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Biden Spits Out Usual Gun Control Narrative, Wants to Ban ‘Weapons of War’

Biden Spits Out Usual Gun Control Narrative, Wants to Ban ‘Weapons of War’

Can someone tell me where one could purchase a weapon of war?

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wants to ban “weapons of war” from civilians along with “assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

Excuse me, Vice President. My AR-15, a modern sporting rifle (MSR), is not a weapon of war. Our soldiers would not fare well with AR-15s.

Let me state first off that I am not a gun expert. I know the details of my revolver and my AR. I know why I want or need one.

Vague terms are never good to hear. Weapons of war. Assault rifles. Can Biden provide specific details? Oh wait. I know he won’t because we all know deep down Biden and his cronies want to ban guns.

What is an assault rifle? It’s not an AR-15. The AR stands for ArmaLite, Inc., which is the original manufacturer.

The AR-15 we can buy, which I own, is not meant for war. It is semi-automatic and holds a .223 round. That means it’s a smaller cartridge and I shoot only one bullet when I pull the trigger.

A few MSRs can fire a 5.56 round, but it is still a semi-automatic.

But the fact is you CANNOT buy an automatic weapon without cutting a bunch of red tape. It is damn near impossible to purchase one.

Also, do not tell me I do not need an AR-15. I need and want an AR-15.

Many people do not know this, but I was born with massive head trauma after the doctor got careless with the forceps. My left side is handicapped. My left hand can be careless and obviously doesn’t work well.

The AR-15 is light and I can basically use it with only my right hand. It has light recoil, too. It’s perfect for a female even without physical disabilities.

Yes, I do like that it’s big and scary looking!

Let’s talk about those high-capacity magazines. In 2018, Cato Institute wrote about why it’s an “empty case” to even restrict magazines:

Magazine restrictions do not have appreciable effects on crime or violence. In an oft‐​cited study, Christopher Koper analyzed the effects of the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which banned new magazines of more than 10 rounds but did little more than drive up the price of already‐​existing magazines. While presenting his findings at a Johns Hopkins summit on reducing gun violence in America, Koper was decidedly noncommittal on the ban’s utility.

Plus there are about a billion magazines in circulation:

With as many as a billion magazines in circulation, it would take immense and constitutionally dubious law‐​enforcement efforts to make even a dent in the extant “high‐​capacity” magazine population. Moreover, any potential reduction in lethality or violent crime by magazine restrictions would occur only in extremely rare circumstances — namely, in shootings involving the discharge of more than 10 rounds.

Cato issues the mic drop:

Those observations underline a core issue: when a motivated murderer wants to cause a lot of damage, he plans accordingly. Be it a handgun, a revolver with a speed‐​loader, or a self‐​loading rifle, what really matters for sustaining a high rate of fire is having multiple magazines, not the capacity of those magazines.

I do not know why it is so hard to understand that a criminal will always find his or her weapon. The person will plan and use whatever he or she can whether it’s a knife or a pistol to inflict as much damage as possible.

But these people are so hooked on these propaganda terms. It’s like they know people won’t do their own research and just take whatever the politicians feed them.

Leave my guns alone. Leave my 2nd amendment alone.


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“Can someone tell me where one could purchase a weapon of war?”


With the riots which is really a well funded insurrection against our government it seems we might all soon need to have protection.

The police are being attacked for shooting criminals who are a danger to society. Now the left want to take away guns from citizens so the criminal element and brown shirts of the left can take over with impunity.

The left are pushing hard for civil war. They might just push hard enough to bring it about. I fear we are closer than we’ve been since the last one. Those who blow it off as rhetoric obviously don’t know history.

Let’s see. Biden is for fracking but he is against it. Biden believes in self defense but wants to ban weapons of war. What it comes down to the only thing Biden is for is Biden. What a double talker.

Great, glad they admitted it! Should be a winner with the swing voters, many of whom are terrified of rioters.

Our soldiers would not fare well with soldiers.

Did you mean “Our soldiers would not fare well with soldiers an AR-15?”

Biden’s comment came on the heels of the child/dwarf who shot the 2 officers in LA? With a semi-auto handgun?

What a broken record Biden is …

If you ban weapons of war there will never ever ever be another war again. Banning things is the answer. It really works. For example, cocaine, meth, ecstasy, fentanyl and heroin are all banned and, well, uh……….

