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Writer Apologizes for Saying America Needs College Football

Writer Apologizes for Saying America Needs College Football

“Black men putting their bodies on the line for my enjoyment is inspired and maintained by my uninformed and disconnected whiteness”

This is the lowest form of virtue signaling. Groveling for having an opinion the woke mob doesn’t like.

From Inside Higher Ed:

Why America Needs College Football — Part 2

It doesn’t. I was wrong. And even worse, I was uninformed, ignorant and harm inducing.

I recently led a piece in Inside Higher Ed titled “Why America Needs College Football.” I am sorry for the hurt, sadness, frustration, fatigue, exhaustion and pain this article has caused anyone, but specifically Black students in the higher education community and beyond.

I am struggling to find the words to communicate the deep ache for the damage I have done. I don’t want to write anything that further deepens the pain experienced by my ignorance related to Black male athletes and the Black community at any time, but especially in light of the national racial unrest. I also don’t want to write anything that suggests that antiracist learning is quick or easy. This is the beginning of a very long process, one that started with learning about the empirical work related to Black college football athletes.

Rather than make excuses, I should talk about which facets of the article that I have recently learned are harmful — through my students, wider social media community and distinguished academics like Donna Ford, Joy Gaston Gayles and Gilman Whiting.

I learned that I could have titled the piece “Why America Needs Black Athletes.” I learned that Black men putting their bodies on the line for my enjoyment is inspired and maintained by my uninformed and disconnected whiteness and, as written in my previous article, positions student athletes as white property. I have learned that I placed the onus of responsibility for democratic healing on Black communities whose very lives are in danger every single day and that this notion of “democratic healing” is especially problematic since the Black community can’t benefit from ideals they can’t access. I have learned that words like “distraction” and “cheer” erase the present painful moments within the nation and especially the Black community.

Hat tip to Nick Gillespie of Reason:


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Haven’t seen grovelling like that in awhile. Sounds like the voice of a castrated man.

This guy is a fool at best. Blacks want to play football. He is listening to another bunch of fools.

Probably easier to do than admit the real reason he watched college football is to occupy his time while he gets blotto drunk in the background. I am pretty sure the alcohol industry is doing the math with sports at the moment. If they discover that people drink just as much with nothing interesting on the tube, you be can be pretty sure that those multi-billion dollar advertising contracts are out the window and the main source of sports salaries with it.

uninformed and disconnected whiteness

What does this mean?

To spare anyone from reading this, including myself, I will give you the summary:

Grovel grovel grovel grovel grovel grovel grovel I learned a valuable lesson grovel grovel grovel. Signed, Grover the groveler

I don’t give a flying F about college football.

There – is that better?

caseoftheblues | October 1, 2020 at 7:43 am

Good lord…literally cannot even read that crap statement…its so beyond groveling I don’t think a term even exists to adequately convey what it is.

Auburn and Georgia are playing tonight and you can bet there will be millions of TV watching SEC fans enjoying the game. War Eagle!

As for this guy, he is beneath contempt.