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Who Will Win The First Presidential Debate? (Reader Poll)

Who Will Win The First Presidential Debate? (Reader Poll)

The media will play the expectations game, but voters finally get an unfiltered view of Biden after months in the basement.

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The first presidential debate, moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace, is Tuesday night, September 29, 2020, starting at 9 p.m. Eastern.

We will have live coverage and follow up.

The debate is long-anticipated, and given Joe Biden’s hiding act as deliberate campaign strategy, the first time he may face tough questions from Wallace — and Trump. Expectations have been lowered so far for Biden that if he shows up and speaks coherent sentences, the media will declare it a victory. But the American people will get an unfiltered live view.

Trump has faced the hostile media with such intensity for so long, there seems less downside, but failing to get a decisive win could be portrayed as a loss.

So, what do you think?

Poll Open Until 8 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday.


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notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 27, 2020 at 9:04 pm

We the People……

It all depends on how much Adderall Biden has in his system.

    I voted Trump by a lot but that’s b/c that’s what I want to see.

    Certainly any drug’ll be a big factor. But can the drug “go the distance,” for all 15 rounds?

    The event is 90 minutes. As each moment ticks by I would think the drug’s effectiveness would lessen. And I’m hopeful that Trump will know a bunch of tricks to rile Old Joe (China, Biden’s wealth on a “public” paycheck for 50 years, Hunter, his socialism agenda) so as to get Joe’ll triggered. Joe’s notoriously thinned-skinned who has difficulty controlling himself.

    And if Trump can throw out a bunch of numbers, stats, percentages, challenging Joe to counter, Joe might have an LSD-like tripping out.

    I’m hoping for a Joe meltdown but that’s probably too much to hope for. Some fireworks, like talking over each other, maybe some shouting, should be expected though. Trump’s not gonna let Joe get away with any rope-a-dope.

    Barry Soetoro in reply to LukeHandCool. | September 28, 2020 at 2:12 am

    Any drugs will last more than 90 minutes.

That’s IF Biden shows up. Still time for him to weasel out.

    Eastwood Ravine in reply to Blue Collar Todd. | September 27, 2020 at 10:16 pm

    If he weasels out, it’s a win for Trump. Therefore, Biden’s handlers will have him medicated, and he’ll have a flesh-colored earpiece so they can whisper answers in his ear. There won’t be a traditional handshake, so Trump might not be close enough to see the earpiece.

      I am not promoting this,,, I have nothing to do with this company,, but some people have speculated that Joe has had this implant. Not only that, but his has a modification to include some kind of receiver. The technology is out there.

      Biden’s handlers know that any ear piece would be spotted.. This is just about their only option.

      I also firmly believe that if this is remotely possible, the Trump campaign has an answer for it.

Before answering we need some information.

Will Joe have the questions in advance?

Will the questions be tough?

Has Joe been faking dementia?



    Only the ones directed at Trump.

    Unlikely. Sandbagging the entire country for months just so he can have a moment in the sun? Besides, Joe has over his whole life demonstrated incompetence. To be able to pull off something like that is unimaginable.

      amwick in reply to fscarn. | September 28, 2020 at 5:08 pm

      Jesse Watters claimed to have his college grades…Typically straight Cs… a student that barely passed. He is really that dumb..

    judgeroybean in reply to Petrushka. | September 28, 2020 at 9:16 pm

    Of course Biden has the questions already. What do ya think he and Chris Wallace have been doing in Biden’s basement the last few weeks?

but failing to get a decisive win could be portrayed as a loss.

The enemedia will portray it as a loss no matter what happens.

“What, it’s Wednesday and DJT hasn’t already been re-elected yet? What a loser!”

And if Biden gets lost on his way to the podium, that will be evidence of his tactical brilliance in denying PDJT a chance to deliver his “propaganda.”

And if Joe stands there and does nothing but load up his Depends and then collapse, then they’ll push for the sympathy vote.

Or maybe Dr Jill will try to stand-in in drag.

Even if Gropey staggers out and says something in English—something more than “The, you know, the, the thing . . . C’mon man!”—it will be a meandering story of him being the first in his family to sign the Declaration of Independence, and how he came up with the treatment for all infectious diseases while on the first Moon landing.