The M-16 and M-4 are designed as weapons of war, since they are capable of full automatic fire (machine gun mode). An AR-15 is not a weapon of war. It was specifically designed for civilians, by removing the ability to be used as a machine gun.

    Sorry, but no. The trope that “if it isn’t full auto, it’s not a weapon of war” is baloney. For most of history (that includes firearms), firearms were at best semi-automatic. Some variation of fully automatic (that we would recognize) comes in around mid-1800s.

    But, I could certainly fight a war without any fully automatic weapons. Successfully, too. While it’s not useless, it isn’t necessary to make a “weapon of war.”

    The problem is that ALL weapons are “weapons of war.” To ban them all (to civilians) is rather silly.

      drednicolson in reply to GWB. | September 14, 2020 at 8:09 pm

      In the medieval era, there was an ultimately unsuccessful push to ban the crossbow in warfare. The main unspoken reason being that it leveled the playing field between the peasantry and the nobility. The average turnip-digging peasant could learn to use a crossbow with a few weeks of training and have the potential to bring down an armored knight on horseback.

      Whatever the era, the elites don’t like it when uppity plebs threaten their superiority complex.

    The AR style of rifle was in the civilian market for ten years before the military got interested in it. It’s not a military-style weapon: it’s a civilian rifle adopted (and juiced up) by the military. It really is a superior design. As usual, though, the Lefties have it completely backwards.

    The AR-15 is not a military rifle in that it is not powerful enough. It’s a small game rifle. States ban using it for hunting anything bigger than foxes because, in truth, it is just not lethal enough: there would be too many wounded and crippled animals running around.

    Remember Kyle Kashuv? He is the Parkland shooting victim who took five bullets during the attack, was in the hospital for a month, and finally recovered. You do not want a military weapon where the enemy can survive FIVE HITS. You want the enemy down on one hit. That’s why the military had to juice up the firepower of the AR-style rifle.

Just look at the expression on Biden’s face. He looks lost. Someone has dressed him, shaved him, wiped the food off his face and sent him out to read a couple of sentences to the media. The poor man will be in a nursing home by Christmas. You won’t see any more pictures of him after that.

Maybe my military background is showing it age but I was taught how to take people out with some fairly benign objects.

Weapons of war is a very artful phrase. Does this mean weapons used in a war or weapons designed for use in war? Both?

Assault weapons. Ok does Biden mean an actual assault weapon such as the BAR or does he mean the vastly incorrect use of assault weapons in the modern lexicon?

Are weapons like shotguns, revolvers, semiautomatic pistols, bolt action rifles included in his definition? All were and are used in warfare.

How about the venerable M1 Garand? Semi automatic but with an 8 round clip? The M1 carbine semiautomatic with detached 15 round and more magazines? The classic 1911 gov model seven round mag semi auto? These three were mainstays of WWII but are not fielded by modern first world armies, so do they qualify as weapons of war or not?

As most of us are aware these made up phrases like ‘weapons of war’ and ‘assault weapons’ lend themselves to variable definition. This is precisely why the d use them. They can offer one definition in Urban areas and another in rural communities. Very flexible, which is why we must always pin them down with concrete answers of exactly what specific weapons they want to ban.

    tom_swift in reply to CommoChief. | September 14, 2020 at 4:24 pm

    “Weapons of war.”

    And what does that mean? Pretty much everything.

    My grandfather once reminisced about the way he and the other lads would sharpen the edges of their entrenching shovels. The 16″ blade of the 1907 bayonet issued with their trusty Lee-Enfields would bend in trench combat, so they basically reverted to improvised hatchets. That’s the voice of experience from a man who survived the first day of the Somme Offensive, the Second Battle of Ypres, and Passchendaele.

    A twerp like Biden yammering about “weapons of war” is as unseemly as Pelosi making up fun facts about “science”.

      CommoChief in reply to tom_swift. | September 14, 2020 at 5:19 pm


      Precisely. The folks.demanding bans or confiscation or buy back or what ever other means to disarm the citizens must specifically tell us exactly what they mean. No BS about weapons of war. Hell, David used a sling v Goliath, is that a weapon of war?

        henrybowman in reply to CommoChief. | September 15, 2020 at 5:55 pm

        Weapons of war. Assault weapons. Hate speech. Systemic racism.
        The beauty of these phrases is that NONE of them tell you “what they mean.”
        They change regularly to mean whatever the totalitarians need them to mean at any given time, in order to bleed you of more and more of your rights.

