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FL Gov. Ron DeSantis lifts state’s coronavirus restrictions on bars and restaurants

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis lifts state’s coronavirus restrictions on bars and restaurants

DeSantis is following hard science and the real numbers.

It’s back to business for Florida’s bars and restaurants! Under an executive order signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, these entities will no longer be forced to operate at less than full capacity under state rules as the tide of the coronavirus pandemic begins to roll back.

The order, which takes effect immediately, also prohibits local governments from closing businesses or collecting fines related to pandemic-related mandates, such as mask requirements — leading to at least one Central Florida county being inundated with calls asking if people no longer have to wear one. But it does allow local authorities to limit restaurant and bar capacity to 50% if they can justify it.

“We are today moving into what we initially called phase 3,” DeSantis said during a news conference in St. Petersburg. “And what that’ll mean for the restaurants is there will not be limitations from the state of Florida. We’re also saying in the state of Florida everybody has a right to work. (Local governments) can do reasonable regulations, but they can’t just say no.”

The executive order ends nearly every measure the Sunshine State put in place to combat the spread of the coronavirus, placing Florida into the last phase of its reopening plan.

The executive order does allow local governments to keep additional limits in place if they’re justified for health or economic reasons.

“Every business has the right to operate,” DeSantis said. “Some of the locals can do reasonable regulations. But you can’t just say no.”

…Currently, Miami-Dade, Broward and other counties in South Florida have locally imposed limits on the hours restaurants and bars can operate and how many customers they can serve indoors.

Broward County Mayor Dale Holness told NPR member station WLRN on Friday, “We’re hoping that the governor will allow us to have deeper restrictions than the rest of the state. We have a greater spread of the virus in South Florida than other parts of the state.”

In tandem with this order, DeSantis has also been sharing some coronavirus statistics that the American press hasn’t been highlighting.

The Centers for Disease Control’s recent official survival rate data are truly eye-opening.

Below is a quick summary of the CDC COVID-19 Survival Rates.

Age 0-19 — 99.997%
Age 20-49 — 99.98%
Age 50-69 — 99.5%
Age 70+ — 94.6%

Below is Infection Fatality Ratio for Scenario 5: Current Best Estimate

R0* 2.5

Age 0-19 years: 0.00003
Age 20-49 years: 0.0002
Age 50-69 years: 0.005
Age 70+ years: 0.054

Clearly, DeSantis is following hard science and the real numbers.


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notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 26, 2020 at 2:17 pm

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“We Do Not Consent” – Thousands Rally In London To Oppose Another COVID-19 Lockdown

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 26, 2020 at 2:19 pm

Charlotte Gracias

The crowds get bigger at every protest.
More people are waking up.
Stand up and fight for your rights.
Trafalgar Square

Come on Abbott

Texans, demand to be set free!!!

Several states are close. Maybe this will be enough to bring it down.

    randian in reply to buck61. | September 27, 2020 at 3:01 pm

    I’m not seeing the point of DeSantis’ order as written. “This does not preclude the County from having its own rules” means his reopening order has no effect in a bunch of counties.

The numbers are staggering.

My wife took the kids to the movies last night.
Jurassic Park.
They were the only ones in the theater.
They didn’t even have the heat on.

Good move on Ron DeSantis’ part. I wonder who told him to do it? Regardless, it is about time.

A reminder. Back in March and April, when the entire world was shutting down, I said that the final mortality and infection rates for COVID would closely mirror a serious annual flu season. So, six months into a near total societal shutdown, the figures closely mirror a serious annual flu season. Surprise, surprise, surprise. We have seriously damaged our economy, as well as the global economy and mangled our society over the flu. It is the equivalent of amputating both legs because of a case of athlete’s foot. And, while the working middle class has been devastated, economically, the upper class has made a ton of money from an artificially manipulated stock market. Remember.

DeSantis is moving toward the model used by Sweden. They had the old and sick quarantine while the rest of the population went on with their lives and got over it. Now, the old and the sick are starting to come back out.

