It’s like 2016 all over again in almost every.single.way. but also with riots and a global pandemic (thanks, China).

Over the weekend, April Ryan, a political analyst for CNN suggested that if Biden wins, America would be watching a split screen in which Trump would be dragged out of the White House over his refusal to leave.

From Sarah Rumpf at Mediaite:

If President Donald Trump loses the election, CNN political analyst April Ryansaid on Saturday, America will be watching a “split screen” on their televisions, with Joe Biden being inaugurated and “police and armed forces trying to pull Donald Trump out of the White House.”

Ryan made her comments in a Sunday appearance on CNN Newsroom with host Ana Cabrera. Cabrera asked guest Bill Kristol about Trump’s recent comments attacking mail-in ballots and suggesting that the November 3 election should be delayed, and then addressed Ryan.

What Ryan said:

“Going back to the issue of January 20th, about the president not leaving — Maya Angelou said, “if they show you who they are, believe them.” The president has said before, in many tweets, that he wasn’t going, he said it months ago. Joe Biden’s even acknowledged it. And it’s real.

So there’s going to be a split screen on January 20th, 2021. If Joe Biden is now going to be the 46th president of the United States, you will have him being inaugurated and watching police and armed forces trying to pull Donald Trump out of the White House. I cannot wait for that split screen.”

I mean…

We heard the exact same thing in 2016 when during a debate Trump joked he would keep the country in “suspense” if he lost the election. The media, who was telling us all that Trump was sure to be defeated, had a complete meltdown.

Remember when the Clinton administration trashed the White House, leaving some $15k in damage for W’s incoming administration? That’s a thing that actually happened.

The prognostication about Trump’s evilness and totalitarian inclinations (projection much?) has been unhinged since it became clear in 2016 that he might actually have a shot at winning the election. It’s only going to get worse ramping up to election time. Particularly as polls (which are garbage anyway) tighten and it becomes obvious that Biden campaign is tanking.


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