The school says this is about the difficulty of scheduling tests due to the Coronavirus, but one has to wonder if it isn’t also about loosening requirements due to worries about low enrollment.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports:

University of Minnesota drops SAT/ACT admissions requirement at Twin Cities campus

The University of Minnesota will drop the SAT/ACT requirement for admissions at its Twin Cities campus in fall 2021, citing the challenge of scheduling tests during the pandemic.

Fall 2021 undergraduate applicants will get to decide whether to include test scores in their application, and those who choose not to will not be at a disadvantage. With the move to test-optional, which was announced Tuesday, the U joins a growing list of colleges across the country that are phasing out standardized testing requirements.

“This is a national trend,” University of Minnesota President Joan Gabel said. “There is the combination of the questions about … the role of those tests and the fact that students can’t really take them right now.”

For now, the change will only apply to fall 2021 applicants. But the decision sets the stage for a potentially permanent move to a test-optional admissions process. University officials say they will consider a long-term change over the next six months.

The move at the U’s flagship campus comes just a week after its Duluth campus signaled it would drop test score requirements for prospective students starting with spring and fall 2021 applicants. Crookston was the first University of Minnesota campus to make the jump to test-optional in 2019.


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