This professor is an anthropologist. As anyone knows, when an anthropologist unearths ancient remains, they can typically determine what the person’s gender was through, you know, science.

The College Fix reports:

Canadian professor canned for opinion that biological sex is a real thing

As Chris Taylor quoted in the film Platoon, “Hell is the impossibility of reason.” A recent incident at the University of Alberta proves this point (yet again).

Kathleen Lowrey, a professor of anthropology at the school, technically was fired from her position as associate chair of undergraduate programs in the Department of Anthropology for creating an “unsafe” environment for students, The Centre for Free Expression reports.

The reality is more of an eye-roller: Lowrey is known for being open about her non-politically correct opinions on sex and gender, which is known as “gender-critical.” In a nutshell, she doesn’t believe that sex/gender is a “social construct.”

Lowrey was asked to resign back in March but refused, telling the university it “would need to put its reasons for [dismissing her] in writing.” Shortly thereafter, she received a letter from Dean of Arts Lesley Cormack merely stating that “it is not in the best interests of the students or the University” for her to continue in her position.

Keep in mind no formal complaint was made against the professor. According to the CFE, the request for Lowrey’s resignation was based on “one or more students [going] to the University’s Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights and the Dean of Students, André Costopolous” to voice their misgivings. Nothing in writing was ever put in motion.


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