The Senior Capstone Experience was a course that pulled together the student’s educational experience and required a project like a paper. They are replacing scholarship with identity politics and making it mandatory.

The College Fix reports:

University of Oklahoma cuts Senior Capstone Experience to make room for mandatory diversity class

On September 2, University of Oklahoma Vice Provost for Faculty Jill Irvine sent an email to her colleagues announcing a change in curriculum: the campus would be adding a mandatory diversity, equity and inclusion course for all students beginning in fall 2021.

At the same time, OU would be eliminating the Senior Capstone Experience, a culminating course in which students complete a large-scale project in their major field, such as a 50-page research paper or a laboratory program.

“The General Education proposed changes will now be submitted to the Oklahoma State Regents of Higher Education (OSRHE) for approval,” wrote Irvine to faculty, adding, “We are hopeful that these changes will be approved at the upcoming meeting.”

But Irvine and other administrators had previously been warned against taking such actions by a cadre of department chairs in disciplines such as history, English, anthropology, philosophy, modern languages, and history of science.

Calling removal of the Capstone course “unacceptable,” the department chairs objected to the move primarily on procedural grounds.

“We understand that the purpose of the proposed changes to the GenEd requirements is to make room for a new required course on diversity, equity, and inclusion,” they wrote.

“We do not object to this goal,” they said, but argued eliminating Capstone is “unnecessary at the present moment and inconsistent with principles of shared government under the present circumstances.”

But the chairs’ pleas were ignored.


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