The Durham investigation has been going on quietly for months now, but may be coming to a close. Democrats and their media allies have worked very hard to discredit Attorney General Barr, who ordered the investigation.

Could this end up being an early October surprise?

Ken Dilanian reports at NBC News:

Trump administration’s probe of the Russia investigation may be nearing conclusion

The investigation ordered by Attorney General William Barr into how the CIA and the FBI looked into the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia’s 2016 election interference operation may be nearing a conclusion, people familiar with it say.

One indication is that the prosecutor in charge, Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, has asked to interview former CIA Director John Brennan, according to a person familiar with the request. Brennan has agreed to be interviewed, and the details are being worked out, the person said.

Attorney General William Barr told Congress last month that he would not wait until after the election to present Durham’s findings if they are finalized. Barr has made clear he believes Obama administration officials acted wrongfully when they opened a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russians, but the Justice Department’s inspector general found that the investigation was justified and untainted by political bias.

Democrats in Congress and elsewhere say the Barr-Durham investigation smacks of a politically motivated effort to help President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

Democrats put the country through hell for three years with their sham Russia investigation. They have no standing to criticize the Durham investigation.

Trump offered a little bit of a preview into the investigation’s findings during a recent phone interview with Lou Dobbs.

Madison Dibble reports at the Washington Examiner:

Trump: John Durham has uncovered ‘breathtaking’ evidence of spying

U.S. Attorney John Durham has uncovered “breathtaking” evidence about “corrupt” origins of the Russia investigation, according to President Trump.

He told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Tuesday that he believes that the federal prosecutor is conducting a criminal inquiry into the Russia investigation that will show members of the Obama administration maliciously targeted him and his campaign.

“We caught them spying. Now it’s up to our attorney general. As you know, I wanted them to do it. I didn’t want to get overly involved. Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t, but I do hear it’s breathtaking what they’ve found,” Trump said. “That’s all I can say, breathtaking.”

Watch the video below:


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