotomayor lacks in jurisprudential integrity, Constitutional fidelity, judicial modesty and sound intellect, she makes up for in rank narcissism.

I may be wrong, but she reminds me of a used car sales person telling me how honest she is

Is she now active?
Is there some sort of seating period?

If this means she is instantly seateted, that means we can take her out for a test drive on the fraudulant ballots.
In a week.

ACB will be explaining constitutional law to sotomayar the first day

I’m really glad they had Justice Thomas do this. It would be bad luck to have had Roberts.

I will get a more restful sleep tonight.

Associate isn’t enough.
Roberts came from nowhere and became chief.
I’d be glad to take a chance on Amy, and put her in the top-spot.

I’ll reserve judgement until after I’ve seen a few of her votes and opinions. Same with Kavanaugh. I haven’t seen enough of his work to trust him completely.

Barrett is sworn in and is now an active member of the court. Does she ‘borrow’ some clerks until she can recruit her own or has she already done that? Maybe she’ll just be very busy until she finds some clerks.

Do clerks generally serve a fixed period of time, or does it vary depending upon circumstances? It seems that law clerks are invariably young and that too many clerks serve each judge for any of them to to have served an extended period of time.

Barrett has an impressive intellect, like Jordan Peterson, nimble and quick, ‘holds the road’ like a sports car. She’ll be welcome addition to the court.

We’ll have a change pretty quick to see what she is going to be like. PA GOP is heading right back to SCOTUS saying that the constitution specifically empowers state legislatures alone with the authority to regulate elections – hence no court federal or state can change election law.

Of the three Great Goals President Trump promised to achieve, this would be the greatest, most difficult, and all but impossible one. Congratulations Justice Barrett; Congratulations President Trump. Now let’s get to work on that Wall. While your at it could you please DRAIN the Swamp? Please appoint Sheriff Joe as FBI Director and if we can afford it, Sen. Ted Cruz as A.G. if not then Cong. Louie Gohmert, again as long as we can afford it.

Movie narrator voice: ‘They went after his family. They went after his friends. They tried to get rid of him with every dirty trick in the book. He not only survived, he came back stronger than ever. Now it’s his turn to expose them for the criminals they are…’

PDJT wins in a landslide.
Senate hold or +
House flips Red.
SCOTUS more grounded in the Constitution.
PDJT likely nominates/seats 2 or 3 more Justices through retirements.

No Russian witch hunt and all the Spygate/cf/U1/Ukrainegate etc. players get rolled up.

2020-2024 will be the reason no sane person ever votes democrat party/swamp ever again.

Congratulation Amy Coney Barrett, thank you PDJT and Senate Republicans.

John ‘The Snake’ Roberts hardest hit. His vote is worthless now.

Hopefully now Roberts won’t feel he has the swing vote any longer and will go with the majority

Any information on which circuit ACB will be responsible for ?