Cannon are readily available if you’re willing to pay for them. Both old style muzzle loaders as well as modern breech loaders. Ammunition for the muzzle loaders is easier to come by.

Tanks are also available. Though again, the ammunition is hard to come by.

    drednicolson in reply to gospace. | September 14, 2020 at 8:21 pm

    Smoothbore muzzle loaders can use a variety of improvised ammo in a pinch. Marbles, loose lead shot, glass beads, roofing nails, brass tacks…anything that’ll pack tight in front of the powder and wad.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 14, 2020 at 3:58 pm

What do the Latins think about this I wonder.

Too late! The DEMS have lost the Latino Vote!

Watch this clip from the weekend and especially catch what Victoria Seaman says about small businesses being punished deliberately by Biden and Obama.

Trump participates in ‘Latinos for Trump’ roundtable in Las Vegas

“Can someone tell me where one could purchase a weapon of war?”


Or pretty much any other third world country.

One Quibble: .223 and 5.56 Nato are virtually identical. All the components of the cartridge are exactly the same, they’re just loaded to different pressures. The 5.56 Nato chamber is built to handle higher pressures than a .223 chamber. You can fire .223 cartridges in a 5.56 rifle. You can *probably* fire a 5.56 cartridge in a .223 rifle, but there is the possibility the higher pressure *could* cause a kaboom.

For all practical purposes, they are the same…the difference is really negligible.

    CommoChief in reply to Sailorcurt. | September 14, 2020 at 4:31 pm


    Saw that first hand, not a good result. Guy has a totally tricked out AR clone, CQB sight, light attachment, taped together magpull magazines. Accessories probably cost twice the price of the rifle. Guy even had on ‘tactical’ pants. Total poser.

    I asked him was his rifle chambered .556 or .223? This dude got all bent out shape. I tried to explain the difference but he and his buddies were adamant that they ‘knew what they were talking about ‘. None had military service but they ‘had been around guns their whole lives’.

    I finally let it go, told his buddies to break out a first aid kit and stood well back to watch. Oops I was right. I walked, slowly, to the range office to have them call EMS. Stupid really is as stupid does.

    CKYoung in reply to Sailorcurt. | September 14, 2020 at 5:33 pm

    Sailorcurt, the arrogance (and ignorance) of this idiot joe biden is beyond outrageous. The fact he thinks he knows what is best for everyone else is a hallmark of the leftists/dnc. The fact he thinks our Rights are up for debate is a disqualifying characteristic for an American presidential candidate, yet here we are. I have serious doubts they can even cheat their way into getting this guy to 270, everything about him is offputting. Anyway, all my uppers handle both .223/5.56, except an original Colt AR-15 I’ve had for decades.

    drednicolson in reply to Sailorcurt. | September 14, 2020 at 8:29 pm

    There’s also the “.223 Wylde”, a .223 barrel with a reinforced chamber that can handle the pressure difference of the 5.56 cartridge.

I had a home invasion while I was alone at age 13. The single most terrifying event if my life. This happened in the highly gun restrictive suburbs of Chicago. I was told a gun isn’t the answer for security. The hell it isn’t. I sleep much better now that I have a weapon behind the nightstand.

Also until the riots started in May my girlfriend would question my need for a 30 round magazine. We don’t have that conversation any more.

The 2A is there to prevent a tyrannical government from maintaining power. The left knows this and it is why they are fanatical about removing weapons. Don’t ever give up that right or all others will disappear too.

One aspect of the “high capacity magazine” argument that I rarely see mentioned:

Bad guys get to choose the time and place. Well prepared bad guys can have as much ammunition on them as they can practically carry, regardless of any magazine capacity restrictions.

The good guys are typically reacting, so unless you constantly walk around carrying a bunch of extra magazines, you grab your gun and go…the good guy is typically limited to the ammo that’s in the gun and *maybe* a spare.

That means limiting magazine capacity is *only* limiting the good guys and possibly placing them at an extreme disadvantage to the bad guys, especially in a fluid situation where people are moving and using cover and/or there are multiple assailants. 10 rounds might very well not be enough and could end up getting the good guy killed.

    This is the magazine you need:

    You shoot the bad guy with the most ammo first. Then you have plenty to spare.

    (The old adage for the “resistance guns” in WW2 was they only had to be good enough to kill a NAZI and take his weapons.)

