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Shaun King Wants Depictions of White Jesus Torn Down: ‘They are a Gross Form of White Supremacy’

Shaun King Wants Depictions of White Jesus Torn Down: ‘They are a Gross Form of White Supremacy’

“All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down.”

I thought all of this was just about Confederate statues?

Far-left activist Shaun King tweeted that statues and stained glass windows portraying Jesus as white should come down.

“They are a form of gross white supremacy.”

“Created as tools of oppression.”

“Racist propaganda.”

Scholars and Christians have long argued Jesus Christ’s appearance. No one has found a description of Jesus.

I personally do not think he was white, but I also know that different areas of the world make Jesus appear as one of them. This makes sense since Christianity is for everyone.

King does not mention the artists in Asia who portray Jesus as Asian. He ignored the Indian artists who portray Jesus as Indian.

For over 1500 years Ethiopian artists have portrayed Jesus as black.

Apparently, this has weighed heavily on King’s mind for a long time. During his rant, he promoted a piece he wrote in 2015 about the supposed connection between white Jesus and white supremacy.

I doubt anyone takes King seriously considering his own controversies around his race.

In 2015, King faced accusations that he is white and passing himself off as a black man. He claimed the man on his birth certificate is not his biological father. His father is supposedly a light-skinned black man.

King came under scrutiny in May of this year over “his attempt to recreate abolitionist Frederick Douglass’ newspaper, The North Star, as an online venture.”

This outlet has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, but people want to know where the money went, similar to his social justice organization in 2015:

Some former North Star employees used terms including “liar & a fraud,” “really shady f–king business” and “self-sabotage” when describing their dealings with King, the site said.

“Shaun and the word ‘accountability’ should never appear in the same sentence,” former North Star Editor-in-Chief Keisha Blain wrote in a tweet thread after leaving the company. “So many people warned me about him and I didn’t listen.”

As for questions about funding raised through his social-justice causes, King has said he has “never received, held, touched, managed, or even had access to any money I’ve ever raised,” according to the report.

In 2015, he started and then shut down his activist organization Justice Together. At the time, he said he refunded all of the online donations he received for Justice Together. But there were at least two donations totaling $27,500 that were not refunded, according to the donors, the Beast said.

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stevewhitemd | June 23, 2020 at 1:09 pm

And who better to decide what is black and white than Talcum X himself?

    Barry in reply to stevewhitemd. | June 23, 2020 at 2:16 pm

    “Talcum X”

    I believe we have todays internets winner…

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Barry. | June 23, 2020 at 4:26 pm

      Who knew all Jews were Black?

      Oh that’s right. Know it all, non-Christian Shawn King knew because he has a time machine.

      Hey he’s appropriating cultures not his own.

    Observer in reply to stevewhitemd. | June 23, 2020 at 2:45 pm

    Yes, the irony of Talcum, a white-man-who-pretends-to-be-black, lecturing the rest of us that we can’t have Jesus depicted as a white man (even though he was a white man), because it’s an inaccurate racial depiction.

    Talcum and Rachel Dolezal should go on a lecture tour together, two whites masquerading as blacks, lecturing whities on the importance of being racially authentic!

    guyjones in reply to stevewhitemd. | June 23, 2020 at 3:38 pm

    “Talcum X” = year’s best witticism, hands-down!

    I can’t wait until King discovers that the recent DNA analysis of Egyptian mummies show…a significant contribution from whites.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to stevewhitemd. | June 23, 2020 at 10:31 pm

    Shaun King, PR hack for Marxist Black Liars Matter. His arrogance is staggering. It appears is is complicit in subversive activities, investigate.

    Next are the Jews.

    And guess who will be first to urge them off the cliff?

    Liberal Jews.

    This is what terror under the nazi brownshirts and mao’s red guard was looking like. It’s only a matter of time till the killing starts: like when they get power.

    IF they get power.

2smartforlibs | June 23, 2020 at 1:23 pm

Funny how this racist never see their racism but they find it in everything else.

As I said on another thread, I think that this might actually happen to some degree. The Left has long had a nuclear-hot hatred of Christianity, so you can be sure BLM/Antifa brownshirts are right now weighing their options in deep-blue cities and states, calculating what they think they can get away with. Not a few journalists and political leaders in those places would gladly see evangelical churches razed to the ground, so they can be counted on to look the other way.

