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Branco Cartoon – Malware


The companion piece to this cartoon would be having the horse filled with all of those NeverTrumper grifters and Bush Republicans who participated in the DNC. There is a very good reason why the Soros/Bernie/AOC crowd is very nervous about the Dem ticket. They could sell out to the globalists who have another agenda entirely.

Were it the RNC that suddenly featured Clinton/Obama turncoats, wouldn’t empowered Tea Party activists who believe they are about to take over the GOP be fearing a Uniparty takeover?

Trump wins.

    IF they happen to win, they’ll slam and jam the the gates, leaving the #neverTrumpers outside wondering where to go now

      Depends on who “they” truly represent. The NeverTrumpers are shape-shifting grifters, just like Biden and Harris. The Squad is fearing that they will just allow the RINOs to repopulate the Mothership and squeeze THEM out. We are heading for more violence in the streets no matter who wins the elections.

That should have been a Trojan Ass.

(I know, everyone is a critic)

TY Mr. Branco… this one was awesome.

A computer virus, and a Trojan Horse.

Combining a modern fear and a legend to make a point, as only Branco can. 🙂

We can hope Omar and AOC will be successfully challenged in their districts but hope is all we can do at this point. Bernie was too lefty nutzoid at one time for the Dimocrats to take seriously but their favorites are right down there with him, the difference being they’re young enough to complete their process to take down the nation.

I’m convinced there is a dark horse off to the side. Maybe we’ll find out tonight.