Are you getting the sense that people on the left are just looking for random things to cancel now?

The College Fix reports:

Penn to stop displaying 190-year-old skull collection to fight racism

The University of Pennsylvania recently announced that it will stop publicly displaying a collection of skulls after some students decried the display as racist.

The Penn Museum at the Ivy League university in Philadelphia will no longer display any of the skulls from eugenicist Samuel George Morton.

“The Penn Museum is relocating to storage the part of the Morton Collection that has been located in a classroom within its Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials before the end of July,” the university states on its museum website.

“In addition,” the statement adds, “the Museum is beginning to explore the possibility of repatriation or reburial of the crania of enslaved individuals within this Collection.”

“This is a complicated issue, given that not much is known about these individuals other than that they came to Morton from Cuba, but one that we are committed to working through with heritage stakeholders in an ethical and respectful manner.”

The move comes after criticism of the university for displaying the skulls.

Gabriela Alvarado, a student at the school, wrote in the Daily Pennsylvanian in late June that the university’s support for Black Lives Matter is undermined by its ownership of the skulls. She called it a “racist, oppressive, and a violation of basic human rights.”

“Many were brutally exploited by colonialism when they were alive, and now they rest in a predominantly white institution,” Alvarado wrote. “A person’s right to decide where they rest after death is not only a fundamental human right, but it is our agency.”


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