And don’t forget the lefty churches which will do the work of BLM/Antifa and destroy the statues and images themselves. Communism is these churches’ real gospel.

    The Left has long had a nuclear-hot hatred of Christianity
    You should really use communist when saying that. That is who is behind the blm bs. Founders admitted they were trained marxists.

    buckeyeminuteman in reply to Recovering Lutheran. | June 24, 2020 at 2:14 am

    It is sad to see so many “churches” today full of self-flaggelating white people celebrating BLM, gay marriage and abortion. The UMC comes to mind. They already had a conference in 2019 and delayed one which was to be in May where they were going to finally decide to be “gay-friendly”. Episcopalians and Presbyterian USA are others. Churches need to stop bringing in man-made philosophies, polishing them up and presenting them as the Gospel.

Isn’t it illegal to instigate rioting and destruction of property?

And if not outright illegal, surely this violates Twitter’s terms of service… oh wait….

Wait, I can totally see it, that carpenter guy down in the ‘hood in Nazareth, just hangin’ and sawing a few boards. Like, totally.

Massinsanity | June 23, 2020 at 1:36 pm

Shaun King using skin tone as an indication of ethnicity, my Lord we have reached peak insanity.

On Glenn Beck… commercial products analysis… African Americans love Aunt Jemima 3 times more than by Whites and far more than by Asians. Good history of this:

Talcum X… a faux Black telling true Blacks and Whites what to think and do… the ultimate racist… Judas at his best.

Really, I think this is just a disguised demand that the government supply The Community with free frankincense and myrrh. Doesn’t really matter what it is as long as whitey’s paying for it. Reactionaries (i.e., everybody else) will tell them to grow their own, which will be racism.

Ah… Shaun me boy… they are already doing that around the world especially in China but also in the Middle East and France…and now in Washington. D.C.

Fk him

The rot in those Tweets is within the TOS of Twitter ?

Just got my Ancestry DNA results back and discovered I’m 2% Cameroon, Congo and Southern Bantu People, 1% Benin and Tongo and 1% Senegalese. So will Talcum X welcome me into the fold? Frankly, I’m a bit more bronze than he is! ????

Why should anybody care what some guy named Shaun King thinks?

Rabid Diversitist, Christ was brown, or perhaps off-white, a natural tan. #BLM

Seems strange to get all hung up on the color of Yeshua’s skin during that brief moment out of all eternity when He who is without beginning or end inhabited a human body. Likewise when the Transfiguration made His face to shine like the sun (Mat. 17:2). Or when Revelation speaks of Him seated upon a white horse with eyes like fire (Rev. 19:11-12). If Mr. King knew even the least bit about Yeshua, he’d only be concerned with the color of His blood, which is common among all peoples. Red. Shed even for that steaming pile of spiritual ignorance known as Shaun King.

    Dusty Pitts in reply to MrE. | June 23, 2020 at 2:40 pm

    And when he was challenged on the ethnocultural grievances of the Jewish people under Roman rule, He demurred. All that mattered, as He had already told Satan in the desert, was the glory of God in His heavenly kingdom.

    These days if you tried to preach that to the likes of Shaun King, you’d be denounced for White Privilege.

Well, we know that the Dhimmi-crats don’t much care for Jews. Hence, the contemptible, brazen Arab jihadist propaganda narrative, that Jesus was a “Palestinian,” not a Jew.

drednicolson | June 23, 2020 at 4:31 pm

There’s no authoritative description, but we can make a few informed assumptions.

Being of the line of David, Yeshua’s earthly body was Semite, so light-skinned. But also would have been heavily tanned and weatherbeaten from two decades of heavy labor, since he followed his surrogate father’s trade of carpentry. He also would have likely been short-haired and clean-shaven as would befit a working man of the time. Beards were for noblemen and priests.

A people can be known by the music they embrace.

From country music star Tennessee Ernie Ford. The Star Carol album, an enormous hit

Some Children See Him

Martin Luther Cream is an ignoramus.

Shaun King has clearly not thought through the second and third order effects of his plan.

