So here’s the thing. If you want to criticize someone, it’s probably best if you yourself have not done the exact same thing for which you’re criticizing someone else. Continuing to criticize someone for something you yourself have also done makes you a hypocrite. That used to matter. It no longer does.

Enter Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel has for some time insisted there is tape of Trump saying the “n” word. If that tape exists, we will hear it sometime soon now that this story is gaining traction. Yet, to date, no such tape of Trump saying the “n” word has been produced. There is, however, tape of Kimmel using the “n” word and also video of Kimmel in blackface as part of a comedic sketch.

Kimmel has also appeared in blackface in a comedic sketch:

Kimmel must’ve had a heads up that someone was poking around because as luck (or crisis PR advisement) would have it, he’s currently on hiatus.

Cancel culture is a scourge, a pox. It’s disgusting, cowardly, and horrendously juvenile. It seeks to destroy the best among us, irrationally, and for no reason other than the unwillingness to accept or ponder an uncomfortable opinion or a thought different from its own. There is no free-thinking or room for ideas outside of a very particular, often irrational and emotionally volatile set of ideas that changes as often as the wind blows.  It believes that the price of a reputation, a livelihood, a life is fair payment for difference of thought. It ruins lives and families. It’s mean-spirited, judgmental, and exhibits no grace, no compassion, no willingness to understand. 

Kimmel is a comedian. Comedy is nothing if not irreverent buuuuuuuut when you claim a moral high ground that you refuse to uphold, that’s a problem. I don’t believe anyone should lose their livelihood over offensive comedy because I have a sense of and appreciate humor. I do believe that if you pick a fight over a crime for which you yourself are guilty, your hypocrisy should be noted to the same public you engaged in pointing at an alleged speck in the eye of another, not for the sake of the mob, but for the sake of fairness and equity.

Legalism is brutal that way. Those who engage it always find themselves condemned by the same weapon they wielded to bring harm to others.

Everyone who subscribes to cancel culture believes it’s a moral obligation of the “right thinkers” to out the “wrong thinkers.” And you might think destroying someone’s life or business or prospects is a moral victory, but just as quickly as they went for the “wrong thinker” they will come for you.


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