Yawn. How many more times must we hear this ridiculous argument? Trump has been a more pro-peace president than Obama was.

The College Fix reports:

Yale prof goes full Godwin’s Law, gives delusional account of life in America

You’ve likely heard the stereotype that academics “live in an ivory tower,” and in many cases it’s all too accurate.

One Yale University professor recently proved it in a big way.

Speaking to Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now!,” Professor of Philosophy Jason Stanley confirmed the host’s premise that President Trump’s “Law and Order” campaign slogan is “feeding racist violence and chaos.”

“Fascism is a cult of the leader who promises national restoration in the face of supposed threats by leftist radicals, minorities and immigrants,” Stanley told Goodman. “He promises only he can save us. In the RNC, what we saw is we saw a cult of the leader. The Republicans didn’t even bother to provide a platform. They just said, ‘Whatever Trump wants.’”

No doubt the residents of Portland, Seattle, New York, Washington DC, Minneapolis and Kenosha, Wisconsin consider those threats “supposed.”

Stanley, who once said “Fuck those assholes” to peers who differed from his views on homosexuality and claimed critics of leftist “crybullies” are the real threat to campus free speech, notes that when his book “How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them” came out two years ago, people “accused [him] of hysteria.” He asserts folks’ reasons for that claim “have fallen to the wayside.”

But have they? Consider:

— The Trump administration “tacitly endorses” right-wing militias. Where? When? How? Stanley doesn’t elucidate, but he does compare this supposed “endorsement” to Nazi Germany’s looking the other way while fascist thugs roughed up Jews in the 1930s.


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