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Stanford Drops Admission Test for Medical Students Due to Coronavirus

Stanford Drops Admission Test for Medical Students Due to Coronavirus

“The school said that with the exception of the MCAT, all other admissions requirements will remain the same.”

Is it possible that the school is just worried about lower enrollment due to Coronavirus?

Campus Reform reports:

Stanford scraps admission test requirement for medical students

Several of Stanford University’s graduate programs, which rank among the best in the United States, removed or revised their admissions requirements in response to difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most notably, Stanford’s School of Medicine will not require students to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), the standardized test for medical degree candidates. Stanford Medicine said that applications can be submitted without the MCAT through September 30, 2020 “in fairness to all applicants.”

The school said that with the exception of the MCAT, all other admissions requirements will remain the same.

U.S. News and World Report ranked Stanford Medicine as the fourth-best medical school for research in the United States, falling only behind Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Pennsylvania. Stanford tied with New York University for the No. 4 spot.

Meanwhile, Stanford’s physics department will not have to submit scores for the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) or the GRE subject test in physics. In 2018, Stanford tied with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the best graduate school for physics in the country.

Sean Hartnoll, director of graduate studies at the physics department, told the Stanford Daily that there were too many obstacles to take the GRE due to COVID-19.


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Big mistake but done by design…now they can admit whoever they want. SJW doctors coming soon!

Maybe it is time to go to law school and bone up on medical malpractice. Sounds like it will be a very lucrative business.

Remind me to ask any doctors I see in the future if they attended Stanford medical school beginning in 2020. Oh, and math is racist, so 2+2=4 is no longer valid for engineers, architects, chemists, contractors, pilots, or anyone else who uses math in their job on the reg. Yeesh!

No, lower enrollments aren’t the point. The medical school will never be short of people wanting to go there. They could fill their class ten times over.

A more likely reason for dropping the MCAT is that they don’t want objective measures in their admissions process that will prove how they use race as a determining factor in choosing which students to admit.

It’s easy to compare MCAT scores for different groups of people and show that their admissions process is racist. That’s how Harvard and Yale were shown to discriminate against Asians in admissions.

‘I be yo head cutter’

surprising?–no–look around, particularly at law schools–merit/ability is no longer a requirement for admission–when standards are lowered or eliminated, who actually benefits?–the unqualified/incompetent, of course–and who, ultimately, is harmed?–the public–previously this was accomplished by a generous curve on grading of actual students who would otherwise never graduate from a particular program–but the institutions were REQUIRED to demonstrate diversity in their ” graduates ” without regard to the veracity of the individual’s knowledge/education

truly, garbage in-garbage out