Is anyone else starting to think that higher ed policies on coronavirus are out of control?

Campus Reform reports:

Purdue University considers failure to social distance ‘in the same category’ as drug dealing

Purdue University now considers failure to wash hands, properly social distance, and getting a flu vaccination equally as severe and “in the same category” as academic dishonesty, drug distribution, and destruction of university property.

On August 19, Purdue University announced that students found violating the Protect Purdue Pledge would be subject to disciplinary action under the same guidelines as hazing and drug use.

Additionally, hosting or attending a party could get students suspended or expelled.

“Organizing and/or hosting, either individually or with others, an event, party or other gathering (“Event”) or attending such an event, where the attendees are not required to, or willfully fail or refuse to, adhere to the requirements of the Protect Purdue Pledge, or of state or local public health laws, regulations or orders, including but not limited to the requirements of maintaining appropriate social distancing (6 feet based on current public health guidance) and wearing an appropriate face mask. This applies to events that are organized and/or held on or off campus,” the announcement says.

The announcement states that these actions are now “listed in the same category as academic dishonesty, hazing, possession and distribution of drugs, and destruction of university property.”

The Protect Purdue Pledge says that students should, “Look out for others and encourage their faithful commitment to the Pledge.”


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