    But, yes, more is always better.

    drednicolson in reply to Sailorcurt. | September 14, 2020 at 8:59 pm

    FAB Defense (an Israeli manufacturer) makes a stock and a foregrip that double as spare magazine holders. With couplers my .223 Wylde AR-15 can carry six 30-round magazines. No fumbling to pull them out of pockets, all within easy reach. And a Factor 5 ambidextrous bolt catch so I can close the bolt with the trigger finger. It’s a single piece of steel, not a sketchy screw-on.

Homicides by weapon, 2009-2014. More than twice as many people were killed with hands and feet than with rifles. All rifles, not just the super-scary black ones. We should

ban knives and sticks, maybe cut off hands and feet at birth while we’re at it. And someone should ask Biden about those shotguns versus rifles.

1) Handguns: 36,615
2) Knives or cutting instruments: 9945
3) Personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.): 4391
4) Blunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.): 3059
5) Shotguns: 2031
6) Rifles: 1881

If we can buy weapons of war, anyone know where I can get a Warthog?

ALL firearms have been a “weapon of war”…many first designed for civilian sporting use … semi-autos come to mind… before being embraced by military.

C&rsenal has a superb series on the firearms used in WWI on YouTube. This includes an extensive history of the development and use along with Mae shooting them… she is about the size of a WWI soldier..except she can shoot!!!

Knowledge beats ignorance but ignorance is needed for Biden to continue the lies.

The line in the sand must be drawn now… the semi-automatic magazine feed firearm is the only class that can begin to take on an aggressive state/governmemt in any CQB arena. Lever actions have the next tier down but looking at these mobs… the St. Louis couple had the right firearm… although experience to use it is ??? The judges’ ruling on East Coast that a magazine ban still leave one with a few rounds being enough doesn’t roll now.

Citizens should have access to any and all weapons that the government has for use inside of the country.

I have to laugh at this dotard-marionette. Why? Because, every single policy position that this marionette is being forced to speak, by its handlers, is intended to pander to the coastal Dhimmi-crats whom are already devoted Biden loyalists. Instead of offering a bone to midwestern and southern independents, Biden continues to proffer idiotic, utterly extreme policy positions that have zero appeal to voters outside of NYC, D.C., San Francisco, L.A., Chicago, Seattle, etc.

I mean, it’s just funny, the strategic ineptitude, here. Biden already has his base sown up, so, why is he offering them more meat, instead of trying to win over blue-collar Dhimmi-crats and Independents? It’s just unbelievably stupid. And, it’s part of the reason why this clown is going to lose the election, big-time.

    henrybowman in reply to guyjones. | September 15, 2020 at 5:58 pm

    Actually, this clown is seriously bleeding his base, maybe trying to get them to #WalkBack with the same old pablum is a sensible strategy.

“C’mon man”, crash dummy biden does not have the mental capacity to legally pass a Firearms background check;and given his mental capacity he’s the poster child for why someone should not play with guns.

    guyjones in reply to NDA. | September 14, 2020 at 5:32 pm

    Who are are you calling a “crash-test dummy,” you lying, dog-faced pony soldier! Are you snorting cocaine? You ain’t black!

The arguments are quite valid but the Leftists in Basement Joe’s ear just want that foot in the door of banning any part they can, gun, accessory, ammo. But they won’t be satisfied until its a outright weapons ban.

The best illustration for why someone should own a high capacity, semi-automatic rifle is Kyle Rittenhouse. Attacked for attempting to extinguish a fire by a person who attempted to forcibly take his rifle from him, with the possible intent to use it against him. He is chased down by a mob of vigilantes who hit him with a skateboard and attempted to forcibly take his rifle, again, then threatened him with a handgun.

Then we have situations such as Mitch McConnell’s home being surrounded by mob.

Look, do not be lured into arguing over semantics. Once you do that, you have already surrendered the high ground. Limit your argument to reality. Firearms, and other weapons, are intended to protect you. And, you need them to be able to provide this protection over the widest possible range of circumstances. Finally, our Founding Fathers provide Constitutional protection to allow us to own and carry weapons which will allow us to exercise our right to self defense. How many bullets a firearm holds is immaterial.

bidens mind and campaign platform are more lethal than his “weapons of war”.

Slow Joe Biden doesn’t know what planet he’s on. It takes a couple of minutes for the magic words to appear in the teleprompter, he still would need time to try to comprehend the words.

Never mind, vote for Joe and the Ho!

But when weapons of war are available can someone let me know? I want a BAR

The Dems love to attack the wrongly named “assault rifles,” but all rifles together don’t figure very prominently in homicide statistics.

