The ‘Trump War Room’ operation of the Trump campaign was ready with an attack ad on the pick of Kamala Harris, branding her as “phony.”

This branding, as I pointed out with regard to Trump branding people, only works if there is some truth to it and it resonates with the public perception.

Let’s face it, Jeb was Low Engery, Hillary was Crooked, Little Marco, and down the list. It only works because people hear it and say, well, yeah.

Harris is a phony. She will say anything, and shift her positions as needed. That’s why she didn’t gain any traction in the primaries, not even among black voters.

In a twist, the new attack ad brands Biden as “Slow Joe,” a switch from “Sleepy Joe”. That might signal that the Trump campaign is putting Biden’s mental acuity front and center. If Trump himself starts using it, then a clear branding decision has been made.


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