Despite his great successes in terms of everything from the economy to the judiciary, President Trump is experiencing the most bizarre and worrisome pushback I’ve ever witnessed.

Not only is Twitter bringing down the censor hammer on the leader of the free world, but Amazon’s Jeff Bezos-owned Twitch just temporarily suspended the Trump account. Happily for Bezos, he sees no downside in this move.  In fact,he’s totally fine with losing your business if you don’t support the Marxist BLM movement bent on destroying the country, along with the  capitalist system that made him a billionaire.

Further, Reddit has shut down the popular (if often rather unseemly) The_Donald thread.

Big Tech, in other words, is doubling down on silencing any and all dissent from their crazed commie agenda.

And it’s not just coming from the Big Tech stranglehold on the right.  Indeed, there are reports that TikTok users are organizing to undermine and otherwise damage the sale of Trump-related products, leading, they imagine, to a decline in Trump support.

The Verge reports:

Earlier this week, TikTok and Twitter users started posting videos and messages claiming they were “buying” the entire supply of items like Trump baseballs and “Baby Lives Matter” onesies, then leaving them in the cart indefinitely, making them unavailable to other visitors. The attacks apparently involved at least two sites: Trump’s official campaign store and his nonpolitically themed Trump gift shop.

. . . . This is a version of a real exploit called a “denial of inventory” attack — basically, buying up huge amounts of limited-stock items (or things like restaurant reservations and hotel rooms) but never completing the transaction. It works if a shop actually reserves an item when a user puts it in a cart, and it’s most effective if there are no limits on how many items people can buy at a time, if cart contents don’t expire after a fixed period or if the attacker is using bots to constantly refresh the fake purchases.

This is as diabolical and awful as it is smart.  If the Trump merch sites are putting too much faith in carted products, this can and will hurt; however, if the Trump sites switch to the “only X number left!” model, they’ll be fine, because items are shifted from paid for to ready to ship.

President Trump, for his part, apparently feels that he’s alone in the fight against anti- and un-American forces that are in a Marxist “struggle” (i.e. violent revolution) against our country and all we hold dear.


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