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Alleged Noose Found in Building Owned by Johns Hopkins University

Alleged Noose Found in Building Owned by Johns Hopkins University

“Johns Hopkins University condemns this act of hate”

The off-campus building is being renovated. You would think after the Nascar debacle, people would be a bit skeptical about this, but the media is running with it and so is the university.

ABC News reports:

Noose found in building owned by elite university

A noose was found Thursday at a construction site in an off-campus building owned by Johns Hopkins University, per Karen Lancaster, a Johns Hopkins University spokeswoman. Lancaster said the construction site is a part of ongoing renovations of the Whiting School of Engineering building in Baltimore. She called it a “heinous symbol of hate.”

The job site has been shut down until further notice, Daniel Ennis, Johns Hopkins University’s senior vice president for administration and finance, said.

“Johns Hopkins University condemns this act of hate,” the university’s president Ronald J. Daniels said in a message Friday to the university community. “We find such racist imagery horrifying and repugnant and a direct threat to the Black community at Johns Hopkins and in Baltimore, standing in stark opposition to the values of equity, justice, and humanity to which we are firmly committed.”

Johns Hopkins referred the potential hate crime to federal law enforcement and launched its own investigation, led by the Office of Institutional Equity. University officials are coordinating their actions with Plano-Coudon, the contractor that notified the university about the noose and has offered its full cooperation and support.

“We take this matter extremely seriously,” said Ennis. “We have shut down this job site until further notice and will do everything within our power to make sure our community is free from hate and intimidation. Acts like this have no place in our society. We encourage anyone with information about this incident to contact Campus Safety and Security at 410-516-4600.”


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Have we actually reached a point where any rope- or string-like object with a loop in it is considered a “noose” and a race-hate crime?


    Without hate crimes, they would have to come up with new excuses to riot. Much simpler to just pretend they are happening, even when they aren’t.

. . . standing in stark opposition to the values of equity, justice, and humanity to which we are firmly committed.”

They left out “hysteria”; that’s obviously the most important one.

Safe guesses:

1. The “noose” was the work of a minority (probably black) student or faculty member.


2. It’s a door pull.


3. The “noose” was put there by a white student who simply wanted to watch the ensuing administration freakout.

I’m putting most of my money on #1.

    OldProf2 in reply to MarkJ. | July 5, 2020 at 2:01 pm

    I’m putting my money on #3. I think it’s a white SJW who’s afraid that the current protests are losing steam and need a new excuse to continue rioting.

    henrybowman in reply to MarkJ. | July 7, 2020 at 12:53 am

    Or it’s a common construction cable designed to allow a crane to hoist expensive generator and similar equipment off the ground overnight to prevent its appropriation by urban yutes.

    My own reaction: Photos, or it didn’t happen

If someone got shot along N. Wolfe Street they’d just hose it down and resume business in an hour. But this!!!!!!!

Next, to the libraries to burn all books that have text or images of slip knots, followed by the destruction of all servers that have the same on their electronic “pages.”

The act oftying of a slip knot will thereafter be a felony with automatic assignment as a hate crime.

Shortly thereafter the term “server” will be stricken from the language for its negative connotations and relationship to the word “slavery,” previously banned from speech by all except those who have the self-appointed right to use the “n-word,” itself so egregious even its substitute remains under attack and may in its very appearance be cause for riot and mayhem.

Stupid contractor. Take whatever it was down, put it in the Dumpster, and continue construction.

retired cop | July 6, 2020 at 9:49 am

This doesn’t pass the smell test. If you’re going to put up a noose for the purpose of creating some kind of crazy outcry then why pick some nondescript building off campus that was under construction? Why not outside the admin office or some student building. No this is more BS. I sure am tired of this. The BLM and this hoax crap over reaction Stuff is making me hate them.

This is obviously a real hate crime this time. I mean…why would anyone possibly have a ROPE at a construction site? Especially one with a loop in it; like someone might have needed to LIFT anything with a rope at a construction site. Pshaw.

>> like someone might have needed to LIFT anything with a rope <<

It was Bubbles trying to steal the stash from the Barksdales