The craziest part of this story is that people only saw inside the chief’s home because he was hosting an online diversity event.

Campus Reform reports:

Profs demand university police chief resign after seeing Blue Lives Matter flag in his home

Even after the police chief at West Virginia University publicly apologized for a “Thin Blue Line” flag displayed in his home during a Zoom meeting, professors at the university are still demanding his resignation.

In response to George Floyd’s death, West Virginia University’s Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Meshea Poore and W.P. Chedester, chief of University Police, sent out a letter to the students and faculty of WVU.

“We stand united against the violence and racism, discrimination or bias towards Black people that has plagued our country for so many years,” the letter read. “And by recognizing there is a systemic problem in many law enforcement agencies across the U.S. and taking a stand against injustice, we can begin the process of rebuilding trust within our communities.”

In order to discuss “how we can work together to foster a safe, diverse, and inclusive culture,” West Virginia University hosted a virtual Campus Conversation over Zoom. The format of the call allowed students to ask questions to university officials regarding race relations on campus.

Visible during the video conference was a hand-carved Thin Blue Line flag on Chedester’s wall.

The Thin Blue Line flag is viewed by many as a symbol of “honor and respect” for law enforcement. According to Flags of Valor, “the Thin Blue Line embodies the unbreakable component of law enforcement standing as a safety barrier between the law-abiding citizens of America and the criminally inclined.”

Students and faculty were outraged by the chief’s choice of wall decor and expressed their grievances with WVU immediately.


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