I thought all of this was just about Confederate statues?

Far-left activist Shaun King tweeted that statues and stained glass windows portraying Jesus as white should come down.

“They are a form of gross white supremacy.”

“Created as tools of oppression.”

“Racist propaganda.”

Scholars and Christians have long argued Jesus Christ’s appearance. No one has found a description of Jesus.

I personally do not think he was white, but I also know that different areas of the world make Jesus appear as one of them. This makes sense since Christianity is for everyone.

King does not mention the artists in Asia who portray Jesus as Asian. He ignored the Indian artists who portray Jesus as Indian.

For over 1500 years Ethiopian artists have portrayed Jesus as black.

Apparently, this has weighed heavily on King’s mind for a long time. During his rant, he promoted a piece he wrote in 2015 about the supposed connection between white Jesus and white supremacy.

I doubt anyone takes King seriously considering his own controversies around his race.

In 2015, King faced accusations that he is white and passing himself off as a black man. He claimed the man on his birth certificate is not his biological father. His father is supposedly a light-skinned black man.

King came under scrutiny in May of this year over “his attempt to recreate abolitionist Frederick Douglass’ newspaper, The North Star, as an online venture.”

This outlet has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, but people want to know where the money went, similar to his social justice organization in 2015:

Some former North Star employees used terms including “liar & a fraud,” “really shady f–king business” and “self-sabotage” when describing their dealings with King, the site said.

“Shaun and the word ‘accountability’ should never appear in the same sentence,” former North Star Editor-in-Chief Keisha Blain wrote in a tweet thread after leaving the company. “So many people warned me about him and I didn’t listen.”

As for questions about funding raised through his social-justice causes, King has said he has “never received, held, touched, managed, or even had access to any money I’ve ever raised,” according to the report.

In 2015, he started and then shut down his activist organization Justice Together. At the time, he said he refunded all of the online donations he received for Justice Together. But there were at least two donations totaling $27,500 that were not refunded, according to the donors, the Beast said.

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