When questioned about this, the school hid behind the tired trope of trying to ‘stimulate discussion.’

Parents need to start starving these schools of tuition dollars.

The College Fix reports:

Vanderbilt quiz: Constitution was ‘designed to perpetuate white supremacy’ and protect slavery

A quiz given to students at Vanderbilt University recently asked: “Was the Constitution designed to perpetuate white supremacy and protect the institution of slavery?”

When one student answered “false,” the question was marked wrong.

That according to a screenshot of the “post lecture quiz” obtained by Young America’s Foundation, which reported the survey was posed to students enrolled in a political science course.

The foundation added the class boasts more than 800 students online and is billed in its syllabus as “the largest class that Vanderbilt has ever taught.”

“To attempt to boil down the country’s greatest founding document as simply being white supremacist is a new low – marking any student wrong who dares to disagree with this ridiculous statement is heinous,” YAF’s Kara Zupkus noted.

Asked for comment by The College Fix, a Vanderbilt spokesman emailed a statement on behalf of the university:

Consistent with our commitment to the principles of free speech and academic freedom, Vanderbilt has long fostered an environment in which diverse ideas and opinions can be expressed in our efforts to both model, and teach, the principles of civil discourse. The question was posed to stimulate discussion.


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