I was WRONG. Very wrong. I have have been writing that we should be expecting a 3-4 day crisis news cycle, where anti-Trump bombshells would be rolled out by the media every 3-4 days, and as one died down, another would be rolled out. That was the pattern for the Russia collusion claims, and appeared to be the pattern since the conventions this summer.

It appears that my predicted 3-4 day crisis news cycle is now a 3-4 hour crisis news cycle. They are being rolled out so quickly it’s hard to keep track.

Just in the last 24 hours we’ve had a rollout of Michael Cohen’s book allegations, Adam Schiff disclosing a new whistleblower complaint, and Peter Strzok claiming Trump is compromised by Russia.

But wait, within these 24 hours, there’s also Bob Woodward’s revelation that Trump said, on tape, that he downplayed the coronavirus threat so as not to panic the nation.

When I heard that, my first reaction was, umm, haven’t we done this already? I had a vague memory of this very same point being a dust up months ago, that Trump was trying to calm the country rather than panic people.

About that, I was RIGHT. Mollie Hemingway posted the video from March 30, 2020:

Anthony Fauci, or St. Fauci as he normally is known to Democrats, was questioned about the Woodward reporting, and denied that Trump ever distorted information:

Does this give ammunition to Democrats? Sure. But there’s nothing to it in fact, Trump was far ahead of Democrats and the media in warning about the virus, and followed the advice of St. Fauci :

It was Democrats and the media who were telling people to go to crowded festivals and parades and to ignore the warnings.

The unanswerable question is why Trump would spend so much time talking to Bob Woodward, or any of the other reporters whose goal is to damage him. It’s his personality, but it’s frustrating.


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