In 2016 (the most recent year listed), 374 homicides used rifles, less than the 472 using blunt objects, and half of the 656 using hands, fists, and feet. Rifle homicides were less than 1/4 of those using knives and other sharp instruments (1,604).

The Dems just need something to say they are going to do to make things better. If all guns were banned, they would be proposing (as in Britain) to ban the most evil-looking knives. If the prohibitionists aren’t stopped now, there will be no end to what they want to ban.

“Can someone tell me where one could purchase a weapon of war?”

Sure…anywhere because you literally use anything to wage war. Its what technological level you wage it on.

“Can someone tell me where one could purchase a weapon of war?”

Sure. If you’re in Europe you may try pretending you’re Muslim and go to a Muslim/North African gang-controlled no-go banlieue. Although I don’t recommend trying to pass yourself off as a Muslim unless you can speak Arabic and cite the Quran from memory. Best to use an actual Muslim and work through him (I’m not being sexist, but those Muslim and North African gangs sure as hell are). One of the reasons those are no-go zones is the gangs are armed to the teeth with actual weapons of war including RPGs. Remember the November 2015 Paris massacre; the Bataclan nightclub slaughter. Those guys didn’t go to Bass Pro Shops to buy their Zastava M70 assault rifles, which are actual weapons of war manufactured for the Yugoslav army beginning in the 1970s. When Yugoslavia fell apart every single little spin-off demi-country had army weapons depots. Moreover they continued to manufacture weapons for the armed forces of those little countries. The French police, who proved useless during the massacre, did eventually recover eight assault rifles and requested Zastava ID them. The director of Zastava Arms confirms those eight weapons were manufactured in the 1980s for Slovenia, Bosnia and Macedonia. And that in the 1990s anybody could get weapons out of of those weapons depots.

There are smuggling routes throughout Europe.

The police must have had a tip. They stopped a Benz w/what the papers referenced in the Breitbart piece reported as eight AK-47s, several handguns, two grenades, and 200 grams of TNT.

Aside: They were certainly not AK-47s. Those have been obsolete since 1959, then replaced by the AKM, and in 1974 the Soviets introduced the AK-74. Which was also manufactured in Bulgaria and the former East Germany. It’s still in use in most countries of the former Warsaw Pact but never in the former Yugoslavia which manufactured its own modified variants loosely based on the Kalashnikov pattern at the Zastava plant. The Montenegrin man was smuggling arms from the Balkans so they were certainly Zastava rifles. Whether they were M70s I don’t know. But hey, were talking about European journalists. Like our journalists they couldn’t tell an AK from an AR or their @$$ from a hole in the ground.

Interesting how the article emphasizes grenades. During Muslim riots in Malmo in 2017 what may have been a grenade was thrown at police. Alternatively it may have been an IED packed with TNT. Both grenades and TNT are on the menu offered by the arms smugglers. Apparently where you have large concentrations Muslims you have actual MILSPEC weapons.

Also interesting, the Montenegrin man had Paris programmed into his cell phone and the GPS in his Benz. And he had eight “AKs,” exactly the number of Zastava M70s the police recovered during the Paris massacre. The smuggler was intercepted just a day or so after the massacre, so it appears one of the gangs was replenishing its inventory.

Of course Europe is awash in firearms anyway given the wars that have been fought across it. I’ve lost count of stories of old British and American weapons found in barns, attics, and in concealed compartments in walls across France. They were air dropped or smuggled in by boat to the French resistance during WWI. Then the resistance fighter died without ever turning it in (most people don’t turn in their weapons just because their government bans them; that’s why the Australians had to have a second nationwide amnesty because there are no doubt more illegal weapons in Australia now then after the first nationwide amnesty). Then their heirs or whoever buys the property only finds the weapons cache when they decide to renovate.

Clint Eastwood made a movie about an attempted Islamic terrorist attack on a Paris bound train, also in 2015, that was foiled by four Americans who tackled the terrorist after he burst out of the toilet he was hiding in. “The 15:17 to Paris” was released in 2018. The gunman had apparently purchased black market weapons in Belgium (one of the Paris massacre gunmen may have as well but the terror cell certainly acquired weapons in France).

