A CNN poll conducted by SSRS released this morning has Democrats freaking out, showing that Joe Biden’s national lead has narrowed by 10% in the past month, and now is down to 4%. And that’s among “registered voters” not “likely voters” so enthusiasm for Trump, which has exceeded Biden in most polls, isn’t a factor.

Time will tell if it’s an outlier, but it is CNN so people can’t claim Trump rigged the poll. A WaPo-ABC poll, also of registered voters, also released this morning shows Biden maintaining an 11% lead.

Here are some topline findings from the CNN poll summarized by PoliticalPolls twitter account:

Very significantly, race is essentially a dead heat in battleground stated:

And Trump is surging among non-white voters:

One more interesting finding. There’s someone who’s never heard of Trump:

Democrats are getting worried:

How to make sense of CNN and WaPo/ABC being so far apart? First explanation: Polls of registered voters are basically garbage, particularly at this point. Second explanation, no one really knows what the situatoin is — it’s likely Biden has a lead, but it’s nothing like the double- or high-single digit lead used to demoralize Trump supporters.

Verdict: Hillary Clinton is still not president.


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