First under the new SJW rules promulgated by the jacobins and enforced by the tweeting mob of antifa clearly states that we can not and should not make ‘assumptions’ about a person’s sex.

If we can’t say that Ru Paul is a dude in a dress then why does Shawn King believe we should make any assumptions about a divine being?

Secondly destroying the church doesn’t seem smart. Yes telling folks to get rid of religious icons, art, buildings is destroying the church. The christian church teaches forgiveness, redemption and more to the current situation turning the other cheek when confronted with violence. This philosophy is embedded in western culture, law and norms.

Mr King might want to pause and consider the results if folks decide to take his advice for a while and not follow the tolerant teachings, instead acting with no religious, legal or societal norms to restrain their actions. Most of these folks are armed and many veterans among them.

If BLM and antifa want a world with no police and no moral or legal philosophies to guide society they are not going to like the reality of it when it happens.

Shaun, you hate white people (and obviously yourself) so much that you’re enslaved by some kind of psychotic need to try to pass yourself off as a black guy. Nothing about that says “rational”, or even “sentient”. You’re such a fake that you’re a caricature – Talcum X: the whiniest, whitest black guy ever. Except for Obama, maybe.

Bubba Wallace isn’t a victim.
Shaun King isn’t black.
Joe Biden isn’t winning.
CNN isn’t news.
Elizabeth Warren isn’t Indian.
Colin Kaepernick isn’t a hero.
Beto O’Rourke isn’t Latino.
Don Lemon isn’t a journalist.
Greta Thunberg isn’t a scientist.
Meghan Markle isn’t a princes
— DeAnna Lorraine uD83CuDDFAuD83CuDDF8 (@DeAnna4Congress) June 23, 2020

Soros should be hunted down and killed like bin Laden was.

When will biden start touring the concentration camps? Will mattis lead the new terrorist USO?

We have a very authoritative source for the color of Jews’ skin in the 2nd century CE: the Mishnah (Negaim 2:1) says that Jews are neither white like Germans nor black like Africans, but the color of boxwood. There can be very little doubt that this is what Jesus’s skin looked like.

And yes, there are white supremacists who actually claim he was white, and in their mouths that is a racist claim. But 99.9% of the artists who depicted him as white did not imagine that’s really what he was, just as most artists who depicted him as black didn’t think that’s what he really was. They just depicted him in a form their audience could identify with. Depictions of Jesus as white are exactly as racist as depictions of him as black, and if this fake negro objects to the former he should object just as much to the latter. But of course he doesn’t.

The fundamental problem with Shaun King is that he is engaging in rampant mind reading that is actually probably false. He assumes that the angloform depictions of Christ that came out of the Medieval Europe of the 1200-1600 AD must have been motived by a concept of “white power” that was not even conceptualized until the 1800’s.

He goes further and imagines that, somehow, some Scandinavian artist, who has no clue where the middle east is, let’s of all actually seen a middle-easterner in his entire life, or even known anyone there generations removed who has seen a middle easterner must somehow know, as if by magic, that Christ looks different than anyone he has ever seen before.

It is a monumentally idiotic view of the world. He is truly a man without a past, future, or even a present.

    UJ in reply to Voyager. | June 24, 2020 at 8:48 am

    Or a clue.

    DaveGinOly in reply to Voyager. | June 24, 2020 at 11:09 am

    Historical accuracy (as we understand it) in depictions of persons and events from the past did not exist at the time Christianity was spreading in Europe. For instance, artists regularly depicted 1st century events and vistas with the clothing, architecture, armor, weapons, etc. of their own time. People understood these works depicted earlier times, but either didn’t know or didn’t care that these things looked different in those times. Historical accuracy wasn’t important to them.

tarheelkate | June 24, 2020 at 9:06 am

In addition to comments above demonstrating that Jesus had medium-toned skin in common with Jews of his time, King’s effort to make him black African by claiming that Joseph took him to his people in Egypt is foolish. Joseph took Mary and Jesus to Egypt to stay with the Jewish communities there, whose existence is well-documented. Further, Egyptians outside of the Jewish communities were not, and are not, black. Copts are the original Egyptians. I lived in Egypt for two years, and I can testify that Copts and the Graeco-Romans in charge of the area in New Testament times, whose descendants still live in Egypt, are not sub-Saharan black Africans. In fact, in the Cairo area and in Upper Egypt I saw Nubians, Egyptian citizens who are, in fact, black. I also saw many instances of said black Egyptians being treated with less than respect by Egyptians who consider themselves Arabs (the majority).