In Japan you need organized crime (Yakuza) contacts. Then you can get anything you want from certain fisherman who ply their trade in the Sea of Japan, where they meet up with fishing trawlers from China and Russia. And when I say anything you want, talk about weapons of war, when I was stationed in Japan in the 1990s a Russian Navy Captain attempted to sell his fully armed frigate (when the Soviet Union collapsed and former Soviet forces were recalled from Eastern Europe a former Soviet tank crew traded their T-72 to an East German tavern owner for a case of beer).

Here in the good ol’ US of A I’d start with a gun grabbing state legislator like Leland Yee.

I normally don’t use Wikipedia as a source but I followed the story online at the time so I know the details are accurate.

In March 2014 Yee the FBI arrested Yee for gun running and public corruption. The public corruption charges stemmed from the fact he took bribes for specific official actions, such as introducing marijuana legalization legislation and placing a phone call to the Kali Dept. of Public Health for what he thought was a company seeking a contract with the Dept. Surprise! It was an undercover FBI agent.

The gun running charges were the most interesting. State Senator Yee was known as a huge gun control advocate. He had received awards from gun grabbing organizations:

“Yee was a vocal advocate for gun control, both before and while engaged in gun running. During sentencing, Federal District Judge Charles Beyer called Yee’s actions “vile” and the arms dealings particularly “hypocritical” given the politician’s history of gun control.[35] In 2006 Yee was named to the Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll by the Brady Campaign for his efforts that included co-authoring a first-in-the-nation bill to require new semiautomatic handguns be equipped with ballistics identification technology known as microstamping.[36] In May 2012, together with Kevin de León, Yee proposed legislation to ban any semi-automatic rifle that used a bullet button that makes the rifle a “fixed magazine rifle.” SB 249 would ban conversion kits and rifles. According to his press release, “Absent this bill, California’s assault weapon ban is significantly weakened. For the safety of the general public, we must close this loophole.”[37] Yee is quoted as saying, “It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear, there is no debate, no discussion.”[38]”

Lee was dealing in everything from MILSPEC assault rifles to shoulder fired missiles (SAMs or ATGMs, I don’t know, and again I doubt the reporters could tell the difference). I was amused when the judge called Yee “hypocritical.” Really? An on-the-take politician where everything is for sale? Yee wasn’t being a hypocrite. He was using his office to eliminate the competition. The Kali dems drove out the last gun store in SF a couple of years back. The second to last, the Gun Exchange, was a great gun store. It looked like it had been there since the 19th century and all the SF cops bought guns there. SF is a city where at the gay pride parade leatherworkers sell custom @$$less chaps for toddlers so they can dress up just like daddy (there are some kids destined for years of psychotherapy) but you can’t have gun stores because the @$$less chaps wearers/public nudists displaying various metal torture devices have decided the 2A is immoral.

It was pols like Yee who kept demanding ever more restrictive sales criteria and zoning restrictions throughout the state and put a lot of gun stores out of business.

He wasn’t being a hypocrite because it was never about public safety, duh. It was almost a classic bootleggers & Baptists scheme. In the south bootleggers always backed the Baptist pol promising to keep the county dry. With no legal competition, anyone who wanted to drink had to buy the bootleggers illegal ‘shine.

It was almost a classic bootleggers & Baptists scheme because normally the bootleggers & Baptists were two separate groups of people but here Yee was impersonating the Baptist pol while secretly also being the gun running bootlegger. I doubt he was the only corrupt pol in the country pulling that scam. Chicago might be a place to start given how integral the gangs are a part of the Dem’s GOTV campaigns. Gangs get the pols the vote (gee, wonder how motivate the people in their neighborhoods to go to the polls) and the pols do them favors such as warn them of police raids or other law enforcement activity.

Sailorcourt had it right; Mexico or any other third world country, true. But I thought I’d elaborate on notamemberofanyorganizedpolitical’s point about approaching your local DNC office with bags of cash. Close, you need to zero in on individual corrupt pols. “corrupt pol” is, I know, redundant when talking about Dems. Or get in good with gangs and organized crime element that deal with them. You don’t need to go to the third world to do get your weapons of war. You can do illegally acquire them in first world countries such as the good ol’ USA, anywhere in Europe, and Asia.

Although I don’t believe Kali qualifies as “First World” anymore.

Just stop. This has all become so ridiculous that there’s no reason to even comment on things anymore.

buckeyeminuteman | September 15, 2020 at 1:42 am

Actually, besides the 3-round burst option, my AR-15 at home and the M4 I have been carrying these past 6 months are exactly the same. Besides the trigger assembly, everything is interchangable. They fire the same rounds even.