The pandemic is practically over now in Sweden. The graph of daily fatalities has been nearly zeroed out since early August. If the US had followed Sweden’s model, our economy would have continued to thrive and we would be pretty much done with the pandemic in early August.

    Who would have thought Sweden would be right? A blind squirrel ….

      Barry in reply to JasonL. | September 27, 2020 at 2:25 am

      Those of us that know something about virus’s, and our government.

      Our government has lied to us in order to destroy the Trump economy.

      Sweden did the right thing, the same thing that has always been done.

        JasonL in reply to Barry. | September 27, 2020 at 8:32 am

        Well, you must hate Coney. The Jacobson (1905) case she used in Republican Party of Illinois v. Pritzker was the same that allowed widespread forced vaccinations.

We have a greater spread of the virus in South Florida than other parts of the state

The virus is as harmful as the regular flu. Why is its spread concerning? Palm Beach County seems determined to ignore DeSantis, bars are still closed and masks are still mandatory for another month.

    Another Voice in reply to randian. | September 26, 2020 at 10:25 pm

    They’re all former NYS residents who brought their penchants for a progressive government and are wanting to turn Florida “Blue”. It’s all for show/no go, as a majority favor their own private clubs.

I live in the Florida panhandle, aka the Redneck Riviera; it’s Trump country (thank God). While I used to wear a mask when I went out due to my being high risk and thinking that best at the time, I no longer do because it just doesn’t make sense (I have a heart condition and can’t breathe in those things, which stresses my heart). Hardly anyone does.

True story: I was at the corner store, a 7-11 type gas station thingy, and this woman runs screeching into the store waving a mask at her friend. Her friend tells her that she doesn’t want it and that no one else in the store is wearing one (and no one was, not even the clerk). The woman says, but the sign. The SIGN says you HAVE to wear one. (There actually is such a sign, but no one cares.)

I laughed and said, “that’s just a suggestion. This is Florida.” She burbled something about being from New York (she was very shrill and I didn’t catch what she was screaming because, like most normal people, I can’t understand rapid-fire, screeching New York speak). So I blandly noted that I am glad that we have a responsible governor, to which she insisted that NY is “getting better.”

I shut my mouth, but I was laughing inside. NY is a freaking disaster, Florida is not. One of the first things DeSantis did was protect seniors in residential living situations, and while he let Dem. mayors/councils do more to lockdown their parts of the state, he left those of us who voted for sanity alone.

He’s doing the same thing here. Our restaurants have been open for months now, at full capacity. There are signs about social distancing and blah blah blah, but no one cares around here, and funnily enough, we’re not all dead.

    Another Voice in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | September 26, 2020 at 10:17 pm

    I’m with you on this and I live in a rural Up State NY county, one that Cuomo seldom, if at all, acknowledges. While in my small area of the world you know where your agreeable pockets of like minded people are and where masks are worn to go inside to keep the restaurant/bar owner out of trouble. 9 out of 10 times most patrons are only using them to enter and then laid aside for the rest of the time there even if moving to another table or go onto the patio or restroom. Yet our rate for the previous 4 months has a CoVID Report card holding steady at .04 %. The biggest bitch is the hypocrisy of Cuomo/State – DiBlasio/NYC keeping up these pretenses and pushing this fiasco out past the election.

    Luckily, Florida doesn’t have to worry this time around about a court that finds lockdowns constitutional under Jacobson (1905). Unluckily, we will soon have a justice who takes that case seriously. The last Florida governors race was thisclose.

    I live in Brooklyn, NY, home of De Blasio. Everywhere I go in Brooklyn, 90% of people are wearing masks — except in my own community, where fewer than 10% do, and almost everyone has been going about since June almost as if the whole thing is over. And yet we’re not all dead yet, in fact there doesn’t seem to be any significant increase in the disease at all.

    Recently there’s been a lot of press about an “uptick” in positive cases, and our doctors have been warning us to be careful and not so cavalier, but nobody seems to know of an increase in people actually getting sick from it, let alone dying.

    Late last week the word went around that the mayor is looking for an excuse to close our schools and synagogues and businesses again, and therefore we should start wearing masks, not because they work but to placate the mayor.

