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Polls: Biden Lags Behind Hillary’s 2016 Numbers With Florida’s Hispanic Voters

Polls: Biden Lags Behind Hillary’s 2016 Numbers With Florida’s Hispanic Voters

“The President’s support among Hispanics is growing and he is on track to surpass his 2016 vote totals among our diverse communities.”

In the midst of the Democrat’s antifa/BLM Marxist “revolution,” Joe Biden is lagging behind Hillary Clinton’s 2016 numbers with Florida’s Hispanic voters.  Indeed, two recent polls show Trump gaining ground with Hispanic Floridians, particularly with those who fled similar revolutions in their country of origin.

Florida’s Hispanic voters confuse and confound Democrats because a good portion of that vote comes historically from Cuban-Americans and more recently from Venezuelan-Americans who are wary of the Democrats’ recent massive lunge toward socialism.

It’s not surprising then that both Quinnipiac and Equis Research found that in Florida Biden is lagging behind even Hillary’s 2016 numbers and Trump is trending up.

Politico reports:

Joe Biden is underperforming among Florida Hispanic voters while Donald Trump has marginally increased his numbers from 2016, according to a new poll in the must-win battleground state for the president.

Biden leads Trump among Hispanics by 53-37 percent in the poll conducted for Equis Research, a Democratic Latino research firm. While his advantage seems large, Biden’s 16-percentage point margin spells potential trouble for him because it’s 11 points lower than what Hillary Clinton received in 2016 exit polls, when she lost the state to Trump.

At the same time, Trump is running slightly ahead of his statewide Hispanic performance in 2016 by about 2 points thanks to increased backing from conservative Cuban-American voters and additional support from a broader coalition of Latino voters, specifically men, whom the president’s campaign has courted.

As an aside, I find the language telling.  Note that Trump is “courting” the Hispanic vote, but in most reports, Biden is “investing” in it.

Politico goes on to explain that this is a bad situation for Team Biden because Trump doesn’t need to win the Hispanic vote, he just needs to meet (or exceed) his 2016 numbers or those from the 2018 midterms for Republicans, and it seems that so far he is on track to do just that.

Trump neither needs nor expects to win Hispanic voters outright to capture the state in November. His campaign aims to keep the margins where they currently are and hopes that Latino turnout for this Democratic-leaning bloc remains as low or lower than it was in 2018, when Republicans won gubernatorial and Senate races by less than a half-point each.

Referring to Republicans rejecting the Democrats’ very real and increasingly open embrace of socialism as an “attack,” Politico notes that it’s effective messaging with some Floridian Hispanic voters.

Odio said Equis message-tested the effectiveness of one of the most potent weapons Republicans have used against Democrats, calling them “socialists,” and found that Trump is close to hitting a ceiling on its effectiveness as long as Democrats respond to the charge, instead of essentially ignoring it — a tactic which helped sink Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum in 2018.

The socialism attack is still a major part of GOP messaging to turn out Cuban-American voters as well as those with roots in Colombia, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

And, crucially, Trump is besting Biden on the economy, still the top issue among voters.

Politico continues:

But Trump marginally edges Biden by 48-45 percent on the issue of who would be better suited on the economy, which Odio chalks up to Trump’s well-cultivated TV image as a successful businessman. Still, he said, 14 percent of Hispanics who like Trump more than Biden on the economy still say they’ll vote for the Democrat.

Marc Caputo, who authored the Politico piece, tweeted some of its key points:

Latino support for Trump is real,” and while we may (quite rightly) question the validity or usefulness of polls, particularly when leftist shutuppery has caused voters to keep their non-“woke” leanings to themselves, the Biden campaign is clearly worried.

“It’s telling that Joe Biden’s latest Spanish-language ads are break-up songs encouraging our supporters to abandon President Trump,” said Giancarlo Sopo, the Trump campaign’s director of rapid response for Spanish-language media. “Public polling is flawed, but this confirms our colleagues on the other side of the aisle see the same thing we do in the data: The President’s support among Hispanics is growing and he is on track to surpass his 2016 vote totals among our diverse communities.”


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notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 5, 2020 at 6:06 pm

DIMS are driving that.


Weasil Zippers

“9 In 10 Voters Say Civil Unrest A Key Issue In Presidential Race: Poll

Buh bye, Joe Biden.

Via The Hill:

The vast majority of voters in a new Harvard CAPS-Harris poll released exclusively to The Hill say they believe civil unrest will be an important issue in the November election.

More than 9 in 10 voters surveyed in the poll, 92 percent, said they thought the issue would be important in the presidential campaign and election, including 52 percent who called it “very important” and 40 percent who viewed it as “somewhat important.”

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 5, 2020 at 6:32 pm

More Democrat Party Insanity Driving Voters into the arms of Good President Trump.

Devine: Dems Have No Intention Of Accepting Second Trump Term

Via Fox News:

Democrats are threatening violence if Joe Biden does not defeat President Trump in November, New York Post columnist Miranda Devine said Saturday.

“If you think that they were sore losers in 2016, you ain’t seen anything yet. … Democrats have no intention of accepting defeat at the ballot box,” Devine said on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

Devine called it “information warfare” to benefit the Biden campaign, citing a Washington Post op-ed by Georgetown law professor Rosa Brooks, who says Americans should prepare for war if the election result is anything short of a Biden landslide.

“It’s just a variation on the theme … when [Biden] said if you don’t vote for him, you ain’t safe,” Devine said. “It’s pretty despicable, but that is everything you need to know.”

Those Dumb Democrats don’t know the tiny minority they are and how quickly moral suasion and other things will take them out of public life forever.




Trump can win the Electoral College.
Trump can win the Popular Vote.
Trump can win every State but the 3 on the West Coast.

The (D)s can contest.

However the Courts are shut out of the process Constitutionally.
The only place to challenge the results is in The House.
The (D)s don’t want to do that.
An election decided in The House is decided by a single vote from each State delegation.
(R)s have 26 State Delegations.

The Wild Card is Roberts. Any challenge would rapidly land at SCOTUS.
The Constitution is clear.
Roberts has proven it’s asswipe to him.”

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 5, 2020 at 6:42 pm

Meet Joe Biden’s Supporters

DNC: How can we beat Trump 2020?

Consultant: Don’t be crazy.

DNC: Mine was a serious question!

Consultant: Mine was a serious answer.

DNC: Try something else.


Security means a lot to people that came for some of these sociality countries. They know better than a soyboy in his moms basement what socialism is.

What great news. It also reinforced the Minnesota “cookie poll” where Trump cookies are outselling Biden cookies 4 to 1, in a state that leaned right last cycle but still went to Clinton:

You can get a seriously skewed sample that way because of the nature of the state’s Latino population

This is a very strange statement.

Election day 2016 I had almost zero expectation of Trump winning. I work in CA, checked news feeds during the day but nothing to upset the smug MFM applecart. I left about 6PM (9 Eastern time) and when I turned on my radio the first thing I heard was:


That’s when I knew it would be an interesting night 🙂 🙂 🙂