WTF is Shaun King and WTF would anyone give a chit what he Feelz,next Leftard Moron.

So Talcum X claims his mother cheated on his father with a black man? Mom must be so proud.

Jews are an Aramaic ethnic group with a Chaldea language that are archaeologically and linguistically similar if not identical to ancient Babylonia. This means they are a Euro-Asian people, distinctly Caucasian. Having a bit more melanin as a regional adaptation does not make them otherwise.

He seems unaware that Egypt is right next to Judea and Denmark is not. He is also unaware that DNA has confirmed that the entire Ancient fertile Crescent was made up of fair-skinned people. Ramses II had Red hair, Tut’s grandmother’s mummy is known as Red Lady due to her red hair. Jarrod Diamond’s Article, The Four Races of Africa, spells this out in more detail.

Uh, Egypt is closer to Palestine-Judea than, say, Denmark, or even Rome, for that matter. And camel/dromedary rides would’ve been cheaper, too, no?

Besides, Sts Joe & Mary weren’t the first of David’s nation to migrate there for a while. A la mode de Abraham, Sarah, et al, I’m thinking, as the Bible often reiterates its themes, and then, of course their grandson, Jacob and his even larger troop; and later, still, of course, all his sons. And you can’t forget al-important Joseph — in fact he did real well there in the land of the Nile and its Delta, very, very well, in fact!

Nah, the Hebrew-Jews and Egypt go way back, Shaun. Once more, I mean, you can’t ignore the story of Moses — right? — via whom the Hebrew-Jewish-Egyptian connection really gets going. Moses, Shaun, Moses — whose very name and upbringing were Egyptian, and not Hebrew at all. Am I making sense?

But I see your point, and it’s a fair one — yeah, it’s well taken. Maybe the whitening, as you call it, the priviledgizing, I guess, of the Jewish nation occurs during the diaspora, ie, after 70 AD, when Rome finally busted things up in Jerusalem. A milder, less direct, European sunray can result in that, Shaun. (C’mon, you know that, you went to Morehouse!)

It’s just white art you’re talking about, European iconography, Shaun. It’s quite likely that racism, as you identify it, isn’t even on their artists’ minds! I mean, to point out the contrast, Byzantine iconography of Jesus remains Middle Eastern-appearing, right?

‘ See what I’m tryin’ to say? I think it’s just, say, cultural geography, Shaun; so race, as you label it, is perhaps merely accidental, and not the ultimate design or intent in white religious imagery. Doesn’t that make more sense, buddy?

From what we might glean here, maybe you’re being a little hard, then, on the holy family, Shaun, on Jesus and his earthly parents. No?

Let me quote our friend, Dana Loesch, on this. She’s unquestionably one of Jesus’s followers and believers — I think you’d agree, a very eloquent one, to be sure — and she doesn’t find race in Him at all:

“Nobody cares what color Jesus is because it is entirely irrelevant to the Christian faith . . . We don’t worship Jesus because of his appearance, we worship Him because He is who He is, the Savior of this undeserving world (quick example in Romans 3:23; 5:6). No one is capable of loving as much as Jesus loves, and no one is capable of saving people who have wronged them as much as we wretched sinners all have wronged Him. Anyone who thinks that identity would ever come into play doesn’t know Jesus, doesn’t know Scripture, doesn’t know God (1 John 2:4). The Gospels stress unity within the kingdom, there is no emphasis at all placed upon appearance or even customs. The physical appearance of Jesus has never had any impact on the teachings of Jesus, faith in Jesus, or anything else.

“His appearance is insignificant because it doesn’t change our faith in, our worship of, our relationship with Him.

“Any insistence otherwise betrays Scripture. We are children of God, period. The only identity that matters is being a child of God. Christianity cancels a cancel culture that denies redemption.”

Redemption, bro; that’s the bottom line for all.

Let’s try to look at these and other important things calmly, peaceably, and above all in good faith. I’m sure such an irenic approach has got to be better for all concerned, now and in the end.