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German State of Baden-Württemberg Bans Burqa in Schools

German State of Baden-Württemberg Bans Burqa in Schools

Baden-Württemberg State Premier: Islamic face coverings do not ‘belong in a free society.’

Baden-Württemberg became the first German state to ban the burqa and other Sharia-mandated full-face coverings from its schools, local newspapers reported on Wednesday. The southern German state already forbids teaching staff to wear such garbs.

The announcement comes as several other German states are considering a similar ban in their schools, German newspaper Die Tagesspiegel reported earlier this year. Unlike neighboring France and Austria, Germany does not have a nationwide ban on wearing a burqa, a move opposed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 

In February, a Hamburg court ruled in favor of a Muslim girl after school authorities asked her to remove the burqa in the classroom. The court, in its ruling, said that the girl’s decision to wear a full-face veil in class was covered under the “right to unconditional protection of her freedom of religion.” Following the judgment, some German states mulled changing the state laws to enact the ban. 

Germany’s state-run DW News reported the move by southern German state:

The government of the western German state of Baden-Württemberg agreed on Tuesday to ban full-face coverings, often known as burqa or niqab, in schools.

The new rule comes as the topic of Muslim face coverings has been hotly debated in Germany and follows a ruling by a court in Hamburg that reversed that city’s own ban.

Baden-Württemberg’s city council’s decision to ban full-face coverings, typically worn by ultra-conservative Muslim girls, matches the ban for teachers that is already in effect.

State Premier and prominent Green politician Winfried Kretschmann conceded that cases of full-face veiling in schools were rare, but said that nonetheless, a legal ruling was necessary for the rare cases.

Kretschmann said that full-face veiling did not belong in a free society. But he added that such a ban at the university level, where students are adults, was a more complex question. For now, the rule in Baden-Wurttemberg will only apply to primary and secondary education.

Like other German states, Baden-Württemberg has witnessed an increase in Islamic radicalization and migrant crime in the wake of mass-migration from Muslim-majority countries in recent years. In the city of Stuttgart, capital of the southern state, migrant gangs attacked police and looted shops, the German media reported last month. “The mob chanted Allahu Akbar,” German newspaper Bild Zeitung reported on June 22. “A trail of destruction runs through the inner city Stuttgart. 500 rioters turned the city into a battlefield — out of pure lust for violence.”

Six European countries, namely Austria, Denmark, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, and The Netherlands, have introduced some sort of burqa ban in government offices and public places. In Switzerland, several cantons, or districts, have passed similar prohibitions at the local level, but the Swiss government in 2018 rejected a nationwide ban. 

While Western feminists celebrate the burqa, hijab, and other sorts of sharia-mandated coverings as an expression of diversity, they are used by the Islamic societies to suppress, suffocate and segregate women from public and social life. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, women are jailed, raped, and tortured by regime henchmen for refusing to wear these oppressive Muslim garbs. In West, migrant Muslim women live under the fear of honor killing, a practice imported from the Middle East, for similar defiance.

Trump: Illegal mass-immigration ‘has been bad for Europe’ (July 2018) [Cover image via YouTube]


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Imagine a world where Abraham and Sara had trusted and obeyed God. Thousands of years later the Jews are still reaping their reward.

The West continues to extinguish itself.

Islamic face coverings do not ‘belong in a free society.

They Muslims could just start calling them ‘pandemic face coverings’.

Then everything would be cool.

islam is antithetical to a free society.

Islam, in the minority, demands rights. In the majority? There is no minority.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to lichau. | July 24, 2020 at 12:53 pm

    They routinely purge, as in kill, non believers. Those who manage to escape have virtually all their property stolen.

    It is interesting how camel jockeys drive people out of their areas and take all their property while whining about Jews and palestinians. I wish that Israel would toss all the palestinians out, they are useless, rabid animals.

The Friendly Grizzly | July 24, 2020 at 9:45 am

What’s wrong, Germany? No final solution this time?

    JusticeDelivered in reply to The Friendly Grizzly. | July 24, 2020 at 1:04 pm

    Germany has dealt itself a double wamey, during the holocaust they killed and drove out their smartest people, and now they have imported some of the world’s dumbest people, people who also happen to be murderous psychos.

It is no mystery why Western leftists – many of them militant atheists – have adopted Muslims as their pets. In many Islamic countries Jews and Christians are (at best) second-class citizens routinely subjected to rape, torture, murder, mob violence and seizure of property. Western leftists salivate at the prospect of doing the same kinds of things to Jews and Christians in the West.

    Walker Evans in reply to Recovering Lutheran. | July 24, 2020 at 10:23 am

    Pragmatic Islamists do not want Jews and Christians murdered … if these groups disappear, who would pay the jizyah that does so much to prop up their economies?

    Actually, I think the left admires and is envious of the brutality with which the Islamicists deal with non-believers and punish apostasy. They like the way they roll.

      Exactly. Leftists envy the way Islamic countries treat Jews and Christians, and would very much like to do the same here. I think that is why you see this weird Hitler-Stalin-type pact between militantly atheistic Western leftists who push homosexuality and radical feminism, and misogynist homophobic Islamists seeking to please Allah by slaughtering the infidels. Both are bloodthirsty nihilistic mind-control totalitarians who have made a temporary alliance in order to get rid of those who might successfully oppose them.

Must be laundry day. Iran being an advanced society, their dirty laundry can walk itself to the laundromat.

“…the girl’s decision to wear a full-face veil in class was covered under the “right to unconditional protection of her freedom of religion.””

Yet home schooling is illegal in Germany. “Unconditional” loses something in translation.

Lucifer Morningstar | July 24, 2020 at 10:40 am

Baden-Württemberg became the first German state to ban the burqa and other Sharia-mandated full-face coverings from its schools, local newspapers reported on Wednesday.

Far too little, far too late. Moslems will simply file a case with the European Court claiming any such bans are “racist” and the courts will in their liberal zeal declare any bans on islamic dress to be null and void.

Probably ugly underneath.