Democrats were clearly hoping the Obama voter coalition of 2008 and 2012 would show up for Joe Biden in 2020. This strategy became apparent during the South Carolina primary in June. Black voters carried Biden over the finish line and almost all the other candidates immediately dropped out of the race.

It’s not clear this method is going to work in November.

On a national level, there is no apparent excitement about Biden among black voters, especially young voters.

Joshua Nelson reports at FOX News:

Young Black voters not excited about Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket, analyst says

2020 Democratic running mates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not appealing to young African American voters, Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell said Monday.

“For every African American, especially, young African Americans, we point clearly to the 1994 Crime Bill, which was sponsored by Sen. Joe Biden. One which gave $9.7 billion to build private prisons in our country and provided grants and incentivized states to create what we call the three-strike law,” Caldwell told “Fox & Friends.”

Caldwell said the legislation was “very intentional and it created a fair amount of injustice for African Americans.”

“Joe Biden is a part of the problem therefore I don’t understand how anyone could be thinking he could fix the injustices when he was the one who created them,” Caldwell said.

Do you remember how viral Obama was as a candidate in 2008, particularly among black voters? He was treated like a celebrity everywhere he went, every video of him had hundreds of thousands of views, if not millions. The excitement was electric. There is none of that for Biden.

Marty Johnson of The Hill reports that Biden is trying to reach more black voters in battleground states. Obama did not have to ‘try’ to do this:

Biden steps up Black voter outreach in battleground states

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign has in recent days increased outreach to Black voters in battleground states expected to play a pivotal role in the outcome of November’s general election.

The effort underscores the importance for Biden of energizing minority voters in the handful of swing states that will ultimately decide the race between him and President Trump.

“If we think about the swing states where Black voter turnout dropped off in 2016 — Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina — [Biden] needs Black turnout to increase back to or near Obama levels,” Adrianne Shropshire, executive director of the left-leaning BlackPAC, told The Hill. “They certainly cannot be where they were in 2016.”

This is not a good sign for Biden. I recently made a video on this topic, if you care to view it:

Democrats and their media allies may not talk about this much, but they would be crazy not to worry.


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