A few weeks back, a student was condemned for writing something about loving America. Now, people on both sides of the political divide are defending his right to free speech and expression.

The College Fix reports:

College Republicans, Democrats join forces to condemn cancel culture at Georgetown University

The Georgetown student government condemned a fellow student, Billy Torgerson, after he wrote a blog post explaining his love for America, criticizing Black Lives Matter and decrying a recent Supreme Court ruling that redefined sex to include transgenderism.

In early July the student government not only voted to condemn the column, but also called on the campus community to file bias reports against Torgerson and in so doing force the administration to investigate him for some sort of act of hate.

The student senators then hid the resolution from the public after The College Fix reported on it. However, The College Fix retained a copy of the resolution, which called Torgerson’s piece “racist, hateful, and ignorant ideology” and encouraged students to lodge complaints about it.

Georgetown media affairs did not respond to a request from The College Fix on Tuesday seeking an update on the matter.

But now the presidents of the College Republicans and College Democrats at the Catholic university in D.C. have spoken out in support of Torgerson’s right to say what he wants without fear of being targeted by a cancel culture mob.


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