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Trump “playing down” coronavirus to “avoid panic” is deja vu all over again

Trump “playing down” coronavirus to “avoid panic” is deja vu all over again

We did this back in March: “The statements I made are: I want to keep the country calm. I don’t want to panic in the country. I could cause panic much better than even you.” The Bob Woodward bombshell is not a bombshell, but why is Trump even talking to reporters who are out to get him?

I was WRONG. Very wrong. I have have been writing that we should be expecting a 3-4 day crisis news cycle, where anti-Trump bombshells would be rolled out by the media every 3-4 days, and as one died down, another would be rolled out. That was the pattern for the Russia collusion claims, and appeared to be the pattern since the conventions this summer.

It appears that my predicted 3-4 day crisis news cycle is now a 3-4 hour crisis news cycle. They are being rolled out so quickly it’s hard to keep track.

Just in the last 24 hours we’ve had a rollout of Michael Cohen’s book allegations, Adam Schiff disclosing a new whistleblower complaint, and Peter Strzok claiming Trump is compromised by Russia.

But wait, within these 24 hours, there’s also Bob Woodward’s revelation that Trump said, on tape, that he downplayed the coronavirus threat so as not to panic the nation.

When I heard that, my first reaction was, umm, haven’t we done this already? I had a vague memory of this very same point being a dust up months ago, that Trump was trying to calm the country rather than panic people.

About that, I was RIGHT. Mollie Hemingway posted the video from March 30, 2020:

Anthony Fauci, or St. Fauci as he normally is known to Democrats, was questioned about the Woodward reporting, and denied that Trump ever distorted information:

Does this give ammunition to Democrats? Sure. But there’s nothing to it in fact, Trump was far ahead of Democrats and the media in warning about the virus, and followed the advice of St. Fauci :

It was Democrats and the media who were telling people to go to crowded festivals and parades and to ignore the warnings.

The unanswerable question is why Trump would spend so much time talking to Bob Woodward, or any of the other reporters whose goal is to damage him. It’s his personality, but it’s frustrating.


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My God, these childish Dhimmi-crats are so transparently desperate and predictable in their idiotic antics. Their anti-Trump stunts are as immutable as any law of physics, at this point.

If the sainted Obama has said something akin to what POTUS had said, these sycophant hypocrites would be praising him for his “steady leadership” and “calming demeanor.”

I am going to savor POTUS’s victory, but, let’s all prepare for the Dhimmi-crat jackboots’ inevitable violence and tantrums, after his re-election.

By the way, the arguments I’m having with lefty friends here in Brooklyn NY are now different; every time they come up with one of these terrible stories about Trump and how bad he is, they say “Mind you, I’m voting for him, but can’t you admit that he did all these bad things?”

    That’s interesting, and not what I would have expected from the Brooklyn lefties I know.

    Interesting. My experience with certain family members indicates a mirror opposite reaction. They speak angrily about the Antifa/BLM brownshirts burning, murdering, raping and looting, but they have fixated on Trump somehow being the real culprit. They loudly proclaim their plan to vote for Biden (or Harris if he croaks or gets removed) because they are convinced he will bring “normalcy” and that the Maoist platform and out-of-control violence will magically go away if he is elected. “The Democrats will have to abandon their more extreme positions and instead govern from the center,” one bubblehead condescendingly informed me, as though Hugo Chavez and Bill Deblasio never existed.

      thalesofmiletus in reply to Recovering Lutheran. | September 9, 2020 at 11:33 pm

      I’ve been waiting 40 years for normalcy to return, but it never does. It only goes Lefter and Lefter. A Biden victory will simply embolden the radicals who already control Biden’s agenda.

They are moving so fast with the negative “news” to try to keep down the positive Trump news, peace in the ME, nominated for a No el Peace prize, unemployment below 9%, Dow at new highs

Just insane

Oh, by the way, according to Woodward, General Mattis was planning on Sedation and taking over the Government because you know, Orange man bad…

Fuck the Pentagon, they didn’t even get rid of Vindman, fucking traitor, he is one of them

They are all traitors…

The unanswerable question is why Trump would spend so much time talking to Bob Woodward, or any of the other reporters whose goal is to damage him. It’s his personality, but it’s frustrating.

