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Notre Dame Stands by Use of ‘Fighting Irish’ Nickname and Leprechaun Mascot

Notre Dame Stands by Use of ‘Fighting Irish’ Nickname and Leprechaun Mascot

“came under the microscope after Washington’s NFL franchise announced it was ditching the teams ‘Redskins’ nickname”

Now that we’re going down this road, every team name and mascot will be examined.

The Irish Post reports:

Notre Dame University defends use of ‘Fighting Irish’ nickname and leprechaun mascot

In a statement provided to the Irish Post, the University also defended its continued use of a leprechaun as the team’s main mascot.

The Fighting Irish moniker came under the microscope after Washington’s NFL franchise announced it was ditching the teams “Redskins” nickname – a term long considered a slur against Native Americans.

In the wake of the furore, one Irish-American Notre Dame fan and writer accused the University of encouraging “negative portrayal of Catholics and immigrants” with its use of the “Fighting Irish” name.

Dave Hannigan in the Irish Times also hit out at the team’s logo and its depiction of a leprechaun with “fists raised, hat askew and chin curtain beard”.

He argued that the logo was “a replica of the simian-featured caricatures deployed by Punch magazine when mocking the Irish throughout the 19th century.”

Notre Dame University has resoundingly rejected both claims, however, pointing to the history behind the nickname as the chief reason for its continued use.

“Notre Dame’s nickname – Fighting Irish – began as a term of derision directed against the university’s athletic teams,” they explained.


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healthguyfsu | July 20, 2020 at 12:24 pm

They can say no and no one will care because it’s a white mascot.

Speaking as someone with a significant amount of Irish in my family history, I say that we’ll fight anyone who claims there’s anything wrong with the name, “Fighting Irish!”

They’ll go after the Packers and Steelers next because muh capitalism.

Jeff Sessions is their mascot?

The point is that Irish-Americans (and more broadly Catholics) experienced discrimination for many years in US history.

Similarly, other “whiteness” groups, the Scots, the Italians, Jews, Asian-Americans experienced discrimination for many years in US history. Righting all wrongs in history is an impossible task. However, BLM wants to take the US from an outrage over a terrible killing in Minnesota down a slippery slope with no end.

People construct meaning over symbols without inherent meaning — be it a scruffy leprechaun logo, a team name or even a statue of Rocky Balboa on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. Should hundreds of thousands of fans cheer for a group of football players (most of whom are not of Irish heritage) under a concept of “Fighting Irish”? Should high school basketball fans in Indiana or high school football fans in Texas be more emotionally detached? Should rioters in Portland or Seattle bring clinical detachment to the issues of the day?

It is all the result of advertising and manipulation, not basic logic.

A university with guts! How refreshing.

The point is that Notre Dame is a historically Irish college, so the leprechaun and name refers to themselves, not to someone else. I’m sure that if the Redskins were an Indian team they would not have caved in to the pressure, and would have kept the name. (There’d also have been a lot less pressure in the first place; but not none, because there’s always someone.)

Just don’t call the paddy wagon on them

Dave Hannigan deserves to be lathered with a shillelagh.


Tread on the Tail of Me Coat

AlexanderYpsilantis | July 22, 2020 at 8:55 pm

This is just about the only thing Notre Dame will fight for, their football mascots title. That says a lot about their values, doesn’t it. I see where they hired Pete Buttigieg recently, probably to signal to the Leftist masses that Notre Dame is ready to appease their side.

The Washington Redskins furor is only the latest chapter in the story. They’re now the “Washington Football Team.” Now there’s a cry to rally around.

Since the wusses in D.C. want to rename their team, how about the Washington Who … uh, sorry. The Washington Prostitutes? Too much of a mouth full. The Washington Hookers? It has a certain rhythm.

They’re the same. After all, it’s Washington.