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Faculty at UNH Law School Votes to Drop Franklin Pierce From School Name

Faculty at UNH Law School Votes to Drop Franklin Pierce From School Name

“of 25 full-time law school faculty, twelve supported the resolution, six voted against it, one abstained, and six didn’t vote”

Doesn’t it seem like the left was just waiting for this moment to go after historical figures all at once? Doesn’t this seem coordinated.

Via the TaxProfBlog, the Concord Monitor reports:

Law faculty vote for removal of Pierce name

The faculty of the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law have voted to support the removal of “Franklin Pierce” from the law school’s name.

This comes less than a month after UNH announced it would evaluate the name, in light of concerns raised by students about racism at the school and Franklin Pierce’s ties to slavery.

On Monday, faculty members released a statement saying President Pierce’s reputation as a pro-slavery Northerner was counter to the school’s commitment to racial justice.

“While he may have been a product of his time, he is not a historical figure worthy of the honor of having New Hampshire’s only law school, part of the state’s flagship public university, named after him,” the statement reads.

Not all faculty are in agreement. Dean Megan Carpenter says that of 25 full-time law school faculty, twelve supported the resolution, six voted against it, one abstained, and six didn’t vote.

“This is a great example where we see reasonable, well-intentioned reasonable people with very different opinions on the matter,” Carpenter told NHPR.

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UNH is a state operated institution. What gives employees of the school the authority to change its name? The citizens of the state should decide if the name should be changed and if so, what the new name should be. That can be done through the state legislature, not a vote by the faculty. I guess changing the name of the school is intended to sweep the racism that is alleged to occur there under the rug. Or, more likely, to make the guilty white liberal faculty feel good about themselves.

This, the latest all-out maneuver by the Dem-Lefty-Globes to rid the US of its inherent, systemic racism, just makes me sort-of laugh. Again.

They and everybody else knows, and history has clearly shown, this utopian tactic has always failed revolting societies before, and it will, as predictably and reliably as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, fail this iteration of a dreamed utopia as well.

Human beings are bigger and brighter, more resourceful and resilient than they give their fellow, upright-walking breadwinners credit for.

Past figures are kept, statue or name, deed or reputation in the past. And aren’t really thought about, just vaguely reminded of, now and then. They and their past really don’t affect the present, just like, for most, our present doesn’t really serve the future primarily, only mildly to most, if at al.

Bottom line: to live life, rather than imagine another, is to be pulled in such a way as to exist, for better or worse, but usually satisfactorily-to-better, in the here and now, and no other time or place.

Our senses facilitate and pretty much fatefully determine that operation. To do otherwise risks one’s stability and sanity.

Those eager-to-erase-the-past activists doth think and, accordingly, fear and act wrongly to excess.

Authentic mysticism has its place, for sure. Revisers of set-in-stone, societal or cultural facts related to evolved, expired and effete institutions? Meh, not so much.

Get a life, I’d say. Use your senses. Leave Franklin Pierce and his influential, albeit limited place in New Hampshire’s history alone.

Work your own way to Nirvana, if you must, and let the rest of New Hampshire, as one place today, reach their own, on their own. Try real responsibility for a change. Simply put, mind your own business.

But, then again, all of these actions to soothe the Dem-Left-Globes’ felt misery and perceived racists’-caused angst — via the select or, as is more commonly witnessed these days, the mindlessly reckless erasure of the past — is mere window-dressing and pretext. One giant, globally coordinated subterfuge.

The real activity is the destruction of our and all free and brave, liberal-democratic society and the erection of their totalistic, anarchic and nihilistic omniscientocracy — long for those who need to think and lord over others in the belief they know it all. In short, as a result, they’re ignorant fools.

So, knock yourselves out falling on your faces trying. Unfortunately for the rest of us, many, many will be murdered in the process. Maybe those disinterested in your predictably doomed-to-fail project, still resistant and capable, will once again want and need to clean up the mess and mayhem you always leave behind, in your traveled wake.

JusticeDelivered | July 11, 2020 at 8:51 pm

I worked a great deal with several people of Franklin Pierce throughout the mid-late nineties, sorry to hear that are losing their way.