It’s like his tweets. He likes to face problems, rather than sit around waiting for them to maybe go away on their own.

    DSHornet in reply to tom_swift. | September 9, 2020 at 10:49 pm

    I think he does it to maintain his edge.

    mailman in reply to tom_swift. | September 10, 2020 at 4:18 am

    I think there is more to it that this.

    If he DIDNT deal with these issues they wouldnt just go away in the media. The media would spin and spin and spin until their pretty little heads fell off. This way at least Trump is bypassing the media and speaking directly to the people. Its much harder for the media to distort what Trump says when he is telling everyone what he is saying.

    goddessoftheclassroom in reply to tom_swift. | September 10, 2020 at 6:30 am

    The MSM is like a gnat attacking an elephant. President Trump has nothing to hide and has no fear. He is the embodiment of true freedom.

With every new Media Bias Reveal Party …

… comes a new media firestorm.

When the media are all arsonists, the rest of us are all conscripted firefighters.

I was talking to a “woman of color” (for lack of a crazier term) at work.

She chided me for saying the CCP was to blame for unleashing the virus on the world.

She said I needed to educate myself.

She said the virus originated in America … at UCLA University.

I said, “To the best of our knowledge the outbreak originated in a lab in Wuhan, China.”

She almost yelled at me, “UCLA sold it to them!!!”

I wish I were kidding about this, but I’m not. True story.

I feel complete exasperation. We’re the smartest of creatures. And we’re the stupidest of creatures.

    Dusty Pitts in reply to LukeHandCool. | September 9, 2020 at 11:20 pm

    “What lunatic told you that???”

    The bat species that harbors the specific virus inhabits Vietnam and South East China.

    In the best case, the virus was a component in an experimental vaccine that escaped into the wild. Think resurgence of Polio in Africa caused by improper administration of the vaccine, or nervous system abnormalities in people receiving experimental Covid19 vaccines (e.g. Astra Zeneca).

    tom_swift in reply to LukeHandCool. | September 10, 2020 at 3:43 am

    She almost yelled at me, “UCLA sold it to them!!!”

    At least she’s conceded that it was released by the Chinese. Where it started hardly matters, so long as it was just living in its test tube until the Chinese worked their magic.

It use to be the anti-Trump Crisis News Cycle would last a whole week. Now, there is so little to offer, it hardly lasts 24 hours.

Donald Trump is a brawler and loves battle. Deep down inside, the man knows he can win each fight.

Some time ago, we all worried he would regret being elected. Now, it’s apparent he is having the time of his life.

It’s too terrible to imagine him not having stepped up to decimate hillary clinton.

As for those treasonous creepy swamp generals like Mattis: Trump is worth a billion of his kind.

It appears that my predicted 3-4 day crisis news cycle is now a 3-4 hour crisis news cycle.

Having no strategic sense, they’re shooting off all their ammunition in September that might have moved the needle in late October or the first couple days of November.

It’s probably just as well, since 99% of the ammo seems to be squib rounds anyway.

I am picturing just how frantic and insane the media would have gotten if Trump *had* played up the danger of C19. I’m fairly sure there would have been heart attacks live on air, and no end of frenzy-based deaths.

This will hit the national headlines in a few days, but the fires in Western Wa appear to be have been arson. The first guy arrested apparently threw a molotov coctail on the berm of HWY 167 near Sumner. I’m getting this third hand, but he had been previously known as a character at the riots in Seattle.

Within hours suspicious fires were set all around the area. Similar characters were seen near the fire that burned down the skating rink in Puyallup.

They wanted to declare war and that’s what they’ve done.

    puhiawa in reply to Andy. | September 10, 2020 at 1:44 am

    I am hearing the same thing from WA friends. They caught a couple of arsonists on traffic or security cameras and they are Antifa/BLMs. The governors allies. Burned down an entire small town. i think the governor needs to answer a few questions.

Social contagion was a principal diver of excess deaths and collateral damage. That said, they underestimated the population with preexisting immunity; they mischaracterized the transmission modes; they did not protect the at risk population (e.g. Planned Parent); they stigmatized early treatments that mitigate disease progression; and despite the intuitively appealing mitigation strategies, the virus evolved and reached peak viability before the mandates were ordered and enforced, and is now in a progressive state, which does not preclude further infections and disease, but does mean there will be no more exponential spreads. Unfortunately, the spikes and plateaus will persist where social distancing and masks are enforced, where poor hygienic habits persist, and external factors (e.g. immigration/migration) are in play.

