Because the radical left has been allowed to get away with tearing down statues for weeks, the campus left feels completely emboldened to make these demands.

The College Fix reports:

George Washington U. groups want names Madison, Monroe, Churchill removed from buildings

Progressive student groups at George Washington University have started a petition to rename several campus buildings, including those in honor of Presidents James Madison and James Monroe, and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

“Reconsider the Names,” as reported by The Hatchet, is the product of the Black Student Union, Students for Indigenous and Native American Rights, Persist GW, Students Against Imperialism, and GW Black Defiance.

“For years, these buildings were named after slave owners, proponents of racial segregation and war criminals,” the petition reads. “It is time we sever ties with them and start anew.”

Along with the names of various individuals, the petition calls for the abolition of the school’s “Colonial” nickname and mascot. Colonials, the groups say, “were active purveyors of colonialism and were complicit in militarized and racialized violence, oppression, and hierarchy.”

Efforts to get rid of the Colonial have been ongoing at GWU for over two years.

As of Thursday, the petition had amassed “more than 2,800 signatures from students, faculty and GW community members.” BSU Director of Advocacy Rayaan Ahmed said “I can’t emphasize this enough but asking students to pursue activities in buildings named after people who enslaved their people does a disservice to our education.”

From the petition:

[James] Madison’s presidency, contribution to our political system, and status as a Founding Father does not and should not override his deep connection to slavery and racism towards African Americans. While Madison stood for liberty and justice in his federalist philosophy, he actively deprived Black people of those very two things, substantiating his hypocrisy and discrediting all of his political and social beliefs. …


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