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URI Removing Murals Commemorating WWII Veterans for Lacking Diversity

URI Removing Murals Commemorating WWII Veterans for Lacking Diversity

“These murals were a snapshot in time, but the images no longer represent who we are today and where we are going in the future”

The people who are doing this must know they are judging the past by the standards of today. Which would mean they are intentionally trying to erase the past. It’s sickening.

Campus Reform reports:

University of Rhode Island to remove murals commemorating WWII veterans for lack of diversity

The University of Rhode Island announced on Thursday its plans to remove several, almost seventy-year old murals from its student union for their lack of diversity.

The murals depict many unique scenes, including servicemen returning after the war, a class reunion, a university commencement ceremony, a beach scene, and students in a jalopy dressed in letter sweaters.

Arthur Sherman, one of those returning veterans and a member of the university’s class of 1950, painted the murals. He was asked to do so by the university in 1953 as the student union was being constructed. Dedicated in 1954, the “Memorial Union” was constructed with funds raised by returning veterans and local community members.

URI’s Vice President of Student Affairs, Kathy Collins, defended the decision, citing concerns over the murals’ impact on students of color.

“I have received complaints about the murals that portray a very homogeneous population predominately the persons painted and depicted on the wall are predominantly white and that does not represent who our institution is today,” Collins told CBS 12. “Some of our students have even shared with us they didn’t feel comfortable sitting in that space.”

Collins also commented on Arthur Sherman and his contributions to the university.

“These murals were a snapshot in time, but the images no longer represent who we are today and where we are going in the future,” said Collins. “We appreciate Dr. Sherman’s love of URI and his ability to capture that time period. We honor his military service, his athletic accomplishments and his dedicated teaching at URI. When we complete the renovations, we will invite the Sherman family to the ceremonies to thank them for their contributions to the University.”


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“citing the murals’ impact on students of color”

Let me get this straight. Seeing pictures of white people, rebuilding their lives AFTER SAVING THE WORLD is bad for “people of color”?

That’s just crazy.

“The Last Supper”, just a snapshot in time, doesn’t apply NOW. The signing of the Constitution, just a snapshot in time, offends Black student, doesn’t apply NOW.
Nothing more important than NOW and Black students.

“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell. We are living in a world run by the rules Orwell laid out in 1984.

The Friendly Grizzly | September 7, 2020 at 1:27 pm

That silence you hear is whites protesing this. and other such moves throughout the nation.

We will be the next Rhodesia,or the next South Africa.

Pathetic snowflake vaginas. GTFO if you don’t like it.

I am FED UP, with people of COLOR trying to CHANGE HISTORY ! You CAN’T change History, but you CAN, and SHOULD, learn from it, and not make those mistakes again !

It is important because they represent the pwst!

You don’t get it: by erasing the past, and all these images of an (almost) all-white, mostly middle-class, and ethnically mostly WASP America, it makes it much easier to claim that minorities haven’t made any progress. If young people see how different things were, they will begin to question that narrative. The vendors of grievance politics wouldn’t want that to happen, would they?

These people, former “kings”, sure are quite fragile.

Little reference to blacks who served in WWII may be common in paintings or pics of the time but there are statues & remembrances of Native Americans & Blacks who participated in WWII. They just aren’t at URI? Before they take this down, see if someone else wouldn’t want to display these painting. If I were the family, I’d pitch a bitch about it & remind these leftists that it was Democrat & racist, President Woodrow Wilson who resegregated the military & it remained so until after WWII when a more moderate Democrat, Harry Truman banished the segregation. IF, it hadn’t been segregated, there would be more pictures & different memorabilia from that era regarding people of color.

Except for a few good researchers like Robert Ballard and the volcanologist Sigurdsson, my alma mater sucks just like the rest of the liberal colleges and institutions.

When I first graduated I thought I owed my early professional accomplishments to URI. But they didn’t build that. I did.

BS ’80, MS ’82, Pissed Off 2020.

I’m Rhode Island Born
and Rhode Island Bred.
And Rhode Island’s turned
Into Communist Red…

So Go Go Rhode Island Island,
Go Go Rhode Island Island,
Go Rhode Island
Commie Red!