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Black Student Groups at Western Washington U. Demand ‘Black Student Space’ on Campus

Black Student Groups at Western Washington U. Demand ‘Black Student Space’ on Campus

“We are writing this statement to demand that you start with us first. Fix what has been broken for decades on this campus”

They have other demands, which include defunding the school’s police department.

Campus Reform reports:

University promotes students’ demands, including ‘Black Student Space’ on campus

Western Washington University students are demanding that construction on a community building be halted to create a space for Black students.

Black Student Organizations at Western Washington University published a detailed list of demands, urging the university to respond immediately. Professor and Faculty Senate President Jeff Young posted the demands on the university website, because “Western students asked that I share this with faculty so that we can work to address problems here and now on our campus.”

One of the demands goes so far as to demand the halting of construction of a campus community building to “Create a Black Student Space.”

Other demands of the Black Student Organizations include defunding the WWU Police Department. They also support abolishing the student government at the university because it “is beyond reform, as the professional staff care more about the use of Venmo for fundraisers than the safety and wellbeing of Black students.”

In their letter, the Black Student Organizations at the University say they “are tired of being used as tokens.”

“We are writing this statement to demand that you start with us first. Fix what has been broken for decades on this campus, before committing to stand with the nation and the world for racial justice,” the Black Student Organizations statement says. “In the event our previously expressed needs have escaped your memory, we are including them in this document, along with additional demands to help the university move beyond lip service and into action.”


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They can have either the middle stall or the one on the end in the lavatory. But only if they get a useful degree where there are productive jobs.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Tsquared. | July 20, 2020 at 7:19 pm

    They can have Black space as long as they agree to not darken other community space. They should also take full responsibility for care and cleaning of their black space.

    Since the sixties, blacks have demanded integration, now they want isolation. I guess they want to return to policies of times earlier that the sixties.

    All this too late to save our cities.

The Friendly Grizzly | July 20, 2020 at 11:09 am

There’s that “D” word from the students again.

It’s doubtful that black students at WWU are trod upon.

Should there be a white student space that follows?

Let ’em build a couple of mud huts and call it a day.

You know who else is in favor of separate accommodations on campuses? The KKK

I lived and worked in a segregated environment in Alabama in the 1960’s. I was also in a high school class that began segregated in the freshman year and was integrated by the senior year.

These idiots who want segregated housing, student centers, gyms, and other facilities are either ignorantly racist or unbelievably stupid. They have no idea what all the ramifications of segregation are. One of the main purposes of integration was to let everyone see that other people are just other people, not different and not threatening or scary.

Now some of these agitators want to convince other students that the minority students really are different and need different facilities. You can imagine where this is going to end up, and none of it will be good.

Plessy v. Ferguson — revived after all these years!

Yet another example of racism by blacks. They aren’t seeking equality when they keep demanding to be treated differently,