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Portland State University Disarming Campus Police Starting This Fall

Portland State University Disarming Campus Police Starting This Fall

“Understand it’s going to have its challenges, but it’s the right thing to do”

Portland has seen over 70 straight nights of unrest and rioting this summer. How does this decision even make sense?

Campus Reform reports:

Portland State University disarms campus police amid riots, crime surge

Portland State University police will no longer be permitted to carry guns on campus beginning this fall, the university announced Thursday.

The move comes amid a wave of months-long civil unrest and a historic spike in crime in the city. Portland has recently seen its worst homicide rate in at least 30 years, with Portland Police Bureau data showing a 144 percent surge in shootings in June and July compared with the same months from the year before.

“We must find a new way to protect the safety of our community, one that works to dismantle systemic racism and promotes the dignity of all who come to our urban campus,” the announcement from PSU President Stephen Percy and PSU Board of Trustees Chair Greg Hinckley read.

University police say they will carry non-lethal tasers instead. If an incident requires an armed presence, the Portland Police Bureau will assist.

“Understand it’s going to have its challenges, but it’s the right thing to do,” Director of Campus Public Safety and Chief of Police Willie Halliburton said.


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And they’re also going to “defund” the Portland police. Are the administrators there simply idiots, or are they so “woke” that they don’t care about the safety of their students and faculty?

PSU will become an unusually attractive venue for some whacko who wants to shoot up the place. The PSU cops are disarmed, so they’ll have to dive for cover and call the Portland PD, which won’t do any good because the PD will be 50% shorthanded.

When the PSU cops call 911 to ask for armed backup, I can imagine the response:
“We don’t have an officer in that area. We’ll be happy to send out a social worker tomorrow to help people deal with this emotionally.”

Their only hope is for enough (inadequately trained) students and faculty to arm themselves that they can intervene in the likely event of an armed shooter scenario. This is not a good solution!!

Portland State cops have an “unfortunate” history which precedes all of this.

The shooting victim, IMHO, made a number of mistakes which led to his unfortunate death, but it set stuff in motion by those who have always wanted disarmed police. But hey, if it just means that stuff spreads into the Hills and doesn’t cross the River, I am all for it. 😉

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to MajorWood. | August 15, 2020 at 2:41 pm

    The Portland PD doesn’t exactly have a stellar history either, with either blacks or whites. And, when it comes to firearms… wellllll… A late friend of mine was with the Multnomah (Mellanomah) County Sheriff’s Auxiliar for years. When the LEO firearms competitions were held, those BEHIND the firing line took cover when the PPD team was up.

      A few years ago, I ran the firearms portion of the Guns and Hoses competitions for regional LE groups and firefighters. Your description of the PPD team was correct back then as well. I’ve seen more than one muzzle pointing toward me while they were reloading. I suspect their continuing training is not up to par.