However, still not going to be giving up my weapon of war. Never!

    Your AR and M-16 may have a lot more differences than a 2 vs. 3 position selector switch. There could be quite a few more differences that aren’t immediately apparent but are significant.

    The rounds may physically interchange but if your AR is chambered with commercial .223 dimensions it isn’t safe to fire 5.56 NATO ammo in it. To know for sure on a commercial AR check down by the muzzle or near the chamber. If it says .223 then that’s what you have. Things aren’t so certain if it says 5.56. Unless you have a Colt, which always has a proper MILSPEC chamber since they had the original military contract to manufacture rifles for U.S. armed forces I recommend casting the chamber just to make sure it is MILSPEC and therefore safe with with all 5.56 surplus ammo.

    It’s easy to do and not time consuming. I’m a handloader so I always cast my chambers so I know what I’m dealing with. Have you ever bought .416 Rigby ammo? Since I roll my own I haven’t checked prices for a while. It’s gone down from $220 per box of 20 to $169. Think I’ll still roll my own. Besides I’ve got a lifetime supply of Norma cases, Hornady bullets for practice, and Barnes bullets for serious work. I’ve got stuff in my safe for dealing with anything from Antifa to those giant worms in that movie Tremors.

    The MILSEC 5.56 chamber is larger so the rifle will still function when it starts to get dirty such as with carbon fouling (it is after all a direct gas impingement system). Also the leade (or freebore) is longer than that of a commercial .223 chamber (the leade is the distance between the cartridge mouth and where the rifling engages the bullet). The leade is always larger than the groove diameter of the barrel. The leade tapers down to the groove diameter at a relatively shallow angle.

    The commercial .223 chamber dimensions are much tighter, the leade is shorter, and steeper than the MILSPEC chamber.

    The difference is the tighter chamber dimensions, shorter leade, and steeper angle has greater accuracy potential. The trade-off is it creates higher chamber pressures. And there’s the potential danger.

    The 5.56×45 is loaded with a powder charge that already creates significantly higher chamber pressures than the .223 Remington. In a MILSPEC 5.56 NATO chamber it creates 62,400 psi. If you fire it in a .223 chamber it creates upward of 70,000 psi, more on a hot day with your rifle and ammo baking in the sun, and not all rifles will take it.

    The .223 creates between 52,000 and 55,000 psi on the other hand. Using 5.56 ammo in a MILSPEC chamber and .223 ammo in a SAMMI spec chamber means both rifles will get the same muzzle velocity with a 62 grain bullet. Some people find that odd, but it’s no mystery. Despite being loaded to lower pressure the tighter chamber and shorter, steeper leade creates a tighter seal behind the bullet. Despite being loaded to a higher pressure, the looser chamber and longer, shallower lead means not quite as much of the propellant charge is pushing on the base of the bullet.

    The bottom line is it’s safe to fire both 5.56 NATO ammo and .223 Remington ammo in a MILSPEC chamber but though it will physically fit into the commercial chamber it is not safe to fire 5.56 NATO ammo in a rifle chambered for the .223.

    Other differences will, on most ARs, concern the barrel, Bolt Carrier Group (BCG), and lower reciever. Most commercial ARs have barrels made from 4150 grade steel. Which is fine. When discussing carbon steel the third digit indicates the percent of carbon in the steel, so for instance 4140 steel has .4 percent carbon. It’s an excellent steel and in a bolt action hunting rifle will last three lifetimes of hard use, forever if you and your heirs take care of it with normal use. The military has long used 4150 grade steel. Just that additional .1 percent carbon makes the steel much harder and tougher. It is much harder to work, and it costs twice as much as 4140 steel but the military figured it was worth it.

    But the M-16 uses steel even tougher. It has an even higher carbon content and the chemical composition is held to extremely tight specifications. It’s still 4150 steel, but not all 4150 steels are MILSPEC. commercial 4150 steel can (not usually, but it can) have as little as .41 percent carbon. To meet the MIL-B-11595E the alloy would have to fall within a range of .48-.55. If impurities in the alloy such as copper or aluminum exceed .35 or .40 percent it will be rejected by military inspectors. But it is fine in commercial 4150.

    There’s nothing wrong with commercial 4150 steel. But the MIL-B-11595E steel has to be better to handle burst or automatic fire. Every barrel on an M-16/M-4 undergoes a High Pressure Test (HPT) followed by Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI). The HPT involves firing an over pressure proof round. If it cracks under pressure you’d never see it with the naked eye so MPI magnetizes the barrel, then the magnetic flux leaks through the object. Particles, basically luminescent iron shavings, are attracted to the tiny cracks and the barrel is rejected.

