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University of California Board of Regents Votes to Restore Affirmative Action

University of California Board of Regents Votes to Restore Affirmative Action

“There is amazing momentum for righting the wrongs caused by centuries of systemic racism in our country.”

The justification for this decision is the increasing of diversity.

CNN reports:

University of California votes to restore affirmative action nearly 24 years after it was outlawed

The University of California has voted to restore affirmative action in hopes of diversifying its student body.

The unanimous decision was reached by the school’s Board of Regents on Monday, nearly 24 years after it was outlawed by Proposition 209, which banned the consideration of race and gender in admissions in California.

By voting, the university endorsed its repeal.

The board also voted in favor of an amendment which would repeal Proposition 209 and provisions prohibiting the state from granting favorable treatment to anyone on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or nationality.

“There is amazing momentum for righting the wrongs caused by centuries of systemic racism in our country. The UC Board of Regents’ votes to endorse ACA 5 and to repeal Proposition 209 plays a part in that effort,” board chair John A. Pérez said in a statement.

“As we continue to explore all the University’s opportunities for action, I am proud UC endorsed giving California voters the chance to erase a stain, support opportunity and equality, and repeal Proposition 209.”

In a news release, the board said Proposition 209 challenged the university’s efforts to create and maintain a student body that “reflects California’s laudable cultural, racial, geographic and socioeconomic diversity.”


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This isn’t even a race to the lowest common denominator. This is a race all the way to the bottom.

Sooo…if UC had a secret federal funding death wish…what would it be doing differently than what’s it’s doing now?

Safe bet: UC’s little exercise in virtue signaling isn’t going to end well–for anybody.

It’s amazing how hypocritical these universities are when they get push back. If they, in their hearts, believe in affirmative action why didn’t they just achieve the level of diversity they felt was equitable. Why do they need laws to to tell them to achieve a certain quota?

Nothing says “woke” like State Sponsored Racism….

Grrr8 American | June 18, 2020 at 8:53 am

One can’t say it out loud in a workplace, but we all know what the phrases “must have been an affirmative action hire (or promotion)” and “must have been a diversity hire (or promotion)” are no complements.

So much for “diversity is our strength.”

Too bad that “minorities” and “women” of genuine talent are now tarred with the same brush — but I don’t feel guilty about it, since this system of “preferences” instead of merit is not of my making. In fact, as a White male, I’ve suffered because of it.

So screw ’em.

So now the hispanics want to right the wrongs of slavery? Makes sense, because their ancestors had just as much to do with slavery as mine did.

And they can keep competing agains thte blacks for the same affirmative action slots.

johnnycab23513 | June 18, 2020 at 6:38 pm

I thought this had been hashed out I SCOTUS back when they did what they were appointed to do, and found to be unconstitutional! Butthen, the Constitution means nothing to communist democrats!

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