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Philly Mayor Scorched After He Dines Indoors in Maryland While He Keeps Ban in His City

Philly Mayor Scorched After He Dines Indoors in Maryland While He Keeps Ban in His City

Some animals are more equal than others.

Philadelphia chefs and local residents took to social media to chew out Mayor Jim Kenney after someone caught him dining indoors in Maryland.

The chefs are ticked off because indoor dining is not allowed in Philadelphia. Many businesses have closed because of the regulations and orders.

Kenney ate at the Chesapeake Inn, which has indoor and outdoor seating. His friend Gianmarco Martuscelli owns the restaurant.

It looks like Kenney is not wearing or mask and sitting pretty close to the person at the same table.

Maryland allowed indoor dining on June 12, but only at a 50% capacity. On that same day, Philadelphia allowed places to have outdoor dining only.

Kenney tried to brush it off because the county he visited, Cecil County, only has 782 coronavirus cases compared to the 33,000 in Philadelphia. He also ate outside at a local Philly eatery on his way home.

Indoor dining returns to Philadelphia on September 8, but only at 25% capacity. But like in other cities, so many restaurants have closed permanently because local or state government forced owners to close. By the time outdoor dining came back, it was too late for some places.

The apology was not good enough for Philly chefs and others in the city.


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notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 2, 2020 at 5:28 pm

Did they stick an apple into his mouth?

A lot of hypocrisy on display, from the imperially arrogant, Dhimmi-crat apparatchiks. Pelosi, this dope, and, many others.

“Rules for the peasants of the proletariat, but, not for me.”

Honestly, I don’t really see the problem here other than the stupid move to implement crazy measures in Philly. He’s not breaking those rules a la Pelosi. He’s abiding by the policies of the place he is visiting, and he did not make those policies.

    With respect, hgfsu, but the “problem” is: why not order take out from a Philly eatery? And what about the 100,000 plus Philly citizens who cannot afford to, or who don’t have the means of transportation to visit Maryland to avail themselves of Maryland’s less strict rules?

    This speaks to the lefty arrogance/privilege/entitlement of “everyone’s equal, but some are more equal than others” philosophy of the dem party, ala pilosi, lightfoot, et al.

      healthguyfsu in reply to bear. | September 2, 2020 at 7:23 pm

      You make a fair enough point of what he could do, but it sounds a little bit like a progressive jealousy type talking point to say that. He’s allowed to visit a friend in Maryland and eat at his restaurant just like anyone else. He shouldn’t be Draconian with Philly in the first place, but this is not damning to me. It seems too close to whining about his “privilege”, which is why I can see lefties getting all in a huff about it. I’d be more tiffed about hypocrisy if he had flaunted his own rules in his own city.

        Another thing: He basically said, “No worries, I went somewhere that doesn’t have a whole lot of cases.” Is he absolutely certain he didn’t bring WuFlu with him?

        Also, it’s the optics. He can argue all he wants that he was within his rights to go there (and I’m not arguing he wasn’t) but he is in a PR pickle right now.

          healthguyfsu in reply to p. | September 4, 2020 at 11:32 am

          Again, all fair points on it being a gaffe.

          And he can be burned at the leftist stake for all I care, live and die by your own judgmental virtue-signaling nonsense I say.

          However, I like to reserve my outrage for the most egregious acts. It’s kinda like when the left yells racism at everything. They seem not to realize that the accusation loses a great deal of meaning when it is carelessly applied and wielded as a club.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to healthguyfsu. | September 2, 2020 at 7:06 pm

    Hizzonah could have stayed home with his townsfolk and not ducked out on them.

It’s like Crepitus, recalling on the old days of dignity the and pride when by the resonance of his release the whole attentive world learned that Caesar had dined well!

(The Temptation of St Anthony)

J’eus mes jours d’orgueil. Le bon Aristophane me promena sur la schne, et l’empereur Claudius Drusus me fit asseoir ` sa table. Dans les laticlaves des patriciens j’ai circuli majestueusement ! Les vases d’or, comme des tympanons, risonnaient sous moi; – et quand plein de murhnes, de trufi”es et de pbtis, l’intestin du mantre se diga geait avec fracas, l’univers attentif apprenait que Cisar avait dnni !

(Crepitus departs, emitting a sigh)

It seems these mayors and governors need a little help. Why not send a few thousand demonstrators to their offices, their city halls, and demand the stranglehold be lifted. File another thousand lawsuits!

This man did what we all can do- assess the risk and make our own decisions. Come on!

Another Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic, politically congruent zealot. Lose your quasi-religion (“ethics”).

On a similar topic: Pelosi is demanding an apology from the salon owner who “set her up”:

Not surprisingly the Joseph Goebbels media is carrying out Pelosi’s orders.

Oh – and the salon owner is now in hiding because of left wing death threats.

Nevada governor/dictator Sisolak (D) violated his own rules and restrictions by enjoying indoor dining with live entertainment — also without a mask and without social distancing — this past weekend. Lots of unrest over it.

I think the Philadelphia restaurant industry and every other business hurt by lockdowns owes this mayor an apology for setting him up.

Who knew the mayor moonlighted for the Maryland Tourism Board

Hizzoner’s “apology,” translated:

“Hey, I’m following the Party Diktat. What more can I do?”

I left Philly decades ago for several reasons, but this case is clearly an example of one: shameless party corruption — at the expense of the good faith, the hard and decent work done by most citizens.

Looking forward to reopening indoor dining soon and visiting my favorite spots.

Perhaps his “favorites” are among the select few which aren’t already out of business.

During the Siege of Leningrad, a soldier was told to report to the Communist Party headquarters. People were dying of starvation and the cold in the city. The Party headquarters was warm and there was plenty of food for the Party staff. They may “feel your pain” but never share in your suffering. Example also…Lightfoot and Pelosi… the hair..brained… twins.

Their arrogance is amazing. They don’t even try to cover.

I really hate this pig…and I am not referring to this single incident of the swine carving out privileges for himself while his city becomes a slum.

More and more leftists can’t be bothered by their edits. Why do you keep voting for them?