This is the same hysteria we are seeing in the left across the country. No one is pure enough for their own standards.

The College Fix reports:

College Democrats of America’s leadership implodes amid internal accusations of racism, elitism

The College Democrats of America’s national leadership team recently experienced a major shake-up after its only black board member claimed some of his peers in the group were guilty of racial microaggressions and similar bullying.

That black board member, Matthew Nowling, announced his resignation on June 27, claiming he’d been subjected to racist and elitist behavior and comments during his tenure as the organization’s communications director.

After the accusations, College Democrats of America President Mikaela Guido — a female woman of color — resigned amid pressure to do so, and other members of the executive board who stayed on promised not to run for re-election or accept future leadership positions within the organization.

Nowling is now interim president of the College Democrats of America.

The College Democrats of America is the official college student arm of the Democratic Party. It did not respond to The College Fix’s multiple requests for comment.

Guido (pictured), in a telephone interview with The College Fix, said that in retrospect she feels she fell prey to cancel culture. Before she resigned, the situation had devolved into people dehumanizing, mischaracterizing, and bullying her on social media, she said.

“I think that people needed a villain; they didn’t want to listen to any story that contradicted what they thought in their heads,” she said. “It’s a long-standing problem of mob culture and cancel culture that we’ve been seeing on a national level.”


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