Professor Gordon Klein teaches accounting at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business. He recently refused to exempt black students from final exams over the death of George Floyd.

Students allegedly threatened to kill him. He is now under investigation and living under police protection.

Caleb Parke reports at FOX News:

UCLA professor suspended, under police protection after threats

A California college professor reportedly is being investigated for discrimination and under police protection after refusing a request to exempt black students from final exams in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) suspended Gordon Klein, an accounting professor in the Anderson School of Business where he’s been teaching for 39 years, for three weeks beginning on June 25 after he declined a student’s request to delay a final exam in light of Floyd’s death, the Free Beacon reports.

Anderson School of Management Dean Antonio Bernardo sent an email to students on Monday calling Klein’s behavior “troubling” and reportedly extended the time students have to complete exams given the “difficult circumstances.”

The Malibu Police Department reportedly has an increased police presence outside Klein’s home after multiple threats.

At least 20,000 people signed a petition calling for Klein’s removal after a student who wasn’t in the class posted the email exchange on social media.

Tucker Carlson touched on this in his opening monologue last night. This is cued to start at the 5:57 mark, just press play:

Greg Piper of The College Fix notes a stunning development in this case. Klein was reportedly following the instructions of the school’s diversity chair, who allegedly advised faculty not to make accommodations like exam delays:

One of the professors taking over Klein’s class, Judson Caskey, chairs the Anderson School’s Diversity Committee, according to the Free Beacon. (The College Fix could not find any mention of a diversity committee on the school’s website, and Caskey does not mention one on his faculty page.)

Caskey (right) told instructors in the school not to change plans for final exams in response to student demands, according to an email obtained by the Free Beacon. He sent the email several days after the beginning of protests and riots in response to George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police:

“If students ask for accommodations such as assignment delays or exam cancellations, I strongly encourage you to follow the normal procedures (accommodations from the [Center for Accessible Education] office, death/illness in the family, religious observance, etc.),” Caskey wrote in a June 1 email.

This validates Klein’s purported email to his class, also posted on Twitter Wednesday, where he said his understanding of “university rules” meant that he should not take “individual factors into account” and change the syllabus in response to student demands.

Academic freedom groups are siding with Klein.

The professor did not engage in “harassment or unlawful discrimination” when he disagreed with the student who asked for racial preferences, meaning the taxpayer-funded university can’t constitutionally override his “significant rights to manage the content and direction of his course,” the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education told the news outlet.

Many American colleges and universities now live under rules that resemble Mao’s Red Guard.

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