Has it occurred to you that many of the same people who are offended by this term, probably use all manner of derogatory terms for President Trump and his supporters?

CNN reports:

University of Cincinnati is looking into an instructor that referred to Covid-19 as the ‘Chinese virus’ in an email to student

A University of Cincinnati dean is investigating an email in which an instructor told a quarantined student who had to miss class that those “testing positive for the chinese virus” would not receive a grade.

Evan Sotzing, a 20-year-old engineering student, said on Twitter that his girlfriend had tested positive for Covid-19. The university’s health system asked him to quarantine as a precaution, he said, requiring him to miss an in-person lab session.

When he informed his instructor about this, he said he received an insensitive reply.

“Not only did my professor give me a zero for not going (to the lab session), but this was his response,” Sotzing tweeted on Thursday, along with a screenshot of an email from adjunct faculty member John Ucker.

“For students testing positive for the chinese virus, I will give no grade,” the message read. “You can read the info I sent to the class re: the torsion test. Mr. Ucker.”

John Weidner, UC’s dean of Engineering and Applied Science, confirmed to CNN that the screenshot of the email was legitimate.

CNN has reached out to Ucker via email but has not yet received a response.

“I was shocked at first that anyone in power like a professor, anyone that would just say that, because of how xenophobic it is and how racist of a comment it is, especially to a student,” Sotzing told CNN affiliate WKRC.


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