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Professor Allegedly Threatened to Fail Student Who Balked at Anti-Trump Assignment

Professor Allegedly Threatened to Fail Student Who Balked at Anti-Trump Assignment

“While we are not able to discuss personnel issues, we have addressed this moving forward”

One again, we have to wonder how different this situation would be if the roles were reversed under Obama’s presidency. Of course, such an assignment would never have been given.

The College Fix reports:

Professor threatens to fail student who balked at anti-Trump assignment, college won’t say if it punished him

A taxpayer-funded college admitted that an American history professor was wrong to impose his political biases on students in an assignment on President Trump.

But Illinois Central College avoided saying what repercussions, if any, Troy Daugherty could face for misusing his authority over students’ grades, including threatening to fail a student who objected to writing an anti-Trump paper.

“While we are not able to discuss personnel issues, we have addressed this moving forward,” a spokesperson told The College Fix. The incident “serves as a great reminder to us all to practice etiquette regarding political preferences and beliefs.”

Last week the Young America’s Foundation published Daugherty’s loaded instructions to his class and his subsequent email correspondence with a student who asked if “our [political] differences will affect my grade in the class.”

Despite suggesting only anti-Trump subjects and sources to the class, the professor told the student “you will get an F” if “you simply recite [Trump’s] political view espoused for political reasons and fail to dig deeper.”

In email and phone queries Thursday and Friday, The Fix asked Daugherty if he supports intellectual diversity in his classroom. He has not responded.

YAF told The Fix that the student, who used its Campus Bias Tip Line to report the incident, did not want to talk further about Daugherty or the class. The conservative organization did not share the student’s identity with The Fix.

The incident is in line with the findings from a poll commissioned by The Fix last year. It found that nearly half of Republican and Republican-leaning students had a professor who went “on a tangent criticizing President Donald Trump” in class, even if the class was not related to politics or government.


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I understand Professor Daugherty perfectly:
he was desperate; y’know “publish or perish”
and the poor thing was running out of new ideas.

The student should have asked to do a critical analysis of the Obama presidency instead.

It is possible to be critical of Trump while maintaining you integrity.

Trump believed that lowering taxes and cutting regulations would benefit business and that this would benefit everyone. Everyone, but the Democratic Party and the Communists. The USSR proved that this is the wrong approach because it’s an economic powerhouse that proved that the elite and leftists know what’s best for everyone.

In prehistoric days when I wa in high school, I joined our debating team. Our school took part in more than a dozen debate tournaments against other school. There was a controversial subject used throughout the year.
What made this valuable for me is that I had to take one side in half of my debates and the other side in the rest.
To do this well I had to study all the arguments I might encounter on each side, and be prepared to attempt to discredit them.
It is a shame that this sort of thing no longer seems to exist, particular when one side now makes every effort to silence the other.
To me the mere fact that that one side seeks to keep people from ever hearing from the other side, in itself is proof that they cannot compete with the other side in the realm of ideas and logic.
That colleges and universities allow suppression of one side by arrogant militants is thoroughly disgraceful and sickening.