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Joe Rogan Offers to Moderate Four-Hour Trump-Biden Debate – Trump Agrees!

Joe Rogan Offers to Moderate Four-Hour Trump-Biden Debate – Trump Agrees!

“Just the two candidates, cameras, and their vision of how to move this country forward.”

A few days ago, Joe Rogan did his highly watched podcast with guest Tim Kennedy, a veteran, martial arts fighter, and TV host.

At one point, Kennedy asked Rogan if he would consider using his podcast to moderate a long-form debate between President Trump and Joe Biden. Rogan had a few reasonable conditions but said he would “100 Percent do it.”

Rogan said he would want it to last for hours with only the three of them in the room, and to be live-streamed so no none could edit it.

Morgan Chalfant reported at The Hill:

Trump says he’s interested in debate hosted by Joe Rogan

President Trump on Monday signaled he would participate in a four-hour debate with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden moderated by Joe Rogan, despite such a format being likely impossible.

Trump shared a tweet from Tim Kennedy, a retired mixed martial artist, who wrote that Rogan, a comedian and mixed martial arts color commentator, offered during his podcast to moderate a four-hour debate between Trump and Biden without a live audience.

“Just the two candidates, cameras, and their vision of how to move this country forward. Who wants this? #debates #Election2020,” Kennedy tweeted.

Tim Kennedy announced the news on Twitter:

Shortly after that, Trump responded saying he would do it:

Watch Rogan and Kennedy have the discussion below. The video is cued to start at the 2:00:40 mark, just press play:

This would be big, and before you laugh it off, remember that Bernie Sanders appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast and it was one of his most watched episodes.

Here are a few more reactions:

Rogan is pretty far to the left politically, yet many people on the right trust him to be more impartial than the media. What does that tell you?

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Trying to stand and speak for four hours would kill Gropey Joe.

amatuerwrangler | September 15, 2020 at 11:12 am

And the networks would ape-s**t! I would suck all the air out of their limp-wristed versions. Essay questions, not T-F or multiple guess questions. Separate the sheep from the goats.

“Talking points contest”. Indeed.

Come on man. Joe 30330 is still working out how to avoid the already scheduled debates

Biden will never agree. He is simply too far gone to be without his handlers for that long.

    rightway in reply to Rich Vail. | September 15, 2020 at 11:36 am

    What makes you think it’s Joe’s decision? As near as I can tell he is just a puppet for what I assume is the Obama machinery.

    2nd Ammendment Mother in reply to Rich Vail. | September 15, 2020 at 12:26 pm

    So, my thought is don’t make it a negotiation. Set the date, send public invitations to both sides and see who shows up.

    Rogan: (Reads question): “Mr. Trump, how would you handle issue XYZ?”

    Trump: Provides marathon answer describing previous experience handling XYZ, what he learned from that experience and how he will adjust going forward. Then cite failures in Obama/Biden administration to address XYZ.

    Rogan: We have offered Mr Biden airtime to answer this question, he has yet to respond or appear to provide answers. We do have a person sitting by the phone waiting to hear from Biden’s team.

    Rogan: Next question.

buckeyeminuteman | September 15, 2020 at 11:39 am

I would love to see this happen. Even a one hour debate.

As much as I would love to see this, Biden will not agree to a four hour time period with Joe Rogan as the moderator/questioner.

IMO, Rogan would do a fantastic job of asking open ended questions of real substance. We are in the digital/Internet age and Rogan not only has a huge platform he is also honest and upfront about what he believes.

    LibraryGryffon in reply to CommoChief. | September 15, 2020 at 11:52 am

    I cant see Joe’s handlers even letting him lose for one hour, or even a half.

    But you know Trump could keep going by himself for a whole four hour interview.

      Yeah, we should probably say that Biden’s handlers would let him alone with Joe Rogan live for four minutes let alone four hours.

      Rogan is a persistent interviewer, he doesn’t let folks off with a canned response. He calls out the BS and asks again. Most traditional politicians don’t have the ability to navigate through that sort of free flow questioning.

      It isn’t just Biden, how would Pelosi or Schumer fare during a one on one Rogan podcast? Not very well. Trump would be in heaven because he is definitely a different kind of cat.

    Not only that, the networks will have a conniption over an “internet nobody” stealing the gig from them. Then when he shows everyone the world how a proper interview should be conducted… Who knows. Mass suicide?

Four consecutive hours?! No. Just no.

This probably would be very useful in ending Biden’s run. He would be completely exposed for the doddering old fraud he is. His handlers can’t have that, so unfortunately such a debate will not happen. Even though it definitely should.

“…despite such a format being likely impossible.” — Morgan Chalfant of The Hill.

Aside from the fact that Biden would never agree, what makes this impossible?

This comment feels like all the times I’ve heard progressives claim that conservatives never propose any solutions to problems, and then reject any examples I give of such proposals with a comment that they aren’t serious proposals because Democrats in Congress would never vote for them so they can’t be passed.

Mixed martial arts color commentator sounds like one of those ultra-specialized jobs like seat warmer to the king.

Well, I suppose somebody has to do it.

The D’rats can get out of it all by claiming they’ll agree to Rogan, Trump, Biden, and both their teleprompters. Of course Trump would have no use for that, so the Dems can claim that Trump is a lying dog-faced pony soldier because he wouldn’t accept the challenge.

This would be much better than the old style debates. I can’t stand chris wallace, he’s a bitter never Trump dnc lackey. PDJT is breaking new ground in so many areas. He proved to be exceptionally savage in the 2016 debates, no way on earth do they let creepy joe do this.

What President Trump should do is agree, and show up. Lay it on Hidin’ Biden to be a coward and not show up. Trump would be able to handle any questions asked, and it would make Biden out to be a doddering old fool.

    DaveGinOly in reply to oldgoat36. | September 15, 2020 at 5:16 pm

    I was reviewing the comments before posting my own:

    Joe Rogan: I’ll host a 4 hour debate!
    Trump: I’ll do it!
    Team Biden: *crickets* While busy consulting Joe’s medical team about the possibility of keeping him alert and coherent for four hours.

Biden’s meds only last for two, afterwhich he’d be wandering around looking for trashcans to eat out of.

They should do the questioning like on Final Jeopardy where the question is given and they write out their answer. In this case they would both be given a chance to answer but without knowing what the other said. Joe Hiden wouldn’t be able to give an answer since he wouldn’t be able to ride on the coat tails of the President’s answer.

Here’s a question for all the LI commenters who have actually watched The Joe Rogan podcast….

What is the over/under on the number of times JR says F**k or F**kin’ during the debate…????

I wouldn’t hold my breath for Dementia Joe Hiden to accept this. They couldn’t pump enough drugs into him to keep him cognizant for four hours in one stretch.

No way they would let Sundowner Joe do that, just no way.