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Branco Cartoon – Nuclear Fallout


Branco is a national treasure.

I love it when you burn that dirtbag Harry Reid, Mr. Branco!!! Bravo!

Let’s hope that snake is poisonous.

Without Reid’s nuclear option move neither Gorsuch nor Kavanaugh would be in the SCOTUS today. A nice case of unintended consequences, Harry!

    In 2013, the future was a lock. Three more years of Obama followed by at least 4 years (maybe 8) of Hillary. Surely, Scalia, Thomas and Ginsberg would be gone by then and the Dems would stuff SCOTUS with their radical judges for eternity. Then Trump happened.

Hairy Reed is still such a filthy scumbag. I’m glad somebody beat his vile face into a pulp; they should do it again.

The real beauty is how this will shape the court for decades AND If Trump wins….probably the next 50-60 years as the conservative justices will cherry pick their own retirements to allow for conservative back fills.

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