This whole thing is about as pointless as getting up a team to represent Antarctica in the Summer Olympics.

I don’t know if the rules would permit it, but I expect Biden to hand off to Kamala. And when Trump cries “Foul!” they’ll jump on him with “What? Are you afraid to debate a woman (of color)?”

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to MrE. | September 28, 2020 at 5:07 am

    I don’t think PDJT would cry foul. He’d make some quip about debating the actual candidate.

    He would also lure her into being the rude, smarmy person she is. One last little push and she will play the race and see cards; the last refuges of those losing the argument.

    In short, he’d chop her to pieces.

It won’t happen. Biden can’t do it. They’ll find some excuse.

    I’m surprised Biden’s campaign team agreed to a 9:00 pm start for the debate. Considering how frequently in recent weeks Mr. Biden has called it a day before most people have even finished their breakfast, having to answer debate questions (or even simply repeat what he is hearing through his earpiece) so late in the evening might be asking for trouble.

      JuliaV in reply to jpwcpa. | September 28, 2020 at 11:04 pm

      Maybe that’s part of the reason for all of the lids they’ve been calling. They’re probably adjusting his sleep schedule so that 9 pm feels like 9 am to him. Otherwise he probably couldn’t function at all.

He’s probably going to wear an ear piece so they can feed him answers.

So, how can that be nullified? Jamming equipment?

For starters, how much will Chris Wallace show how much he hates Trump? 2 mins can be more than enough for Biden to get in his word tangled mess.

Biden will get away with citing incorrect information. There will be so much of it, there’s no where to begin. Meanwhile the media will look for any way they can to twist Trumps words into being false.

Biden will pull the dementia deflecting stuff blow ups “C’mon man” — “that’s malarky” to avoid showing any sort of knowledge or command of the issues. He’ll also start citing ways that China has been our long standing ally (bet money on that one) and that Trump has been cruel to them w/out cause.

Is there any voter still on the fence at this point? The question now is just how many Dem voters will just stay home for sleepy Joe or leave their ballot on the table until Nov 5 when they put it into the recycling bin because they forgot to mail it.

I’m still not convinced we won’t see an 11th hour excuse for Biden not to be at the debate.

I expect regardless of what happens, up to and including Biden have a medical event and being ambulanced to the hospital mid-debate, it will be reported in the news as This was a Triumph! Great Success! possibly complete with the song and damage number.

I think that Chris Wallace will mostly be tough on Trump. He will not ask Biden about issues that are likely to divide his coalition. He certainly will not ask him about his participation in the Russian collusion hoax, the use of the government intelligence to get General Flynn and most of all he will not ask Joe Biden about his son’s dealing in Ukraine and other places while he was vice president.

Biden will say he is against all violence, that much of the violence has been right wing violence and that the protests have been peaceful demands for racial equality. He will go after Trump’s reaction to the virus but offer nothing concrete about what was done wrong or how he would have realistically done better. Wallace doesn’t understand much about the virus and will echo the anti-Trump health officials from the previous administration or anti-Trump academics who will claim that if people had been more disciplined the virus would go away. That is nonsense. Trump very strongly supported the guidelines. He worked very hard with the pharmaceutical companies to ramp up testing, provide protective equipment, get to work on vaccines and push for the development of therapeutics. Biden had no idea about science or business. He only knows the pandemic happened while Trump was president and that means all he has to do is sit in his basement and let Trump take the blame for it.

Trump needs to be prepared to defend his record. He can’t ramble and he can’t repeat himself. He needs to give clear explanations with emphasis on the reality of having to make choices between terrible alternatives.

Biden starts with such low expectations that the media will award him with victory in the debates if he shows up, respirates, and grunts occasionally. The media would not approve of Trump’s appearance if he produced Mideast peace on camera, while winning Dancing With The Stars, backwards in heels.

Looks like a bit less than 10% of the voters are crazy.

I don’t believe Hiden Biden the corrupt will show up, but if he does it will require meds.

Trump will kill Biden, but the media will pretend otherwise.

What will happene if Trump asks Joe about his earpiece on national television? What will happen if the Trump Team brings a full-spectrum radio frequency jammer? Just for Secret Service security reasons, for example….

Trump’s toughest debate opponent is going to be Chris Wallace.