    Colt, Noveske, Daniel Defense and Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT) are the only barrel makers to test all their barrels. All other manufacturers spot check a specified number of barrels in each batch. And only Colt, LMT, Bravo Company and Sabre use barrels made of MIL-B-11595-E steel.

    Each BCG on an M-16/M-4 also goes through the HPT/MPI process. As a prerequisite to prepare the BCG for this it’s shot peened, which hardens the surface of the metal. Very few commercial AR manufacturers bother with this. The gas key is the final component in the direct gas impingement system. gas is syphoned out of the barrel at the pinned front sight base and directed back toward by the gas tube. The propellent gasses enter a chamber in the gas key, which drives the bolt back, ejecting the fired case. The recoil spring drives the BCG forward, stripping the top round off the magazine and into the chamber, and the bolt rotates and locks the bolt into a matching keyway in the chamber. The gas key is a critical component as any leak in the gas system will cause jamming and other malfunctions. On both MILSPEC M-16s/M-4s and commercial ARs the gas key is attached to the BCG by two hex head screws. The screws on all MILSPEC rifles are pinned in place so they don’t back out while slamming back and forth. Most commercial manufacturers don’t bother with this step as their rifles will never fire automatically.

    I won’t spend too much time on the lower receiver. From my perspective the only significant feature of a MILSPEC lower receiver, close to MILSPEC really as no commercial lower receiver will accept the automatic fire control group and sear, is that the lower uses .154 inch pins to hold the trigger group in place. Allowing you to easily upgrade to essentially target-grade aftermarket triggers from Timney, Jewel, etc.

    Is there a point? Yeah, bump stocks. Typically bump stock equipped ARs have a lower rate of fire than an M-16/M-4. 4-500 rounds per minute vs. 7-900. Even at that lower ROF most AR-15 pattern rifles aren’t built for the abuse. That’s why I spent all that time pointing out the invisible but real differences between an AR for the civilian market and a MILSPEC weapon. That is, the differences are invisible until your rifle starts melting and jamming. In case anyone is interested only Colt builds ARs that have MILSPEC barrels, BCGs, and lower receivers. I used to think that Colts were so much more expensive simply because of the brand name. That isn’t it. I mean, testing every barrel? Staking the hex keys that hold the gas key on the BCG? That’s an expensive way to build rifles.

    As far as bump stocks go I wouldn’t ban them. I’d also never buy one. You can get the same affect by looping a large rubber band behind the trigger and then around the magazine well. If you just want to waste ammo you could just hook your thumb through a belt loop and use the same trigger technique. But I like hitting what I am at. And in addition to all the other trouble they cause they make you less accurate.

They better not take my poncho liner. That’s covered under the Second Amendment, right?

Presuming the grabbers manage to fool the chumps about the AR and similar weapons…..
What’s next. Howls of shock and outrage when they discover that the M14 ball ammo has almost TWICE THE KILLING POWER of the M16 (energy) and all ammo in the range–’06, 308, 8mm, 7.62/51 and dozens of others must be banned IMMEDIATELY! HORROR!!!

biden is a doddering old slob–in a streetfight, without his bodyguards, he wouldn’t last more than a few seconds

among most of our neighbors, am somewhat of a contrarion regards 5.56–just never have believed in the round’s knockdown power–at close range(under 25 metres or so)would rate the 5.56’s performance as adequate at best

.30 cal and larger is just a whole other world as far as power(against humans especially)and if have to go outdoors(especially at night)will not be taking a 5.56

guess each to their own–every day biden reminds me more and more of lizzie–so corrupt with such an overwhelming lust for power, he’s willing to say/do/promise anything to gain it–a despicable trait in ANYONE, especially if they aspire to be the leader of the free world

    drednicolson in reply to texansamurai. | September 15, 2020 at 8:42 pm

    Most 5.56 barrels made nowadays are 1:7 or 1:8 rifling (meaning 1 full rotation over X barrel inches traveled). Vietnam-era barrels were usually 1:14, so they put roughly half as much spin on the bullet. A 5.56 round fired from the latter will stop spinning and start tumbling much sooner than the former.

    An impact while spinning has more accuracy and penetration. An impact while tumbling has more stopping power and wound potential.