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Far Left Embedding Itself in Joe Biden’s Transition Team Behind the Scenes

Far Left Embedding Itself in Joe Biden’s Transition Team Behind the Scenes

“They are also vetting more progressive voices to put forward for consideration”

The far left is not waiting to be invited onto Joe Biden’s team. They felt they were underrepresented on the Obama team and they’re not going to let that happen again.

They’re not even waiting for Biden to win. That just seems to be a given.

Alex Thompson reports at Politico:

Left collects wins on Biden transition

In 2008, the left wing of the Democratic Party felt shut out of the Obama transition effort.

Amid an historic financial crisis, Barack Obama filled key jobs with holdovers of the moderate Clinton economic team like Larry Summers and Tim Geithner, who liberals felt were more focused on rescuing big banks than the people losing their homes.

“The progressive approach to the transition in 2008 was not organized,” said Jeff Hauser, the director of The Revolving Door Project, which he founded in 2015 to dig deep on executive branch appointees in anticipation of the next Democratic administration. “It was a defeat.”…

The left-wing’s cri de coeur — “personnel is policy” — takes a page from the Reaganites of the early 1980s, who pushed aside more moderate Rockefeller Republicans in favor of conservative firebrands. “Those who truly want Washington to change must look beyond the rhetoric to the Rolodex,” Scot Faulkner, director of personnel for Reagan’s 1980 campaign, later wrote.

These people are even doing oppo research on others who they view as competition. They sure sound nice, don’t they?

The tactics include doing opposition research on potential nominees with more moderate politics, which they are then circulating via left-wing publications like The American Prospect. They are also vetting more progressive voices to put forward for consideration — like former Deputy Treasury Secretary Sarah Raskin and Raphael Bostic, the current president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta — and lobbying the Biden transition team publicly and privately.

This is my favorite part of the article:

The Biden transition’s embrace of some of these progressive figures lends credence to Republicans’ argument that a Biden presidency would be further to the left than his more moderate track record would suggest.

You think so?

Make no mistake, these are not low-level activists. A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that an official from Twitter had joined the Biden transition team.

From FOX News:

Twitter’s public policy director leaves to join Biden transition team: report

A former Democratic aide has reportedly left his post as director of public policy at Twitter to join former Vice President Joe Biden’s transition team.

Carlos Monje left Twitter’s Washington, D.C. office Thursday, according to Politico, after helping to host a fundraiser for the Democratic nominee this week.

The outlet reported that Monje has served on Biden’s infrastructure policy committee, although it’s unclear what his role will be on the transition team.

According to a LinkedIn profile cited in Politico’s article, Monje started working at Twitter in 2017. Prior to that he served in former President Obama’s White House, as well as on the transition team for former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

You have to hand it to these people for their confidence in Joe Biden. They’re doing everything but measure the Oval Office for new drapes. They might be a little disappointed in November.


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It’s been obviously just their Sock puppet, doubt he makes it to July 1st if he wins ( God help us)

“They might be a little disappointed in November.”

Do soldiers in a war plan to lose? The are planning to win “By any means necessary.” They have said so many times. They plan for this to be the final election. 2016 was the last free election and they do not plan to allow that mistake in 2020.

The final “wish” by RBG (which may not be real) reveals the thinking of the leftist author: “…a new President is installed.”

Installed? Who thinks like that?

This is why the kamala harris pick is a complete disaster. They could have stuck with joe’s promise of a black woman, but found one who was clean, attractive and articulate. You know, a real story book man. But they got hillsry 2.0, a cackling phony who is even less enjoyable to listen to than nails on a chalkboard. And she’s not even going to sway a swing state. The left tried to be too cute here and it’s going to cost them big league.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to CKYoung. | September 25, 2020 at 4:28 pm

    RE: “a real story book man”

    Hey, Obama already stole two terms, so even if he dresses up in drag…..

Oh NO??? The next thing you are going to tell me is waters wet.

They could turn this country into a nightmarish, totalitarian dictatorship bending to their every whim and still profess to be victimized and underrepresented….”you’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”. -Obiwan

Here’s a couple of links, for those of you who want to read up on this:

Elizabeth Warren as Treasury Secretary? /shudders

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 25, 2020 at 4:56 pm

More problems for the DEMS….lalala….”99 Problems, but the Women’s Vote isn’t a problem for the DEMS – cause they don’t have it.”

Trump delivers remarks on ‘Black Economic Empowerment: The Platinum Plan’

Streamed live 94 minutes ago

“Barack ignored us because we were too crazy for even him. We won’t make that mistake again with Grandpa Joe!”

Joe and Kamala are a long slow joe k.

Sounds like the direct reverse of what I wish Trump had done at the beginning of his administration – clear out all the leftist/moderate deadwood and bring in the conservative “firebrands”. Didn’t happen.

PatriotGal_2257 | September 26, 2020 at 7:09 am

What concerns me about this is not 2020, but 2024. These people are obviously digging in now in anticipation of a Biden win, however unlikely that might be. Trump gets another term, which will be great, but when it’s up in 2024, we can expect these people to pounce ferociously into the void and take control of whoever the Democrat nominee is, if not sooner. They have been smelling blood in the water for the last four years. Who will be waiting in the wings to vanquish that person? An establishment GOP type? Right.

    PatriotGal, Trump has four years now to figure that one out. The first 2 years, a prez can take big risks. Trump is not impulsive, repeat not. BUT he is a risk taker, and he calculates everything down to the Nth. I’m betting he’ll have everything ready for them for 2024.

    Remember the Gates of Vienna. God sent a fat old 75 year old warrior, Jan Sobiesky, the King of Poland, to save Vienna.

    I believe God sent a fat old 75 year old warrior, unlikely name of Trump. Trump! to save the USA. No wonder he drives the left nuts.

    He is going to drive the terrorists right into Federal prison, where they can show their regard for the prize boss overlords by picking up the soap.

    Pray the left are caught in their own snares.

Article on the ten-year terror that preceded the communist takeover in Russia in 1817.

Please, please read and comment.

Hopeful, Thank you for steering us to this remarkably apt writing. Professor Morson must be a tough man to survive in academe while writing so clearly about the history of Socialist/Communist revolution and making the comparisons of then and now.
I shall follow this man’s writing and disseminate it to as many as I can.

There are many who see what is being done to our country, but , unfortunately, there are more who are blindered.