I voted Trump by a little. I think Joe is going to show up fairly strong early on because he’s been saving his strength all month and they’ll pump him full of drugs to keep him awake and alert. He’ll lie a lot, and Wallace will cover for him, but Trump will end up winning.

If Biden actually attempted to go through with this debate, I can’t see it being anything but a disaster for him. He’s going to pull a DeWine and test positive for Covid-19 at the last minute.

Well, not sure I will watch it.
I might give it a try for 5 minutes, but my blood pressure with Chris Wallace won’t do any better.

Slow Joe Biden leaving the podium babbling would be a lot. Heck, he could start the event babbling about nothing.

Four things are sure to happen:
– This will be a debate almost exclusively between Trump and Chris Wallace. Biden will barely participate, and Wallace will pretty much prevent Trump from confronting Biden with anything even slightly difficult.
– The Joseph Goebbels media will declare Biden the hands-down winner. Those headlines have already been written.
– Only deceptively-edited clips of the debate will be seen on the “news”.
-There will be last-second changes to the debate format that the Trump campaign won’t be told about until the debate has actually begun. Call-in questions from “undecided” voters, bringing out questioners in person to confront Trump with accusations, the use of pre-recorded video footage barely distinguished from Communist Party campaign commercials – all sorts of possibilities.

I refuse to call these gameshows “debates” and am really not very interested in watching them or in deciding who “won”.

There might be a good zinger or two, and a few hilarious gaffes, but I don’t expect to learn anything useful about either candidate or their positions.

I weep for my country if this is how most people decide whom to elect as our leaders.


They may have Biden primed to attack PDJT on all sorts of imaginary offenses. They’ll be so ridiculous he won’t be prepared for them, so will be reduced to saying that they’re lies, which the press will portray as a weakness.

These attacks could be anything at all. Reality or even plausibility aren’t relevant. Has he stopped beating Melania yet? Molesting his daughters? Horse-whipping the “colored” White House staff? Why hasn’t he paid his taxes for the last hundred years? What is he thinking when he puts ketchup on both his scoops of ice cream? Sure, he may “thrive on chaos”, but doesn’t he realize that putting buckets of water over the White House doors is a bit childish? Rubbish like that.

I wish they would commit to asking exactly the same questions of both candidates. I can see how this will go:

(to Trump) Why are you such a jerk?

(to Biden) Why is Trump such a jerk?

(to Trump) Why was your handling of ….. a disaster?

(to Biden) What great improvements are you going to make?

This one’s a no-brainer. You have a functioning human being versus a turnip.

    But the “turnip” is underneath a “dummy with an imbedded earpiece” … Or the “turnip” will actually be represented by a body double. … Trump’s asking for that “drug tests” be administered in advance; I’d prefer a full battery of biometric tests to confirm the “turnips” identity.

Las Vegas odds at

Bet $100.00 on it being Trump, the payout for being right is $400.00, a $300.00 profit.
Bet $100.00 on it being Biden, the payout for being right is $114.29, a $14.29 profit.
Vegas is banking with great confidence that CNN will declare Biden the winner.

Bet $100.00 on it being Trump, the payout for being right is $116.67, a $16.67 profit.
Bet $100.00 on it being Biden, the payout for being right is $450.00, a $350.00 profit.
Vegas is banking with nearly as much confidence that Fox News will declare Trump the winner.

I wonder if the only thing we will ever remember from this debate is a Trump “because you’d be in jail” moment? That pretty much tells us who actually won’t the last set of debates even though the media never admitted it.

But I expect Joe won’t be the car crash everyone expects him to be (to many people around him have been working to get him functional for the debated).

I also expect Wallace to come to Bidens rescue enough times to make the debate pointless.

Anacleto Mitraglia | September 28, 2020 at 3:12 am

You mean… In 2024?
Kristi Noem, perhaps.

If it was a boxing match, Trump would score a one-jab KO ten seconds in. And all you would hear afterwards from the usual suspects is breathless analysis of how Biden masterfully blocked the blow below the belt with his face.

Not on my normal schedule but want to see it all as I hope it’s a train wreck of epic proportions.
Both DJT and Levin think the outcome has already been written if Sundowner Joe can get out without stepping on his tongue.
He hasn’t had a public appearance over 1/2 hr in months as far as I know, him lasting a hour and half will be a marathon whereas DJT does that nightly.

