The left cannot help themselves. They take advantage of every opportunity to attack President Donald Trump’s administration.

President Barack Obama did just that in his eulogy to Rep. John Lewis. But it’s what he does best. Politicize and campaign whenever he can.


I’ve noted in my blogs about the riots in Portland, OR, that law enforcement does not deploy tear gas unless the rioters attack first.

Rioters in Portland and other cities have destroyed public and private property. They show no mercy, go after anyone who disagrees with their tactics, dox law enforcement agents.

Obama calls these cowards, who only attack at night, peaceful demonstrators.

The peaceful demonstrators come out during the day.

George Wallace was the governor of Alabama who wanted to keep his state segregated. He went out to the front lines to stop black children from attending white-only schools.

He was a disgusting man.

Wallace was also a Democratic governor!

Obama forgets that Wallace announced he was a born-again Christian in the 1970s and apologized to civil rights leaders and advocates for his past actions.

You can doubt his sincerity, but if it is true, then good for him. He wasn’t the only politician in the South who wanted to keep segregation and did as much as they could to keep blacks at a disadvantage.

Maybe Obama should remember his hometown of Chicago. That city was just as racist as the South.


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