Wednesday, dozens of high profile (and verified) Twitter accounts were hacked with tweets directing people to donate Bitcoin and promising their Bitcoin donations would be returned, doubled.

The tweets all looked something like this:

An unofficial list (and only partially verified as many of the hacked tweets have been removed) of reportedly hacked accounts, which include Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Barak Obama, Biden’s Official Campaign Account, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Jack’s personal account:

– Elon Musk
– Apple
– Uber
– Joe Biden Campaign
– Jeff Bezos
– Bill Gates
– Kanye West
– Floyd Mayweather
– Wendy’s
– Mike Bloomberg
– Warren Buffet
– Barack Obama
– Wiz Khalifa
– Benjamin Netanyahu
– Bitcoin
– Jack
– CashApp

In response, it looks like  Twitter has locked some verified accounts temporarily:

Which begs questions about Twitter’s security:




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