If there is enough broadcast delay any Biden “issues” can be edited out in real time if they are short, or they can simply cut off the debate entirely with a “broadcast issue”.

If Biden doesn’t collapse outright and have to get carried out on a gurney, the press is going to say he won.

Just once, I would like to watch a presidential debate where the moderator(s) was not out to play “gotcha” with the Republican candidate

the media

IF there is one debate, there will ONLY BE ONE debate.

Regardless of the outcome, the media will break its spine bending over backwards to paint Bloody-Eyed Joe as a victor. Not even sure I want to watch this, as nothing new will likely be revealed about either participant.

i couldn’t guess who might win. but, i know who the loser will be.
the american people!!

Biden has a chance until his earpiece quits.

Who will be the winner? Are you kidding? The lamestream media have already written the articles. Biden has already destroyed the hapless Trump.

All that Sleepy Slow Gropey Joe needs to do is NOT collapse in a quivering ball on the stage and he’ll be the winner. At the same time, Trump as zero path to a win even if Joe does collapse.

Of course, if Trump wipes the floor with Biden, the MSM will call it a draw.

Bidden could fall asleep on stage and CNN + MSNBC will proclaim Bidden the winner by a wide margin. F Chuck Todd already has the story written and ready to go.

While I do not gamble, in the matter of tomorrow’s debate I’d still give odds the “Biden” will either not show or be represented by a “body double”.

If Demented Joe has been well trained, and can stay awake through drugs or otherwise, he will not wear any “hearing aid” and will smile a lot, allowing Trump to interrupt and call him names and generally demonstrate to the world what we already know; that he is an asshole. In other words, Joe will ignore him. That is if he is well trained. If he engages Trump not even that weasel Wallace can save him.

RECUSAL of Bill Barr

(Slightly OT but relevant)

[Maria B revealed that Durham will not release any indictments before the election.]

All that I am about to reveal is available on the internet, I will not post any links, but I have them if requested.

Donald Trump just needs the right boot to kick Bill Barr in the ass to drop at least 1 DEEP STATE indictment before the election. A big pet peeve of Donald J. Trump was the RECUSAL of Jeff Sessions. It was enough that Donald Trump accepted Jeff Session’s resignation.


Big AT&T has been cheating to win BILLION $$$ Federal Government Contracts. In defiance of the NDAA of 2012, AT&T has been hiring Government Agency CIO’s, AGs and IGs to influence the awarding of BILLION $$$ Government Contracts. The NDAA of 2012 makes this a felony, but if you hire the AGs and IGs… who is going to investigate and prosecute.

For example:

Jill Singer, Former CIO of the NRO, now AT&T VP, helps win the $1 Billion NRO BROADSIDES Telecommunications contract for AT&T.

Greg Witschey, Former CIO of NSA, now AT&T Director, helps win the $3 Billion NSA GREENWAY Telecommunications contract for AT&T.

William Barr, Former AG of USA, is retained by AT&T through Kirkland & Ellis to promote and support AT&T in it’s appeals fight to win Time Warner CNN. That $ Million retainer means that current AG William Barr is RECUSED from all things AT&T and CNN.

Coincidentally, about 6 month after William Barr became Attorney General for the 2nd time, AT&T was awarded the $1 Billion Department of Justice Telecommunications contract.

Also coincidentally, all 31 Wiped and Deleted Special Counsel Cell Phones were supplied and managed by AT&T. It is highly probable that the AT&T metadata and text collection servers have all been wiped as well.

The RECUSAL of AG William BARR is my Declaration to GET in the FIGHT!!

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

Mim Moco

Of course Biden will win. The media said so. Oh, wait. LOL

I think the toughest question that Chris Wallace is likely to ask Joe Biden will be something along the lines of, “Mr. Vice President, what question would you like me to ask you?”

I also wouldn’t be surprised if Wallace addresses Biden as “Mr. Vice-President”, and addresses Trump as “Mr. Trump.”

Not to be terribly off topic, but this debate comes on the same day as General Flynn’s dismissal hearing. I wonder how much that event will effect the debate.