    And on Friday the NY Post published a story claiming that 3 members of our community had died of this disease shortly after being admitted to Maimonides Hospital. This turned out to have been a fabrication. Presumably planted by the same people who are turning the mayor’s attention to us.

    I carry a mask with me and put it on when riding the bus or subway, and when entering premises that require it, or ask nicely. My synagogue (unlike most) requires masks, so I put one on when entering and take it off when leaving. That’s just respecting the rules of private property.

Fl has had fewer than 15 deaths per day for the past week or so as reported on Florida’s Covid dashboard.

However, in the perverted panic porn way public health reports the deaths, they go back months to match deaths with what they THINK may have been Covid and aggregate them all in a one day report.

For instance, today 9 people died in the state but there were 107 reported deaths going back to back to July 12. World-o-Meter uses this higher number for the day rather than actual.

    randian in reply to Suzie. | September 27, 2020 at 2:58 pm

    So they’re reporting 107 deaths for the day when there were actually 9 deaths? How about tomorrow? If there are 9 deaths tomorrow, will they double count the past deaths to report 100+ for the day again?

I want to see consecutive good Florida governors and Republican legislators. Then I retire there. Or maybe just South Dakota.

I had occasion yesterday to go to a major shopping area across town. Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Walgreens, Staples, that sort of stuff. Everything seemed pretty normal, except that here in MA they all want us to wear those damn masks (they make my breath fog my glasses).

I also stopped at a mom & pop music store for some balalaika strings, and things were semi-normal there, except they only let one person at a time into their tiny shop. I was a bit surprised they were still there, as most revenue from outfits like that come from lessons, and those are pretty much dead.

But I passed long stretches of businesses which were closed. Not just closed, but the buildings boarded up. Restaurants, non-chain drugstores, a really killer tropical & marine aquarium, a tiny Oriental supermarket, a leather shop, etc.

Rather a lot may already be gone for good.

The contrast between red and blue governance model will become more and more clear as we move ahead. The self imposed economic damage of lockdown being maintained by blue states will begin to be reported as the difference between the philosophy becomes increasingly clear.

I honestly don’t know what some of these blue state governments will do post election. Assuming a Trump win will they continue to spike their state economy? Its one thing to do that to stop the election of someone they might believe is evil. To do so afterwards in an attempt to hamstring the economy is too cynical even for me.

The sad part is that I can’t begin to choose what course these blue state governments will follow. Hopefully the voters in those states will deliver a solid rebuke.

This is what DeSantis’ EO does. Note, I only dealt with the “shalls” in previous EO’s referenced and not the “shoulds” when deciding what this EO does.

It lifts any and all state ordered limits on the capacity of gyms, fitness centers, retail establishments, libraries, museums, bars, food service establishments, and assembly (entertainment) occupancies.

It eliminates the state’s requirements for social distancing measures at bars and restaurants as well as any partitioning needed to maintain same.

It eliminates the state’s restrictions on the on premise sale of alcoholic beverages.

It state’s eliminates the requirement that restaurant employees be screened for Covid symptoms.

It lifts the state’s restrictions on health care services/medical procedures.

It lifts the state’s restrictions on vacation rentals.

It lifts state’s restrictions on people traveling to and from Florida.

It lifts the state’s restrictions on the number of people who may congregate.

It allows Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties to enter Phase 2 of the reopening plan.

It specifies restrictions on working or operating a business may not be placed on individuals by local emergency ordinances.

It specifies which restrictions may be placed on restaurants by local emergency ordinances.

It eliminates fines on individuals for any Covid 19 violations.

It does not lift other provisions of local emergency anti Covid 19 ordinances. This means if a city has such an ordinance that requires bars limit their occupancy to 50% and close at 11 PM that ordinance is still in effect. Individual can’t be fined for violations but the business still can be fined.

In Florida Statutes 125 and 166 the procedures for adopting local ordinances is spelled out. An exception for these procedures is allowed for the passing of an emergency ordinance. That procedure does not set a limit on the length of time an emergency order remains in force. That language would be in the local emergency order itself.