Typical Dem-Lefty — but in this presidential election cycle, classic TDS-related, garden-variety pre-coup, and now increasingly more frequently thrown — chickensh*t.

Woodward, the next writer in line, is, pretty much, a Dem-Lefty-hugging, self-important, intellectually self-swelling pus*y, but a craft one — in other words, just the kind of swamp-lying dreck Trump loves to use, upend, and humiliate a bit. As an appetizer.

In reference to the professor’s question at-end, FineReport is right: Trump was probably thrilled to let Head-Bobbin’ Bob into the direct, main interview-ring. Wait and watch. I may be wrong, of course, but it’s my sense that this thing, too, will sputter and bite the campaign trail’s dust.

Reason? Trump’s ultimately a champ at PR; it just sometimes takes a few winds and a while for his kneading work to prove itself. My hunch is, he’s timing this one to be a slow cooker, with other, maybe new ingredients to be added — and to be ready in, oh, I’d say, maybe about 6 weeks?

The Left is doing all it can to continue the hype over COVID-19 in an effort to keep the panic going. A recent article ( news/horowitz-thousands-cases-zero-hospitalizations-colleges-good-news-states-colleges-force-draconian-lockdowns/) (Remove the space for the link to work.) claims that over 10,000 (later updated to over 25,000) have tested positive for the coronavirus at various colleges and yet there has not been a single death or hospitalization reported. If this report is accurate, then it shows how the hype is going overboard with COVID fear not reflecting the real danger or lack thereof. Likewise, cities and states under firm Democratic party control are maintaining the lock downs while stoking this fear as most everyone else is trying to get back to normal.
The question that begs being answered is why Democrats fear the coronavirus so much that they are willing to destroy the lives of those they govern over it.

    “The question that begs being answered is why Democrats fear the coronavirus so much that they are willing to destroy the lives of those they govern over it.”

    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

    They don’t actually fear the virus; but they want to instill fear in the populace as a means of control. Because control equals power, and the Dims lust for power. That is all.

How is “he wasn’t panicked enough” going to age? Even just a month from now, well before Election Day, schools will have been open long enough to see that the opening doesn’t cause a bump in Covid deaths.

Nothing solves problems faster than mass panic or any kind of panic. We have all been taught from birth that “cooler heads lead to catastrophic disaster”.

As FDR famously said, “The only thing we have to fear is not enough panic.” Words to live by.

In some respects this just goes out to show how corrupt the media is today. If this revelation from Trump was so critical to the nations / worlds health and safety why wasn’t this revelation made available many months ago.
The information was held from the public and now just released to the media to pimp a new book. Woodward’s true motivation is on full display here, the profit from his book and profits for the publisher are more important than the health and safety of the citizens.
This entire Wuhan virus has been nothing but mis-information and dis-information since the first day.

CNN had 5 or 6 talking heads on the screen at the same time last night, Zoom style, all having orgasm after orgasm over this audio – the usual suspects: Cooper, Acosta, rinse, repeat. Hysterical comes closest.

On another note, the smoke was so thick in PDX on Monday night that wearing a mask finally made sense.

Just insane. This is the 6PM live news!

Maureen from Regina | September 10, 2020 at 12:14 pm

I like to think that Trump is setting traps for the media. He knew how this was going to play and Woodward did what Trump knew he would. But Trump knew the record and the Dems can’t hide their words

2nd Ammendment Mother | September 10, 2020 at 12:43 pm

The bigger question is if this was such an earth shattering statement made in the spring, why did Woodward not go immediately to the Press. We all know Schiff would have used any excuse to start another impeachment hearing – and considering the honesty of the witnesses in the Ukraine hearing – he might have gotten some traction.

Might have…..

President @realDonaldTrump dunking on Bob Woodward over dopey question about whether he feels he has “white privilege.”

Trump: “No. You really drank the Kool-Aid, didn’t you? Just listen to you. Wow. No, I don’t feel that at all.”