Republican Supreme Court nominees repeatedly have been attacked at a personal level not directed at Democrat nominees.

The term to “Bork” a nominee grew out of the Democrat treatment of Reagan nominee Robert Bork, and we all saw how Brett Kavanaugh was mistreated just two years ago.

What does it mean to be Borked or Kavanaughed? We’ll know it when we see it.

Will Amy Coney Barrett receive the “Bork” and “Kavanaugh” treatment?

So far, there was an initial burst of venom directed at her, including questioning her adoption of two children from Haiti, and of course the anti-Catholic bigotry she faced when she was nominated for the Court of Appeals in 2017. The hysterics also have centered around Obamacare and Roe v. Wade. But so far, it’s kid stuff compared to what Bork and Kavanaugh (and Thomas, and Alito, and Estrada, etc.) have gone through.

The hearings start October 12, with two more days of questioning, then a floor vote on October 22. So Democrats have some time. Remember, with Kavanaugh the fake sexual assault allegations came out after the committee hearings were over. So the end of the hearings is not the end of the threat. Until the floor vote, she is vulnerable.

Right now, there is no doubt they are digging into her childhood, teen years, and college years, hopring to find someone to accuse her of something. They also not doubt are scouring her friends, family, and her husband’s connections also. These are really bad people, they will do anything if they think they can get away with it.

So, the poll is: Will Democrats try to ‘Bork’ or ‘Kavanaugh’ SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett?

Poll Open until midnight (Pacific Time), October 9.


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